DIY Wine Bottle Wind Chime

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Let’s face it: Not all DIY projects are created equal. But if you’re in the market for something fast, easy, and satisfying, this wine bottle wind chime just might fit the bill.

wine bottle wind chime

Upcycle used wine bottles, sparkling cider bottles, or any kind of glass soda bottle into a simple, contemporary wine glass wind chime. You’ll be cutting glass bottles and also learning about the easiest way to remove bottle labels from glass bottles in this article. (You’re going to love this tip.)

How to remove labels from wine bottles

To remove those hard-to-remove labels off your glass bottle(s), fill your sink about halfway full, then add some baking soda to the water. I’d say about 1/2 to 1 cup. Stir it around a bit.

Submerge your bottles into the soda water so that the labels are underwater. Walk away for a half an hour or so, longer if you want.

After 30 minutes, you will easily be able to scrape not only the paper off your glass bottles, but you’ll also be able to easily scrub off the gluey residue with something as simple as a paper towel. So easy! You’re welcome.

How to cut wine glass bottle

The first official step toward making your glass bottle wind chime is cutting off the bottom of your glass bottle. Use a glass bottle cutter.

Score your bottle one time. Follow the techniques in this glass bottle cutter article to get the cut you want. (Note: If you’re not used to glass bottle cutting, I would recommend having a few extra bottles on-hand for those cuts that don’t go according to plan.)

Materials you’ll need for wine bottle wind chimes:

  • Glass bottle with bottom cut out
  • Jewelry chain, strong enough to hold up the glass bottle
  • 3 key rings, large enough to stick inside the bottle neck
  • Wooden wheel
  • Stone pendant

How to make the wine bottle wind chimes – step by step guide

To begin, you’ll want to thread your wooden wheel onto the chain. This wheel should be narrow enough to fit, diameter-wise, inside the widest part of your wine bottle but wide enough to actually be able to hit the glass bottle wall and make the chime sound.

Thread it onto your chain, toward the chain clasp (which will be at the bottom of your wind chime chain). Let it just hang out there for a minute.

Tip: Choose a jewelry chain that is strong enough and high quality enough to easily support the weight and movement of your glass bottle as a wind chime.

Place one of your key rings in the bottle. Tip the bottle upside down to see how far up the key ring goes until it sticks. Take note of this distance from the key ring to the mouth of the bottle.

Take the key ring out of the bottle. Lay your chain next to the bottle so that about 2” of chain extends past the bottom cut end of the bottle. Mark on the chain the point where the key ring hit in the bottle neck.

Attach your key ring to a chain link at this point.

The key ring should just hang gracefully down. Note: You will likely want to match metals with your key ring and chain. These don’t match simply because there were no matching options at my craft store in the 5 minutes I had to get supplies. Through the tinted green glass bottle, though, it will not be noticeable.

Line up your key ring at approximately the point on the bottle neck where it will end up. Lift the wooden wheel to be about 1”-2” up from the bottom cut end of your bottle. Mark this point on your chain.

You should be marking the point of chain that aligns with the underside of the wooden wheel.

Attach a second key ring at this point on the chain, making sure that the wooden wheel is resting on the chain between the two key rings as you do so. This second key ring will hold the wooden wheel in place inside the glass bottle wind chime.

Attach the stone pendant with the necklace clasp at the bottom of your jewelry chain.

Turn the bottle upside down and thread the top of your jewelry chain into the bottle, down through the neck.

Grasp the chain and gently flip the bottle over. You just created a beautiful wind chime!

Use your third and final key ring to create a loop in the top of the chain to hang your wind chime.

Your wind chime is now ready to take outdoors and hang up. It looks, and hopefully sounds, beautiful!

It would make quite a percussion-ish symphony if you were to create several of these wind chimes and hang them together. Or a single DIY glass bottle wind chime is lovely on its own. Happy DIYing!

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