A Scandinavian Home With Grey Walls In All Its Glory

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Scandinavian living room decor with grey walls

This is an inviting single floor apartment with generous social spaces perfectly distributed among 6 rooms. The classiness of this Scandinavian home with grey walls will leave you wanting for decor like this! The apartment is located on Banérgatan 51, Östermalm, Stockholm. It is in proximity to Djurgården’s greenery and Karlaplan’s abundant selection of shops, restaurants, and good connections. As you will see, it is a perfect example of a subtle blend of stylish, modern elements on one side. On the other, you can spot over 100 years old apartment features and classic pieces of furniture.


The first steps to a Scandinavian Home

The full experience of this home starts with a beautiful entrance to this 1916’s property. When you enter the house you will see this spacious floor with lovely ceiling height and well-planned large rooms. In particular, you will find the centrally located living room, library as well as dining room. The best part? They are all well lit with natural light!

Scandinavian living room decor with grey walls 2

This apartment has several rounded walls which bring additional fluid motion to the entire interior. Since the building was build in 1916, it is no surprise that the walls are wide and massive. Undoubtedly they contribute to the classic luxurious look the home has!

The apartment prides on a fully equipped spacious kitchen which faces the courtyard with a newly erected balcony facing west. A former stairwell has been integrated into a spacious pantry. This comes in handy for storing groceries and other home maintenance-related things.

As mentioned above, the kitchen itself also incorporates a very nice mixture of modern and classic elements. The stylish black counter on top of white shinny drawers takes care of the modern part. The dining chairs, the old fashioned window and balcony doors bring that classic look to the table.

On the opposite wall, there is a raised counter, just above the stove and microwave. This space can be a great surface for placing some decorative objects. It can even be an additional working surface easing a tall Scandinavians’ back.

The kitchen also has plenty of natural light coming in, which makes it look even more spacious.

Scandinavian dining room and bathroom ideas

There is also a very large dining room in this fancy apartment! It offers a large door frame with sliding door to the hallway and an even larger door frame with sliding doors to the living room. As it is large enough, it provides an option of moving the entire kitchen into that room. Consequently, it is easier to gain an additional bedroom if needed.

The master bedroom consists of an old-fashion looking open fireplace. This lovely feature makes for an extra touch in romance and a warm homey feeling.

The master bedroom and another bedroom both connect to the sober bathroom with bath, shower and washbasin. The entire bathroom is very stylish! Also the choice of a large mirror above the sink contributes enormously to its spacious look. Of all the rooms, the bathroom has the most overall modern design. Despite the fact that it has no windows, it can be well ventilated when the opposite doors are opened at the same time.

This Scandinavian home with grey walls is very harmonious and inviting. This has been achieved with the extensive renovation process over recent years. Finally, it has amazing combination of classic look with many modern elements that make it an amazing Scandinavian home.

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