How To Infuse Your Home With French Country Charm

Houses designed in the French country style are generally very charming. The interior design has a rustic vibe and the spaces are always welcoming. It’s a style with a surprisingly versatile character which allows it to look just as wonderful in old mansions as it does in a contemporary house. This is also a style which thrives on imperfections and the overall organic and natural beauty of materials such as wood or rattan. Below you can find examples showing how the style can be adapted to suit today’s lifestyle.

Some of the elements which make French country decors so charming also define the rustic and farmhouse styles. For example, you can expect a kitchen to have a deep, farmhouse sink in all of these cases and the walls to feature beadboard or wainscoting details. This space featured on frokeniknopp is a good example. The table/ island is really cool here as well.

A modern French country home would be simple and bright, with white or ivory walls, warm wooden floors and a lot of attention given to the textures used throughout the decor. Rattan furniture which would normally feel at home outdoors can look beautiful here when complemented by matching decorations and accessories. Have a look at this lovely home featured on beautifulchaoscompanies for details.

The charm of French country decors can extend to any room of the house. For example, you can have a very chic office space with rustic furniture, lovely antiques displayed on the walls and an overall very elegant vibe. It’s important to create a cozy and welcoming look without adding too much decoration and making the space look kitschy. A great source of inspiration for that could be designthusiasm.

Although furniture is at the core of every room’s interior design, that’s not all that matters, especially when you’re working with a delicate and sophisticated style such as this one. The decorations and the little details play a huge role in determining the overall look of a space and the ambiance inside. You can find lots of nice ideas in this regard on cedarhillfarmhouse.

Color coordination is important in every interior decor and in the case of a French country home you’ll want to work with soft neutrals, tan nuances, pastels and natural colors in general. You want the decor to look organic and rustic and simple colors are best for that. Have a look at this beautiful living room featured on savvysouthernstyle for inspiration.

We can’t stress enough how important the little details are. Things like the drawer pulls on a dresser, the frame of a mirror, the window treatments and even a planter cover or a vase that you put on display can greatly change the appearance of a space as well as the ambiance inside. Use this knowledge to make your home charming right from the entrance. It’s an idea that we got from commonground.

Since the living room and by extension often also the kitchen and the dining area are the at the center of any home, let’s think of some elements which would help you infuse it with French country charm. A fireplace would be one of them. You can update it with a nice brick pattern painted in a light color that matches the rest of the decor. Find more ideas like this one on edithandevelynvintage.

The bedroom is one area where the French country style really shines. You can really take advantage of this style to make the room look and feel extra cozy and inviting, paying special attention to all the textures and going back to the basics to explore some design and decor ideas which seem vintage like the carpet on the wall for instance. Check out fadedcharmcottage for some cool ideas in this sense.

Let’s not forget about the ceiling. There are lots of beautiful ways in which you can decorate the ceiling and make it look lovely either with eye-catching light fixtures or select materials. Chandeliers and pendant lamps come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes so there are lots of options to choose from. We really love this particular design from thistlewoodfarms.

A rustic chandelier would look beautiful hanging above a simple, wooden table complemented by elegant chairs and armchairs. It’s a look inspired by a design featured on brasilmacabro. A centerpiece ties the decor together and adds a little bit of color to the mix. In some ways, the French country style is quite similar to the traditional style.

Keep your French country decor simple with a neutral, pastel-based color palette and natural materials but don’t let it become monotonous. A few chic and glamorous accents in the form of a stylish chandelier, an ornate mirror frame and other such details can help spruce up the place. Check out brasilmacabro for ideas.

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  1. The advantage of country style is that you can use many different items simultaneously. For instance, a bouquet of fresh flowers, plants, a fruit basket, nice wall art, and stone, wood, or metal accessories.

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