DIY Paper Flowers and How To Decorate Your Home With Them

Paper flowers are the way to go, whether you want to decorate an empty wall, to make a centerpiece for your dining table or to offer someone a unique bouquet unlike anything else they ever received. There are so many different types of paper flowers out there you won’t even believe your eyes when you see them. We’ll check out some of them right here, right now.

Tissue paper flowers are relatively easy to make and all you need is tissue paper folds in as many colors as you want, twine or yarn (twist ties can work too), scissors and some painter’s tape. With a little bit of prep work and an eye for good color combinations you can make some amazing things.

These paper hydrangeas look quite real and while crafting them definitely takes some time and plenty of finesse, it’s well worth the effort. Don’t forget to also make the leaves. They really bring together the whole project and your bouquet will look full and beautiful. Check out the full project on thehousethatlarsbuilt.

These tropical paper flowers look super pretty and we absolutely love how simple and how delicate they are. Here they’re used on a minimalist wreath together with paper leaves. The colors are vibrant and fresh and the whole project is easier that you’d think. Find out all about it on ohohdeco.

Crepe paper is also often used to make flowers and other decorations. Here you can see a whole wreath covered in paper flowers. It looks bohemian and very beautiful, especially with all the different colors and different types of flowers on it. You can find the details of this project on abeautifulmess. The supplies needed include crepe paper in several colors, long floral wire, a hot glue gun, scissors and wire cutters.

You can use large paper flowers to create an eye-catching and artsy backdrop for one of your rooms. For example, display them on a wall just above the console, in between two windows or on an empty section of the wall as a way to add color and texture to the decor and to draw attention to that particular area. Check out all the instructions on paperpapers.

Check out these beautiful paper flowers. They look lovely and we love the colors. The pale pink and black go well together and look striking yet delicate. If you want to make flowers like these you’re going to need cardstock in two colors, a hot glue gun and printable petal templates which you can find on frogprincepaperie.

Some paper flowers can be pretty complex. Once you know the basics, however, you should be able to pull this off with no problems. To make this beautiful bouquet of flowers you’re going to need crepe paper in several different colors, floral tape, floral wire, stamen pips, cotton balls and scissors. All the details of the project can be found on thinkmakeshareblog.

These paper flowers look a bit like roses but they also maintain a somewhat abstract look as well. We love how simple and contemporary they look here and also the color that was used. If you’re interested in making something similar, for the flowers you’re going to need scrapbook paper, a pencil, scissors, a glue gun, floral wire and a vase (in this case a burlap one). Check out the instructions on purelykatie.

Instead of a wreath covered with lots of paper flowers, this entire wreath is just a giant flower. It should be fairly easy to make. You need 56 pieces of paper divided into several colors, a cardboard circle for the backing and a glue gun. Check out instructables to find the full tutorial for this project.

These calla lily flowers are very elegant and would make a lovely bouquet even for a wedding. They’re also surprisingly easy to craft. The secret is to be gentle when shaping the crepe paper so you don’t give the flowers or the leaves a messy look. The process from start to finish is described on liagriffith.

You can even use crepe paper to make cute little succulents which you can display in tiny pots. You can put these on your desk, up on a shelf or offer them as gifts on a special occasion. Obviously, you’re going to need green crepe paper so search for the perfect nuance. You’ll also need a little bit of cardboard and a glue gun. Check out ashandcrafts for more details.

While colored paper can definitely be turned into all sorts of funky and eye-catching flowers, what if you used pages from an old book instead? That could be an interesting idea and there are plenty of ways to put it into practice. This, for example, is a paper flower centerpiece made out of book pages and you can find out all about it on instructables.

Book pages can also be used to make beautiful roses which you can put together in a bouquet or display in a vase. Here’s all you’re going to need if you ever want to craft these flowers: paper, ribbon, 16 gauge wire, a glue gun, scissors and wire cutters. A nice trick is to use coffee to give the paper an old appearance. Check out the project on 100layercake.

You can also use paper to make potted flowers. These here look super cute and fresh and they’d look wonderful on a table or on a windowsill. You could use colored paper instead although the white version of the flowers looks wonderful as it is. Check out liagriffith to find out all about this project.

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