Update Your Guest Room To Make it Super Welcoming

If most of us spent a night in our own guest room, we might not want to come back…ever. In many cases, the guest room isn’t very welcoming and is often just shy of becoming a storage closet, full of items tossed in for later attention. Even if it’s adequately made up for sleeping, chances are the sheets are some extras from around the house and the furniture is a mish-mash of whatever no longer fits in the rest of the house. With summer in full swing, it’s likely you might have more guests than usual as the busy travel season hits. It’s time to cast a critical eye on the space and update the guest room to make it comfortable and convenient so that visitors will leave your home feeling like they truly were welcome to stay.

Make it Welcoming

Approach your guest room as a visitor would. When you enter, is it cheerful or serene? Is there a place to put your things? Is lighting convenient?  Go through a checklist to be sure that the room has all the necessities. The decor need not be fancy, but a clean, tidy and comfortable room is a must. Get rid of anything being stored in the room and stash it in a closet or other storage space. This bedroom has a few little blooms on the nightstand, a folding luggage rack and an extra blanket, all little extras that make the stay nice for guests. Bedside lights are conveniently placed and the mirrors behind each nightstand are a bonus for a guest who wants to make a last minute check before emerging from the room.

Add New Plush, Comfortable Bedding

Whatever type of bed you have, invest in some new bedding that is plush, crisp and comfortable. Be sure to provide a cozy comforter as well as a lighter blanket for different temperatures. This holds true even in the summer because while you might like to sleep in a well-refrigerated house during the hot weather, not everyone else does. Include plenty of bed pillows so that guests don’t have to ask for more. Also, if it has been a long time since anyone slept in the bed or it is very old, it’s a good idea to crawl in and make sure the mattress is still comfortable.

Audit Your Window Coverings

Filmy curtains are very breezy and light — perfect for a warm-weather look– but they don’t block out the daylight. Similarly, if you have a minimalist home that totally foregoes window treatments, you might want to consider some type of blinds on guest room windows. Not all visitors may be used to sleeping with light streaming in or with themselves on show through an uncovered window, even if there really isn’t anyone around to see them. Examine your window treatments and see how you can accommodate what is already there for more privacy. You don’t need to go out and buy new drapes. Perhaps adding blinds that are not noticeable when they are open will do the trick,

Add Bedside Lighting

Nothing is more frustrating than having to get out of bed to find a wall switch to turn out an overhead light. If that’s all your guest room has, it’s time to add some bedside lighting for convenience as well as safety. Guests stumbling around in the dark to find their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night in a strange place can be an accident waiting to happen. In addition, it’s more convenient for bedtime reading. So many different types of bedside lighting are available that there is something suitable for every space. Besides, you don’t have to limit yourself to traditional bedside lamps. Today’s flexible designs mean that almost anything goes with regard to style.

Accommodate Tech Necessities

It can be very frustrating for guests when they have to crawl around looking for an outlet to plug in and charge their electronics. If you don’t have ample bedside outlets, which can be rare in older homes, consider setting up a charging station somewhere in the room with a surge-protected power strip. This makes it easy and safe for anyone to plug in. This is really important for visitors because many travelers use the alarm function on a smartphone to wake up and the phone as a clock in the middle of the night. Also, leave the house WIFI password in the room for guest use. That way it’s easier for everyone when they don’t have to repeatedly ask for it. It’s a great idea to print it, frame it and add it to the nightstand decor. {found on faddstudio}.

Include Some Reading Material

There’s nothing worse than being in a strange place and having a bout of insomnia in a totally empty room. In your own house, you might just get up and go look for a book, but guests will be reluctant to wander around a strange house in the night. It’s a good idea to keep some books and magazines in the room in case your guests can’t sleep. A guest room is the perfect place to display your favorite bookends or stack up some interesting coffee table books that are ideal for late-night perusing.

Stock the Bathroom

Many travelers leave home without a necessity and they might be reluctant to ask for that particular item if they are staying in your home. To avoid the situation, make sure the bathroom is stocked with essentials. If guests will be accessing a bathroom that is already used on a daily basis, the easiest option is to make up a basket with all the toiletries and other necessities in travel sizes, including a few first aid basics. This way, you can store it in a closet and put it in the bathroom when guests are there. If it is a separate bathroom that is rarely used, you can use the basket or just fully stock the bathroom with regular size-products. In either case, be sure that you provide fresh towels.

Create a Place for Unpacking

You really shouldn’t put your suitcase on the bed (don’t think about where it has been) and you probably don’t want your guests to do so either. The tidiest option is to provide a folding luggage rack, but if you don’t have room, a bench or chair is ideal as a spot for parking a suitcase. This also means they can leave it there throughout their stay to easily access whatever they need.

Display A Robe

Make the niceties part of the decor in a guest room, especially if it is frequently used. Adding baskets with extra blankets or linens puts necessities easily at hand and looks nice. Providing a bathrobe for your overnight guests is a small investment that makes a huge difference, especially for those who might be traveling with minimal luggage. A robe or two on decorative hooks are a nice decor touch that is also very functional — and welcoming.{found on katejacksondesign}.

Just Add Water

A last small but thoughtful touch is adding a water glass and carafe to the nightstand. This too is an attractive decor touch as well as a nice extra for guests. Even if the bathroom just steps away, it is better if people don’t have to get up in the night for a sip of water.{found on emilyruddo}.

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