Gorgeous Bedroom Colors to Try Out this Spring: 25 Best Ideas and Inspirations

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Changing seasons bring with the many benefits and moving from colder months to warmer times feels that much more special. Yes, the festivities of Holiday Season might be behind us, but now we can enjoy the world outside without draping ourselves in layer after layer! Fresh green leaves, brighter mornings and sunnier days add new color to a previously dull world and you can do the same with your bedrooms as well! That is right, this is a look at the most popular and trendy bedroom colors of the season and these should serve you well for the rest of 2019 as well. From the easy and understated to the exceptional and chic, this is a visual treat that you would not want to miss.

Organic finsihes and fabric take this tropical bedroom in wood and white to a whole new level! [From: Gil Walsh Interiors / Kim Sargent]

The best bedroom colors for the next few months include a wonderful mix of hues that everyone would enjoy. There is something in there for those who want only the ‘trendiest’ choice and also a perfect option for those looking to go down the timeless path. Be it serene and adapatable or sensational and stylish, these bedroom colors will not disspoint you one bit –

Coral at its Brilliant Best

Pantone’s Color of the Year has seen many homeowners scurrying around to find inspiration that would allow them to add coral to their homes. One of the best places to do this is the bedroom and you have plenty of options here to choose from. If you want a big splash of coral in the neutral bedroom, then the accent wall is the undoubted king. But those less married to the color can use throw pillows, accents and bedding to get the job done without committing to it fully.

Majesty of Purple Unveiled!

We have always loved purple and using it even in the smallest of ways makes a big difference to the interior almost instantly. Purple feels elegant and regal and it brings an air of sophistication to even the most eclectic bedroom. This year, re-discover the magic of purple once again and do so using it along with white to ensure that it stands out visually. Purple drapes, bedding or even décor additions are easy to find and a paint job is never too far away!

Stunning Jewel Tones

Go down a path that is a bit different, much more brilliant and full of vivacious charm this spring with a bedroom that is draped in jewel tones. Jewel-toned décor might not be easy to find, but they are the best option for those looking to take this brighter route. If your bedroom has a neutral backdrop, then adding jewel-toned accents becomes even easier. Throw pillows in majestic purple, emerald green or awesome ruby red ensure that you do not have to stick to these colors in the long run and they can be swapped out quickly, without costing you a fortune.

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