25 Awesome Rustic Living Rooms Perfect for the Modern Home

The last few years have seen the world steadily move away from polished modern surfaces and sparkling, artificial finishes inside homes to a setting that is far more organic and natural. Finishes that imbibe natural beauty along with warmth of wood have become a bit of staple of sorts in most living rooms across the world. Even if the chosen style is modern, adding a few natural elements does help immensely. This is where rustic style comes in with its imaginative use of finishes and textures along with a sense of timeless charm.

Making most of the limited space in the small rustic living room

The most beautiful rustic living rooms are those that combine a bit of modernity with the best of traditional elements. Be it ceiling wooden beams that are currently a hot trend, wooden walls that add ample coziness or stone finishes that are generally anchored around the fireplace, you can work with a variety of elements in here. This is a look at the 25 best rustic living rooms with a dose of modernity –

That Amazing Fireplace!

At the heart of every great rustic living room is a fireplace that defines its overall appeal and becomes the focal point of the social setting. It is often a stone fireplace that you come across in most traditional rustic living spaces. This is also true in rooms with more modern influences as well with the stone fireplace bringing in plenty of textural contrast. A great setting for both normal times and the Festive Season, this is a feature which offers plenty of advantages and gives the home a cozy, inviting and at times, magical appeal.

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Beautiful use of stone and wood in the spacious rustic living room
Classic rustic living room with comfy decor and lovely lighting [From: Brechbuhler Architects]
Lovely stone fireplace is a staple in the rustic living room that never fails to impress
Stone fireplace coupled with accent wooden feature in the small rustic living room
Stunning rustic living room with stone fireplace and a view to match [From: Collective Design + Furnishings]
Traditional fireplace is the heart of this beautiful rustic living room [From: JH Designs]
Wood-clad living room with comfy benches and a stone fireplace [From: R.P. Morrison Builders]
Basement living room with rustic style coupled with modernity

Combining Modern Appeal

Your rustic living room need not be all classic this fall as adding modern touches to it is absolutely acceptable. A smart rustic living space is one that actually blends the traditional aesthetics with modern ergonomics in a smart and trendy manner. This works the other way around also as you can transform your existing modern living room into one with a more rustic vibe. Wooden finishes, ceiling beams, a beautiful fireplace are additions that feel more permanent while rustic décor with distressed finishes and matching accessories can be changed around more easily.

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Innovative living room of the house with wooden walls and ceiling beams
Modern rustic living room with wooden ceiling beams and a stylish gallery wall
Refurbished classic home combines old rustic charm with modern appeal
Small modern rustic living room in the attic in white
Spacious living room of the lake house with a gorgeous view and modern rustic style [From: Robin Davis Interiors]
Stone wall for the modern rustic living room in white with glass walls [From: Cornerstone Architects]
Amazing views of Big Sky from the living room steal the show here [From: Charter Construction]
Concrete fireplace structure in the living room makes a big visual impact

Creative Rustic Living Rooms

It is important to give the small rustic living rooms the right form of lighting to ensure that it does not feel aged or cluttered. With the brilliant use of diverse finishes, textures and more, it is easy to have a room that is dull and outdated when illuminated poorly. Combine those smart and brilliant chandeliers with recessed lighting and a bit of natural light as well to create an inviting living room. Keeping the color down to a minimum also helps while features like vaulted ceilings and an open plan setting always give more decorating freedom.

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Rusted metallic wall and navy blue for the spacious living room
Small living room with wooden ceiling, beams and modern decor
Vaulted ceiling, brilliant chandelier and wooden accent wall shape this spacious living room [From: Alder and Tweed Design]
Wooden coffee table, ceiling beams and fireplace add rustic beauty to the living room
Wooden logs create a beautiful living room with ample natural light
Brilliant painting in the living room is a showstopper
Give your living room a rustic chic makeover this season with the right decor
Cozy and small rustic cabin style living room

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