How You Can Use String Lights To Make Your Bedroom Look Dreamy

String lights look whimsical no matter where you hang them. But when you combine their loveliness with the charm that any bedroom has you get a truly dreamy look. And given how flexible string lights are and the variety of styles they come in, you can create some really awesome and creative designs. So there you have it: string lights for bedroom awesomeness – your next home improvement project.

Use string lights to create a fake headboard for your bed. It can have any shape and size you want. This one is shaped like a house and looks really cute.

Here’s something you can do if you have a canopy bed: hang string lights to make twinkling draperies. They’ll look magical and they’ll make your bedroom look like a princess’s layer. And even if you don’t have a canopy bed you can still get this look by simply hanging draperies and string lights from the ceiling.

Here’s another version of a string light headboard. This one has string lights inside and can also serve as a bright nightlight or mood lighting.

How would you like to fall asleep watching tiny twinkling lights resembling stars above your bed? They’re not as cool as the actual stars but they definitely make the bedroom look stunning.

Wrap string lights around a branch or a piece of driftwood and make an accent piece you can display above your bed. You can even add a switch and turn this into a reading light source.{found on dustjacket}.

And speaking of reading lights and task lighting in general, in the bedroom you can also simply hang string lights from a nail hammered in the wall. Let the lights be a replacement for your bedside table lamp.{found on facingnorthwithgracia}.

Instead of a headboard you can have a breezy drapery behind the bed. It can be see-through and you can hide string lights behind it to create a whimsical effect.

If you really want to have twinkling stars into your bedroom, then get some star-shaped string lights and hang them on the wall. You can even add some fabric and make a could to hide the hardware used to attach the lights to the wall.{found on funkyjunkinteriors}.

If you hang string lights in a zig-zag pattern you can then use tiny clothespins to attach photos and other cute little things and personalize your bedroom walls

You can hang these on any wall you want. Here’s how they’d look like at night. You can also use them as ambient lighting and they give the room a rather romantic look.

A romantic and shabby-chic idea can be to frame your headboard with a string light bunting banner. The banner can also serve as a fake headboard if you’d rather not have an actual one.

Create contrasts in your bedroom with black string lights on a white wall. The whitewashed bricks look really charming here and the lights serve to highlight some of the artwork.

Now here’s something really cool you can make if you have a canopy. The fairy lights look like twinkling stars and they envelop the bed creating a really cozy atmosphere.

There’s also the option to hang string lights on the ceiling. It would look best in an attic bedroom or if you have a pitched roof.

And speaking of pitched roofs, here’s how you can use string lights to turn the bedroom into a cozy nook. The colored lights match the colored pillows.

if you don’t want the lights to be in your face and hanging above your head when you’re sleeping, you can hang them on the outside of a loft bed for example.{found on 30smagazine}.

Make something custom to personalize the walls of your bedroom. For example, make some wall art that lights up and you can also send a message.

Similarly, you can attach string lights to a board and create custom messages, drawings, etc. Drill holes in the board to hide the ends of the string lights so only the desired design shows.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Make a canopy for the bed that goes from above the headboard to the ceiling and forms a soft loop. Add fairy lights to your design and you’ll completely transform the room.

A ladder can serve as a nightstand replacement in a bedroom or simply as an accent piece. You can decorate it with globe lights to make it stand out a little more.

The string lights can be displayed in all sorts of shapes and patterns and if you hide behind a soft drapery they’ll get a glowy effect which will make them look particularly romantic.

There’s a super simple and actually pretty obvious way of making a rope light strand. Take some rope and a string of lights, preferably white. Weave the lights with the rope by twisting. Now you can wrap it up in a circle and hang it somewhere or simply display it on your dresser or nightstand.{found on amerrymishapblog}.

Coming up with an idea for a project is only the first step. Next, you have to find all the resources required for the project and in this case we can help by showing you a few string lights options that you can choose from. These particular ones are solar-powered which makes them best suited for patios and other outdoor areas. It’s a set of 30 string lights which can give off light for 7-8 hours when fully charged.

These are star-shaped string lights and they add a really whimsical touch to their surroundings. They’re battery operated so you can use them anywhere without being limited in any way and they’re really easy to install and very versatile. They give off a warm white glow and they look great as festive lights which you can use on Christmas or for other occasions.

The Walton string lights are also a great option for decks, patios and other beautiful al fresco areas. Each string has 30 LED bulbs which are powered by solar energy. The solar panel that they come with can be inserted into the ground or out up on a wall using the detachable wall-mount. When fully charged, these string lights have an 8 hour battery life.

If it’s more bulbs that you want, check out these awesome string lights. They’re super versatile and they measure 100’ in lengths, featuring 100 globe-shaped G30 bulbs. The bulbs are spaces 12’’ apart and illuminate the surroundings in an even and enjoyable manner plus they also serve as decorations at the same time. They’re perfect for outdoor areas and theyre equally nice when used indoors in case you want to add a whimsical touch to your bedroom or another area of the house.

Shorter strings of lights can also be really useful, if you want to decorate a small space or to add a little bit of ambient lighting to an area without putting emphasis on it. This is a string of 10 lights with globe-inspired shades attached to a simple black cord. They have a simple look and they’re very versatile, allowing you use them both in indoor and in outdoor areas.

In case you want something a bit different, something other than your regular bulb-shaped string lights, check out this interesting design. This is a set of 30 drop-shaped LED lights with a solar panel that allows you to get up to 8 hours of light as long it’s exposed to sunlight for 6 to 8 hours. Because these lights are so slender compared to other models, they’re better suited for decorating fences and other areas with tight spaces.

As you might have seen already, there are these tiny string lights that are perfect for making cute little lanterns. You can put them inside glass jars and they look whimsical and beautiful without anything else needed. These 100-bulb fairy string lights come in lots of different colors so you can even match them to your décor.

On the other hand, if you want something a bit more standard, these string lights would be a really nice choice. This is a 48 ft strand of lights with beautiful vintage-looking LED bulbs. It has 24 bulbs in total and it’s suited for indoor and outdoor use plus you can have up to 10 strands linked up to cover up larger areas if needed.

String lights inside glass jars look really cute and this design takes full advantage of that. These firefly lights are placed inside small glass tubes and sealed with corks and they’re a lovely way to decorate a room and to add a bit of mood lighting to it at the same time. They’re battery-operated and they’re for indoor use only.

Another nice option are these fairy string lights made of copper wire. They’re great because they’re durable and very flexible and you can twist them into any any shape you want in order to create custom lighting for your space. They’re also not as intrusive as other string lights that have big visible bulbs. They have a USB port for charging and they have three strands or golden copper wire.

These curtain string lights are great if you want to decorate an entire wall or your curtains or if you want to create a whimsical backdrop for a special event They have 300 LED lights in total which gives off warm white light, theyre easy to use and they’re waterproof which means you can hang them both indoors and outdoors. There are 8 lighting settings to choose from, depending on the effect that you want.

The Twinkle Star string lights are as lovely as the name suggests. You get 100 LED lights with cute star shaped covers and you can connect up to 10 light chains if you want to cover a large area. The bulbs are waterproof and could potentially be used to light up indoor areas such as bedrooms but also outdoor paces such as patios, pergolas, gazebos and tree houses. You have the option to choose between warm white light and cold white when making the purchase.

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