Wallpaper on the Ceiling: Ideas to Make Kids’ Rooms Even More Brilliant!

Wallpaper – as the name suggests is intended to decorate the walls and that is primarily what you get in most homes. Once considered a relic of the 80’s, it has made a strong comeback in the last few years. Wallpaper is once again trendy and whether you look it with a dash of color or just in neutral hues, there are plenty of options out there to choose from. But how about taking wallpaper a notch higher by decorating the ceiling of your room with it? Sounds quirky? Well, it is a decorating trend that is catching on across the globe; especially in the kids’ bedroom.

Brilliant David Hicks wallpaper in blue makes the biggest impact in this kids’ room of modern Austin home

Decorating the ceiling of kids’ bedroom with wallpaper does give the room an entirely new and cheerful appeal. There are plenty of advantages with this decorating approach and most importantly, you will have a room that is unlike any other. Some are just audacious and others more curated, yet here is a look at some of the best kids’ rooms that have embraced the idea of wallpaper on the ceiling. It is time to move away from the usual decorating clichés this summer and try out this fresh and fascinating idea –

Finding the Right Pattern

The hard part about decorating the ceiling with a wallpaper is to actually come to terms with the idea. It does not come organically to many of us and the idea of a ceiling in white is one that we are most comfortable with. In the kids’ room and even more so in the nursery, the ceiling does need to be livelier. Wallpaper with the right pattern can do this with ease. You can let the theme and style of the room dictate this choice for you or you can pick something that feels like a curve ball. The choice largely depends on how bold you want the ceiling to be!

Beautiful wallpaper with starry pattern does not disturb the color scheme in this boys’ bedroom [From: Jamie Keskin Design]
Classy nursery in white and pink with wallpapered ceiling and a relaxing ambiance [From: Classic Lighting & Design]
Dashing dark blue wallpaper on the ceiling adds bright color to this kids’ bedroom [From: HSH Interiors]
Repeating the color of the wallpaper on ceiling in the white room makes it even more impressive [From: Fresh Start Contracting Company]

Color and Contrast

This is another set of options that can lead you on two entirely different paths. The wallpaper you have chosen can either blend in with the colors already used in the kids’ room or add entirely new color to the setting. Both the approaches work equally well and in the kids’ room you have a bit more leeway when it comes to use of brighter, more exuberant colors. Even if the wallpaper is in neutral or muted hues, the pattern that it brings will still most likely turn the ceiling into the most impressive feature of the room.

Popular wallpaper makes its way on to the ceiling in this kids’ room even as the rug adds more color [From: Skapa Design]
Vivacious butterfly and birds ceiling wallpaper fills this girls’ room with fun pattern [From: JMorris Design]
Lovely use wallpapered ceiling in the girls’ room with a gorgeous loft bed [From: New Leaf Custom Homes]

Make it Count!

Adding wallpaper to the ceiling does take a considerable amount of effort and you do want to make it all count by ensuring that it gets the attention it deserves. Keeping the rest of the room as neutral as possible is one way of accomplishing this. Also, you can repeat the colors of the wallpaper in the room with curated accents and decor pieces to highlight it further. Pendants and chandeliers you choose should also play into the overall visual and make sure that there is an even layer of lighting to avoid any dull corners.

Hand-painted wallpaper and murals make the room that much more special!
Wallpaper adds subtle pattern to the room without flooding it with color
Delightful girls’ bedroom with wallpaper on the ceiling that accentuates the color scheme of the room [From: designstiles]
Fabulous blue sky wallpaper for the ceiling makes for a sensible and natural choice [From: Creative Touch Interiors]

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