15 Cool Ideas For Amazing-Looking Outdoor Flooring

What type of flooring would one choose for an outdoor area? Well, it depends on the function of the space as well as on a bunch of other factors and there are actually more options than you’d initially think, including some really cool and creative ones. Every little decision ultimately has an impact on the final look and feel of the space and in particular the flooring so be extra careful when choosing the materials, finishes, colors, etc. Let’s now check out some cool ideas that others had and see what makes them special.

Painted floor

Until you actually step on this floor it looks those are actually tiles. This is in fact concrete flooring and the tiles are painted on it. It’s a very clever and ingenious idea which adds color to spaces such as outdoor patios and terraces. It’s also easier to paint the floor instead of installing actual tiles plus it’s more practical too. You can easily change the pattern or the color scheme any time you want. Check out oldbrandnew for more details.

Painting concrete

Painting the concrete is a cool idea if you want to give your courtyard more character and color. The actual process is pretty easy and no different than painting the walls in your living room. The most important thing is to make sure you choose the right type of paint so it looks good and also so that it lasts. Check out stylebyemilyhenderson to find out more details about the project.

Tile stencil

Wondering how you can create such a beautiful pattern on your own patio? With a tile stencil, of course. If you have a special design in mind you can create your own unique stencil and then you can use it to paint your outdoor flooring. A concrete patio would be perfect for this because it’s flat and pretty smooth. If you like the idea, check out cuttingedgestencils for more tips and details.

Geometric tape stencil

There are several different ways to paint your patio and outdoor flooring in general. Reusing a stencil over and over again is one option but if you want to create a simple geometric pattern like this one for example you can simply use tape to mark the design after which you paint the floor. Using only one or two colors makes this whole process easier and faster. You can find out more on abeautifulmess.

Reclaimed wood

Wooden floors always make indoor spaces look cozy and inviting and the same thing applying to outdoor flooring as well. Of course, it doesn’t suit every type of space. If you’re looking to create a cozy outdoor sitting area, consider reclaimed wood flooring. It looks wonderful and it has lots of character. This setup featured on thefreshexchange is a perfect example.

Stone floor

Stone is another option you might want to consider for your outdoor flooring project. A paver patio can look very beautiful and there are lots of ways to make it special. This includes details such as the type of pavers you use, the finish, color as well as the pattern that you arrange them in. In any case, we think this DIY tutorial from simplykierste can definitely set you on the right path.

Mosaic stone

If you like puzzles then perhaps you’ll also enjoy making a mosaic. We’re talking about a mosaic stone floor for your outdoor patio or lounge area. As it turns out, it’s not such a difficult project. You need a piece of plywood or something similar to fit the mosaic on, mosaic tile mesh, plastic wrap, glue, tile grout, a paint brush and either mosaic tiles or just a bunch of broken tiles. You can check out stoneartblog to find out more details about this cool project.

Brick flooring

You can also use brick as an outdoor flooring material. It gives a nice rustic look to the floor, especially if you’re using bricks with that red-ish color. Laying the bricks is pretty easy especially if you choose a simple pattern. The prepping part of the entire surface is very important so make sure you don’t skip any steps there.

Brick design

You can choose to arrange the bricks in all sorts of different patterns. You can select a classic pattern or you can create something custom designed specifically to match your own patio or backyard. Perhaps you could even combine different patterns. We really love this design featured on creativeendeavors4u so be sure to check out the full tutorial if you want to find out more about it.

Flagstone pathway

Flagstone slabs are often used to create pathways in gardens and backyards and we like how they look with grass growing through them in particular. It just gives an organic and natural look to the whole setting. If you want to create your own flagstone pathways from scratch, this is what you’re going to need: flagstone slabs, sand and shovels.

Pallet floor

We mentioned before that reclaimed wood can be used to make outdoor flooring look and feel more inviting and cozy. The same goes for pallet wood. You can build a pallet wood deck and you can make it look great while saving a lot of money in the process. If you’re interested in the idea, check out hoosierhomemade for more details.

Gravel floor

Making a pea gravel patio area isn’t easy and takes some time and effort but it’s great in the end and you should definitely do it if you think it suits your backyard. It’s even better when you add some furniture, hang some lights and add some decorations. You can find more cool ideas as well as a tutorial on how to make the patio on ishouldbemoppingthefloor.

Stamped concrete

In case you didn’t know, there’s something called concrete stain which you can use to make your concrete floor look nice and shiny. You can use it to give your outdoor flooring a makeover and it’s a cool idea especially if you want to maintain a simple, neutral look and you’d rather not use colored paint. find out more on rachelteodoro.

Concrete slabs

This is a really nice-looking outdoor floor. It has concrete slabs that create a flat surface and a stylish pattern and there are white pebbles filling the little spaces between them, like grout would when installing tiles. The whole area is delineated by grey pebbles which adds a nice contrast. You can find out more about this design and the entire project on desertdomicile.

Wood deck

Building a wooden deck from scratch is not easy but shouldn’t sound intimidating either. It’s definitely a project you can complete and it’s just a matter of planning everything right. There are several important steps to follow and it’s only at the very end that the deck actually starts to take shape.

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