10 Best Kitchen Wall Color Trends

navy kitchen wall color trend

For many of us, the kitchen is the hub of our house. It is the place for relaxing, socializing and generally passing time. Over the years kitchen styles have changed dramatically. We have seen the kooky colors of the 60’s evolve into the rustic french farmhouse chic. From minimalistic straight lines to smooth seamless curves, our kitchens are now designed to be practical yet inviting, functional and somehow cosy.

Kitchens are a costly room in the house to redo. Designing and fitting a new kitchen can set you back thousands and it can bring a lot of stress to you and your daily routine. That being said, there are many ways to revamp your current kitchen without replacing everything, and you will be surprised at how much of a difference a lick of paint and new accessories can make. So we have compiled a list of 10 kitchen paint color ideas to inspire your next kitchen makeover!

navy kitchen wall color trend 2

1. Navy Blue Kitchen Paint Color

Originating from the dark blue officers worn by the British Navy and the way it contrasted with the white of their shirts. Navy blue is a timeless classic and will bring a hint of sleek sophistication to any kitchen. (works great with white cupboards and accessories)

Image: agi_at_59


black color kitchen wall paint idea


2. Rich Black Kitchen Paint Color

If you favor the bold why not dive into the sultry black waters… It can take courage but done well, black kitchens can really give the wow factor and you can be certain your kitchen will be different from anyone else on your street.
pink color kitchen wall paint idea

3. Berry Pink Kitchen Paint Color

The sweetness of berry smoothie is not for everyone but contrasted with the sleek impersonal design of a steel frame, the contrast can be beautiful.
orange kitchen wall paint idea

4. Moroccan Orange Kitchen Paint Color

Inspired by the sultry oranges of the Moroccan sands, this color can be used as a feature wall or even combined with blues to give your kitchen a contemporary yet inviting look.
yellow color kitchen wall paint idea

5. Lemon Pie Yellow Kitchen Paint Color

Lemon and white in a kitchen can give a crisp hygienic feel, and when accessorized with herbs and wood you can get a cross between modern and rustic.
green color kitchen wall paint idea

6. Green Kitchen Paint Color

As an alternative style choice, leaving your walls white and painting your cupboards this green can totally reform your kitchen. Works especially well if you have a kitchen island.
dark green Kitchen Paint Color

7. Dark Green Kitchen Paint Color

Or heading into a darker green, this looks fabulous in large open kitchens, bringing a touch of nature from the outside in.
Image: sfgirlbybay
Teal Kitchen Paint Color

8. Teal Kitchen Paint Color

Traditionally teal is favored more in a bathroom but I think it can really bring warmth to a kitchen. If you have a bricked wall or a wooden floor the teal can really soften the edges mixing warmth with exposed.
Lavender Kitchen Paint Color

9. Lavender Kitchen Paint Color

Lavender can often be seen as old fashioned and outdated, but with a kitchen, nothing is ever truly out of style and combined with the trend of grey cupboards and accessories, lavender is a worthy consideration.
red wall small kitchen paint idea

10. Red Kitchen Paint Color

Inspired by the Spanish spice and Latin dance, salsa red can bring a flash of heat and warmth to any kitchen and can work especially work well in smaller kitchens.
And that rounds up our kitchen paint color ideas – we hope something on our list inspires you to dig our the roller and take on a new style!

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