50 Chic Living Room Décor Trends and Ideas to Transform your Home

Living room decor trends put those final touches on your dream home with ease. Even though trends tend to change with time, some stick around for decades and can redefine your home interior. The best living room furniture ideas of this season combine bright pops of color with smart functionality and even brilliant lighting. And you can do all these on a budget without having to splurge a fortune every few months. These showcase the easiest way to upgrade your home!

Using wires and Edison bulbs to create a flowing work of art!

We adore seasonal and yearly trends that give us clever little ideas on what we can alter in our home for a trendier look. But this often limited to just colors and themes of living spaces. This time though, we are going a step forward with a décor trends which are much easier to incorporate. A collection of 50 best ideas, inspirations and a whole lot more,this is a compilation that you just cannot miss –

Gray Sectionals that Work

If there is one color that works well with all styles, seasons and trends, then it is undoubtedly gray. This is a color that has been on top of trends charts forever and it does not seem to relent anytime soon. The perfect way to add gray to your living room this season is with a sectional that is both practical and aesthetic. The sectional also makes use of the corner space with ease and you will have one less dull nook to deal with.

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Double height sitting area with couch in gray
It is the cushions that bring gray to this custom corner wooden sectional in the living room [From: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]
Small gray sectional is perfect for the living room in white with pops of blue [From: Mon Concept Habitation]
Small gray sectional stands out thanks to the white backdrop [From: Lee Lormand Design]
Small living room with custom coffee table and a sectional in gray [From: Emma Sánchez Miranda]
Spacious living room that flows into the deck features a large gray sectional
Contemporary gray sectional is a great choice in the modern and Scandinavian style living space
Dark gray sectional fits into the room perfectly

Sweeping Walls of Books

Another clever way to redo the living room look without having to splurge a fortune is by giving all those books in your home a much more prominent spot. A wall of books in the living room adds color, contrast and class to the living area without seeming out of fashion. It also allows you to rearrange patterns and colors by just moving the books and you would never have to spend on a makeover.

Let the placement of books steal the spotlight
Refined minimal take on modern bookshelf wall
Track lighting can be used to accentuate the best features of the bookshelf
Use the bookshelf in more ways than one
Wall of books in the backdrop adds color to the living room setting [from: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]
White walls along with bookshelves make a bright background in the living room [From: Agence KP]
Clever wooden shelf with ample space for books [From: a2 Studio Borgia]
It is books that set the tone in this Hollywood Hills living room

Wood and Metal Shelves

Wood and metal shelves are apart of the recent trend that has seen homeowners move away from polished modern finishes and towards, rustic, traditional materials. Both wood and metal bring in this natural touch to the living room and do so without feeling alien in a modern setting. These shelves can stand in contrast to modern entertainment centers and TV units and you can use them as focal points to create lovely displays as well.

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Industrial home office desk with ample shelf space
Perfect way to decorate the wood and metal bookshelf
Reclaimed wood and metal pipes create a beautiful shelf in the living room [From: Urban Grain]
This wood and metal shelf in the living room saves corner space with ease
Custom industrial shelf designed to add rustic touch to the living room
Custom metal and wood shelf with a bit of color added to it
Industrial and reclaimed aura brought in by the living room shelf in wood and metal

Edison Bulb Lighting

If you are planning to give the living room a bright and delightful makeover, then Edison bulb lighting is the way to go this season. Edison bulb lights have made a huge comeback in the last few years and with styles like industrial and rustic becoming popular in the living room, now is definitely the time to try out Edison bulb lights. They can come in the form of pendants, chandeliers or even standalone recessed lighting fixtures and each on looks unique, gorgeous and eye-catching in its own way.

Gorgeous hanging Edison bulb lighting for the living room feels casual [From: TS Design]
Innovative use of Edison bulbs for ambient lighting [From: Rob Stuart Interiors]
Lone Edison bulb lighting fixture for the modern rustic living room [From: Roberto Herrero]
Lovely little gray living room with smart Edison bulb lighting
Small industrial living room with Edison bulbs and a touch of red
Wooden ceiling beams complement the beauty of the Edison bulb fixtures
Double-height industrial living room with beautiful Edison bulb lighting
Edison bulb lighting looks great in midcentury and industrial living rooms [From: Verdant Studio]

Small Colorful Sofas that Delight

If you are not a fan of the gray sectional, then going down the brighter and more gorgeous colorful sofa route is one you must surely explore. Be it one in sparkling velvet red or enticing emerald green, a sofa in bright yellow or tangy orange, this season is perfect for lovers of bold color. The best way to pull off this look is by ensuring the rest of the living room remains as neutral as possible even as you repeat the color of the sofa with small accents and accessories.

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Dark sofa in green complements the color of the rug
Deep blue sofa in the living room steals the spotlight with ease
Modern Scandinavian style living room in white with dashing yellow sofa
Pink sofa for the spacious living room with ample natural light [From: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]
Try out the orange sofa for a bit of cheerful zest
Velvet blue sofa for the living room in white and yellow
Asian style living room with dark scarlet sofa
Bold red sofa for the living room in neutral hues
Bright emerald green sofa for the living room in white [From: gusevashubina]

Décor for Tiny Living rooms

This might not exactly be a trend that everyone can catch on to, but for most urban dwellers with limited space, the idea of modular, adaptable and multi-tasking living room décor is a life-saver indeed. A small sofa that folds out into a daybed when needed, dining table that also works as work table, bunk beds with workstations below that sit at the end of the small living room or shelves that disappear when not needed; functional tiny living room décor maximizes space with ease.

Keeping color down to a minimum gives the living space a more spacious appeal
Small corner sofa for the tiny Scandinavian style living room
Tiny New York City apartment with decor that feels organic and exquisite
Turning the small living room into both a workstation and bedroom with loft bed
Using the small living room in more ways than one with adaptable decor
Combining the red sofa with the small living room design plan
Corner stand for TV along with wooden shelf for the tiny living room
Designing the small living room perfectly with the right decor and shelving
Greenery combined with monochromatic color scheme in the small living space

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