How To Build A Great DIY Swing Set For A Perfect Summer Time

Seeing how the kids have tons of fun at the park using the slides, swings and everything else definitely gives a nice feeling but wouldn’t it be more epic if they had a playground at home? If you have the space in your backyard, you could build a DIY swing set and if you’re really serious about the project you can add more features and create something truly amazing. The projects featured below can

As it turns out, prefab playsets can be very expensive and not always worth the price, especially when you could build most of it yourself for a lot less. Giving it a strong and sturdy base is important so make sure you dig out holes for the posts and that you use cement to keep them in place. If you want details on how to put together the rest of the frame, check out createdbyv.

Adding a swing set to an existing playhouse should be a pretty simple project, one which you can complete by yourself or with some help. The entire process from start to finish is described on ana-white and include a list of supplies which you’re going to need if you ever want to build something similar, along with instructions for every step of the way.

Ideally, you would have a big backyard if you want to build a strong and sturdy swing set similar to the one featured on allthumbsdiy. Even without all the other cool structures the swing set alone is enough to make the backyard super fun for the kids as well as for adults.

The swing can be only a part of a more complex playset and you can build the entire structure yourself. It doesn’t have to be very complicated. A pair of swings, a slide and a simple platform with a set of stairs would be more than enough. You can check out instructables if you’re interested in finding more details about this project.

Yes, this playhouse has a solar panel on its roof and no, the panel does not power up anything within the playhouse. The structure was merely used as a support base for the solar panel which is still pretty cool. So you see, building a swing set or a playground for the kids in your backyard can have all sorts of benefits, some quite unexpected. Find out details about this project on instructables.

If you already have a swing set that’s already awesome and perhaps you’d like to give it a makeover, maybe apply a few coats of fresh paint and make a few functional improvements as well. Now would also be a good time to replace the old swings with new and better ones and to check the whole structure to make sure it’s sturdy and secure. Check out thelearnerorserver for more details and ideas.

Of course, you may choose a prefab playset with all the bells and whistles instead of a DIY one but that doesn’t mean you can’t take upon yourself to make it look amazing. Wooden playsets can look pretty boring and with some paint and spare time you can change all that. It might even be a fun project that the whole family can take part in. Find out useful tips on christlovesjulia.

Here’s another awesome playset that can potentially be built from scratch. It looks like a tiny house and it has a little door, a window with tiny shutters and even an upstairs with window planter boxes. On one side there’s a fun slide and on other, there’s a swing set. You can take this project step by step and build the elements separately. Check out the project on ryobitools.

You can also find useful tips and instructions on how to build an outdoor playset with a swing on builtbykids. This tutorial even includes the plans for this exact playset. Before you start preparations for your own version of the project, make sure the proportions match your backyard and make adjustments if necessary.

Here’s another great swing set and playhouse combo. Sure, the two can be treated as individual, independent projects if you decide that they’re not working out as a pair in which case minor adjustments are required. Either way, you can find out all you need to know about this project on ourfifthhouse.

Any backyard playset requires lots of planning and attention to detail, whether it’s just a simple swing set or an entire playhouse with lots of other cool features. Every step of the process is important and we suggest checking out this detailed guide featured on howdididoit. It explains the entire project, complete with lots of useful tips.

Surely, not all swing sets are huge and you can definitely build one small enough to fit in a tiny backyard if you give up some of the big features that take up lots of space. You could still include a slide on one side without the project turning huge. For more details and inspiration on how to build a simplified swing set, check out our-everyday-art.


The whole planning part of the project is definitely difficult and time-consuming but once you get over it the rhythm changes as the assembly part begins. Everything becomes a whole different kind of difficult. With time and patience, things start to take shape and the playground is ready in no time. We suggest checking out blackanddecker for details.

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