The Most Popular Kitchen Drawer Organizers You Can Get Right Now

Nobody really likes a cluttered and disorganized kitchen but as much as we try to avoid that there always seem to be problems or details that we simply forget. We usually realize that when we open one of our kitchen drawers and we see all the mess inside. Don’t worry…this is a very common problem. For some reason it’s just hard to keep drawers clean and organized no matter how much we try.

Luckily, there are solutions to this problem. Kitchen drawer organizers come in many different forms and their role is to keep the contents neat and structured in a systematic way. I for one can’t help to customize by kitchen drawers.

Kitchen drawers can hold a lot of different things but most often than not they’re filled with all sorts of utensils like can openers, spatulas, brushes and other things. If you simply throw everything in the drawer randomly you won’t be able to use the space to its full potential plus you’ll have a hard time finding the thing you need and you might even hurt your fingers digging through the pile. To avoid that, divide the drawers into sections, as shown on kevinandamanda.

Before we continue with more tips on how to divide and organize the contents of your kitchen drawers, check out this clever shelf and drawer combo. It’s a actually a very practical idea and you’ll be happy to know it’s also something which you can easily put together yourself. Consider replacing some of your fixed shelves which pull-out boxes/ drawers so you can reach the contents more easily. You can also add these between shelves if there’s enough space. This particular drawer serves as a spice shelf.

Some kitchens have pantries and that’s great because you can store a lot of things in there, like big pots and pans, vegetables, packed or canned goods, snacks, bottles and various other items. The problem is all these things need to be organized in a practical manner if the pantry is to be truly functional. Drawers are nice for keeping lots of small things in one place and open shelves are very versatile because you can use boxes, crates and other types of containers to organize everything on them. Pantry organization is no joke.

Now lets get back on the topic and check some more ways in which you can organize the contents of a kitchen drawer. Since it’s pretty common for people to keep their silverware in drawers, there are plenty of silverware organizers you can buy. These are placed inside the drawers. However, they don’t always fit perfectly and instead of compromising we suggest you build your own organizer. It’s pretty easy, especially if you follow a tutorial like the one on uglyducklinghouse.

Kitchen drawers also often hold utensils which have varying forms, dimensions and purposes. Once again, the best way to make sure they’re organized just the way you like it is to build a custom wooden drawer organizer. It could look similar to the one on keystoinspiration provided that you’re using the same utensils in your kitchen.

As much as I find silverware drawer organizers to be practical, I just can’t get over the fact that more than half of the drawer remains empty (unless you have a very shallow drawer in which case that doesn’t happen). It’s why I like this double-layer organizer so much. It basically adds another layer of storage on top of the first one, allowing you to get double the storage in the same amount of space. This awesome idea comes from remodelandolacasa.

What about dishes? They can take up a lot of space so it’s important to find the best way to store and to organize them so you don’t waste valuable space. A dish pantry can often turn out to be a practical idea. However, fixed shelves may not be the best choice. A better alternative would be these shallow pull-out drawers, sort of like trays which frame the contents nicely and let you easily reach the dishes at the back. Find more details about this on heatherbullard.

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Every kitchen has its own storage problems and a lot of times they’re related to big and oddly-shaped things like baking sheets, muffin trays, pans and lids. A pull-out drawer with roomy compartments, like the one featured on twofeetfirst, is one of the most practical solutions we found so far. It’s not just roomy but pretty versatile too as each compartment can hold various types of things, sometimes several at once.

Consumables like sugar, flour, rice and other things can also be neatly stored in drawers. A stylish idea is to keep them in matching containers with labels on them and to have a special drawer organizer in place that creates slots for each container. It’s nothing too fancy, just a piece of plywood with cutouts in it. Check out designdazzle to find out how to put this idea together.

The space under the sink is by far the most annoying thing ever in a kitchen. There’s no good way to use it to its full potential, not without an organizer anyway. Depending on what you want to store in there you can create a custom organizer out of plywood which can let you use trays and boxes as drawers and to create shelves and compartments to take full advantage of the space. On thekimsixfix you can find a tutorial showing you how to build a pull-out undersink cabinet organizer with compartments for everything.

Isn’t it annoying when some of your kitchen utensils are too long to fit in the drawer? A regular drawer organizer would be useless in this case but luckily there are other options. How about a drawer organizer with diagonal sections? It would give you several compartments of varying dimensions which is great if some of your kitchen utensils are extra long while others are tiny. Check it out on marthastewart.

Don’t want to take any permanent decisions regarding kitchen drawer organizers just yet? Perhaps you’d like to experiment with a removable and customizable organizer first. Then, once you have everything figured out, you can replace it with something else. For now you can use some balsa wood or foam core sheets to divide your kitchen drawers into compartments, just to test things out. If you want, you can use decorative contact paper to give the organizer some color. See how it would look like on forrent.

Sadly, pots and pans get separated from their lid all the time, usually because there’s no practical and space-efficient way to store them together. You can solve that problem with a DIY drawer organizer like the one featured on seededatthetable. It cool that the dividers are removable and can be repositioned. this way you won’t have tp make a new organizer every time you get new pots.

Bins are also great for organizing the contents of a kitchen drawer, especially a large and deep one able to hold things like veggies, packed goods and other consumables. You can use this idea when organizing the drawers inside your kitchen cabinets as well as inside the pantry. Find more ideas like this one on iheartorganizing.

Some kitchens come with built-in drawer organizers and have been designed this way right from the start. Check out this stylish kitchen design from leicht. It has a special utensil drawer which is shallow and comes equipped with dividers.

There are lots of other stylish examples of modern designer kitchen which come equipped with all sorts of ingenious and space-efficient storage solutions, including drawer organizers or drawers inside bigger drawers. One example is the Barrique kitchen which you can see in these images.

It’s hard enough to design a functional kitchen with straight lines so imagine how challenging it all becomes when you’re dealing with curves and unusual shapes. Well that’s where some designers actually shine. Kitchens like the Artika impress with their perfect blend on looks and function and features unexpected details such as this layered drawer organizer for all sorts of utensils.

The Dune kitchen has a pretty amazing and inspiring design as well. What we’re particularly interested in is this drawer which holds dishes at the bottom and silverware and other utensils at the top thanks to this shallow second drawer that acts as an organizer.

Team7 produces some exquisite kitchen furniture as well. Check out how much storage there is inside this huge and extra deep drawer. There’s plenty of room for big pots, dishes and all sorts of other things and there’s also this cool built-in drawer organizer which can be operated somewhat independently and which can hold basically all the necessary kitchen utensils plus some towels.

So we’ve seen all the ways in which you can build your own drawer organizers for the kitchen and also some stylish designer kitchens that come already equipped with these accessories so now we’ll check out another category which has to do with ready-made drawer organizers which you can simply buy and add to your existing kitchen. One of the options is this wood spice drawer insert which you can buy on Amazon.

Another option is this expandable utensil drawer organizer made of bamboo which features a total of eight convenient compartments but can close to only feature six if needed. It’s great if you think you’ll only use the six-compartment version but you want to want to able to expand later on. You can find this clever product on amazon.

The KitchenEdge drawer organizer is also expandable so be sure to check it out if you like the idea of more flexibility with your kitchen storage. It’s great for utensils, silverware and for all sorts of knick-knacks in general. Obviously, it would be great to have a drawer wide enough to accommodate the organizer in its extended form but a smaller one can work too.

As practical and some of the expandable drawer organizer we showed you earlier are, sometimes even that doesn’t do it if neither of the two available sizes doesn’t fit properly. If you need an organizer that has just the right size, you might be better off getting one of these Rev-a-Shelf inserts which can be trimmed to the exact size you need. You basically just cut it with a table saw.

Sometimes you don’t really need any extra storage space in drawers as much as you need a little bit of extra counter space. What if you could combine these two features and have an expandable counter inside a drawer? We’re talking about this wood tambour table system which you can actually disguise as a regular drawer. Whenever you need a place to rest a pot or to prep something, just pull this out and use it as a table/ counter.

When it comes to drawer organizers it’s always nice to have some flexibility. After all, you’re most likely storing consumables or utensils in there and they don’t last forever plus something new always comes along so you might at one point realize that not everything fits properly anymore. Well not with this adjustable drawer insert from Amazon.

Another interesting option is this set of bamboo storage boxes which you can place inside a drawer to efficiently and stylishly organize and divide the contents. What’s nice is that you can use the boxes individually if you want to, you can keep them on the counter or anywhere else you find it useful and you can mix and match them in all sorts of practical ways depending on your storage needs at that time. You can get this product on Amazon.

In case some kitchen drawer organizers are just too detailed and not exactly as flexible as as versatile as you’d like them to be, there are alternatives, like these Zerla dividers which are adjustable and very simple. You can easily install them in all types of drawers and use them to neatly organize your kitchen, bathroom or office. No tools are required.

You may have seen this organizing system before. It uses pegs to divide a drawer into different storage areas. The pegs can be easily repositioned and they don’t really delineate the space as clearly as other dividers might do but that’s exactly why some people prefer this system over others. You can find this product on homedepot.

The last drawer organizer we want to show you today is a system of clear plastic compartments with chrome accents which you can simply place inside a drawer. It’s adjustable and expandable and we really like the fact that it’s transparent and that it doesn’t take up much space. It’s also quite affordable. You can get this on Amazon.

Having a dedicated drawer just for storing knives can be very convenient in some cases and this organizer makes it super easy to keep everything within reach and accessible. It measures 2.38″H x 18.5″W x 22″D and it can also hold a few other accessories in the extra compartment. It’s made of wood and has a light finish which makes it suitable for a variety of different styles and designs.

Finding an organizer that perfectly fits your drawer can sometimes prove more difficult than it needs to be. There are a few great options to consider, such as this adjustable drawer insert which you can trim to the desired size so it fits in just right and doesn’t move around when you open and close the drawer. It’s made from rubberized polystyrene and it can be used for flatware and various kitchen utensils.

The Halllie organizer is made of bamboo which keeps it lightweight but also makes it fairly durable. It has five compartments where you can divide your flatware and various kitchen tools and accessories and it’s also expandable. You can put it in any drawer given that it’s nice and compact and only measures 2.63” H x 18” D with a maximum width of 22.25’’ when expanded.

Here’s another adjustable drawer organizer, one which has 9 compartments of various different sizes which you can use to keep the clutter at bay and make it nice and easy to find all the utensils and other things you use in the kitchen. It’s made of bamboo and has adjustable sides so you can fit it in a variety of different types of drawers of different shapes and sizes.

As convenient as countertop knife blocks are, sometimes it’s better to opt for a drawer organizer instead and to keep all the knives hidden away but still easy to access. This is useful if you have a large collection of kitchen knives and other tools or if you don’t want to occupy your counter space with any organizers and such. This drawer organizer has two rows of slots and a nice handle rest that keeps all the knives straight and makes it super easy to remove them. It totals there are 55 slots.

The Bourland drawer organizer is great because of how versatile it is. It’s the type of organizer that you can use in many different ways and for lots of different storage-related purposes, whether it’s to keep all your tableware in check or to bring order to some of the other drawers filled with various little things. It’s made of solid wood and has a lovely natural finish.

Pots and pans and all their accessories and notoriously difficult to store and to keep organized in a way that doesn’t waste much space and is also convenient and efficient. This organizer makes things easier by giving you the option to have all the lids kept in order and easily accessible and is also useful if you want to do the same thing with the pans. The overall dimensions of this organizer are 5.3″H x 11.62″W x 19.87″D and you can install multiples if needed.

A versatile organizing system is great if you enjoy switching things around every once in a while and optimizing your kitchen occasionally. This Rev-a-Shelf wood peg system is a wonderful example. It’s perfect for large and deep drawers and excellent for organizing bowls, plates and other such things. It has 16 pegs in total which can be placed in any way you see fit to create the perfect organizer.

Of course there are also organizers that you can keep out in the open and place on the counter if you want things to be close at hand and within reach at all times. This one is made of stainless steel and can hold all sorts of things. You can use it to organize your most used kitchen utensils, chopping boards, bowls, knives and more. It’s a sort of all-in-one station which you can keep on your counter or hide away inside one of the cabinets or in a drawer whenever you want to tidy up the space.

Similarly, the FQDS organizer lets you keep a bunch of kitchen essentials in one place and easily accessible plus it looks lovely while doing so. It’s made of stainless steel and has a sleek and modern design, it’s corrosion-proof and super easy to clean. It has little hooks that you can hang utensils from, space to store knives, chopsticks, spoons and other items and also space for cutting boards and other kitchen essentials. It’s designed to be kept on the counter but you can also hide it away inside one of your kitchen cabinets in case you need more free space or you want to simplify the décor.

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