Bike Storage Ideas For The Garage That Will Free Up Space In No Time

A proper storage solution for the bike and related accessories is essential even if you have plenty of space where you could just let it sit most of the time. Today we’re checking out some garage bike storage solutions that will hopefully inspire you to focus more on good organization in general.

The RAD Cycle Woody Bike Stand can hold two bicycles at the same time which makes it great for couples or if you have two bikes just for yourself. The stand is made of solid hardwood which looks elegant and is strong and durable at the same time. Unlike other stands, this one has a design that isn’t just practical but also nice to look at.

Wall-mounted bike racks allow you to reclaim the floor space and to actually use your garage for its intended purpose and not as a messy storage room. The Zero Gravity Rack is a very good example. it stores a single bike horizontally on the wall and you can install it at any height you prefer.

If you’re looking for a good storage solution for two or more bikes, perhaps the Mythinglogic Bike Rack is for you. It can hold three bikes and it also includes storage shelf and hooks for accessories and other such things. The overall structure and design make the rack easy to use and there’s no heavy lifting involved when placing the bike in its designated slot which means kids could use this too. 

Want a bike rack for the whole family? Check out the Monkey Bars one. It can hold up to 6 bikes and it takes up very little space consider this factor. You can mount this on the wall and the bikes would be stored vertically, side by side. The rack is made of industrial grade steel which makes resistant to scratches, chips and even rust. 

The Homee Bike Hanger may not seem special at first sight but it has a clever little feature built into it. What’s cool about it is that you can fold it up when you’re not using it and it will sit nice against the wall, with the hooks out of the way. At the same time, this also saves you a bit of space.

Bikes can be pretty heavy so a wall-mounted rack might not be for everyone. Luckily, you can still save space and keep your bike out of the way with a system such as the one the Bike Lane Bicycle Storage Lift uses. This one can be mounted to the ceiling and lifts your bike with a pulley system. The hooks gave a protective rubber coating and will not scratch your bike. 

Garages are not exactly huge but they do usually have a pretty high ceiling which means you might be able to store your bike up there and leave the floor and all the walls free. A system such as the Saris Cycle Glide would be good in this case. It can hold up to 4 bikes and it’s made of 100% recyclable rust-resistant materials. 

This is another bike lift which can be installed on the ceiling to free up space on the walls and floor of your garage. It has hooks with rubber coating on them to prevent scratches and it has a safe locking mechanism so you don’t accidentally release the bike. Check it out on Amazon.

DIY bike rack ideas

You can build your own custom rack for your bike out of scrap wood pieces. It would be inexpensive and relatively simple. This garage bike rack featured on instructables is exactly what we’re talking about. It can hold two bikes and you can build it with whatever kind of bike hooks you want.

A common problem is that the garage is constantly messy because of all the scooters and kids’ bikes that take up lots of space and don’t really have a proper place to be stored in. You can fix that with a versatile DIY bike rack such as the one featured on hometalk. It has slots for regular bikes and for small ones too so no matter what wheel size the bike has it will fit.

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