How To Craft A DIY Flower Box That Looks Gorgeous From Every Angle

Bring a little bit of color and freshness into your home by adding some plans and flowers to the decor. There are lots of different ways to do it and one option involves a lovely crafting project: a DIY flower box. It’s a very simple thing to make, especially if you already have a bunch of materials lying around or if you have an idea for how to repurpose certain items. We’re ready to show you a few ideas that could inspire you to make something similar so have a look around.

In order to make this particular flower box centerpiece you need some wood and a pegboard. This design doesn’t require a bottom so you can simply leave that open to save some time and resources. The pegboard is installed at the top, covering up the surface of the box. Each little hole is meant to serve as a slot for a flower stem so once the frame is in place and the box is nice and pretty, you can start adding in all the flowers. Mix and match some colors if you want to or simply stick with a single type of faux flowers for consistency. You can find additional details about this project on dwellinginhappiness if you’re interested.

Another idea is to build a wooden box in which you can then put a few mason jars filled with flowers. Three jars would look lovely as a set and it could be interesting to have each one filled with a different type of flowers. As for the box itself, it’s a rather simple build. Once you have all the pieces cut to size, assemble the box and then go ahead and stain the wood. If you want to you can also add some details such as this elegant golden trim featured on hazelandgolddesigns which you can apply with a stencil.

Here’s a flower box centerpiece that’s quite similar to the one we mentioned just now, with a few key differences of course. The most obvious one is the size. As you can see, this flower box is long enough for six mason jars to fit inside of it. Also, it’s painted in a bright and beautiful turquoise shade which matches the frame displayed on the wall behind it. This shows how easy it is to customize your own flower box so it matches your existing decor. Check out theshabbycreekcottage to find out more about this gorgeous project.

You can also use a tissue box to make a beautiful flower box. It already has the right size and shape so what you can do is remove the plastic strip from the inside and then cover the entire surface with newspaper strips soaked in glue. This will harden as it gets dry, making the box sturdier. Once the glue has dried, paint the box and add some decorations to it, then fill it with beautiful flowers. You can find more details on cremedelacraft in case you want to try this project at home.

Of course, there’s no need to overcomplicate things when all you really want is a very simple flower box. With that in mind, the design featured on diy-decorator seems like a really good option. It’s a very basic, rectangular-shaped box made out of wood and it’s filled with small votives with fresh flowers in them. If you decide to use faux flowers, there’s no need for the votives as you can simply place them in the box.

This flower box featured on myhootdesigns is absolutely lovely as well. It’s big enough for three mason jars to fit comfortably inside but it maintains a compact look. It also has handles on the sides which is a cool little detail that also has a practical function, making it easier to grab the box. The subtle distressed finish gives it a retro vibe which makes it look even more charming.

If you have some scrap wood from previous projects you could use a few pieces to make this beautiful flower box. Cut the pieces to size, clamp them together, pre-drill the holes and then screw it all together. Apply a stain and then your new flower box is complete. All that’s left is to fill it with flowers and greenery. Check out this tutorial on restylerelove to pick up a few useful tricks.

Putting together the actual box is just the first step. Once you have this you need to figure out the best combination of flowers and greenery to put in it. This beautiful bouquet featured on allthingswithpurpose is a combination of faux boxwood, white carnations, pink roses, white ranunculus and white peonies and it looks absolutely wonderful, especially inside the white, rustic box.

A really great way to give your flower box a worn and rustic look is by using reclaimed wood in its design. They don’t need to look great, in fact it’s best if they don’t because all the imperfections give the box lots of character. Here’s a wonderful example of how such a flower box might look like once it’s all done and filled with lovely flowers. Check out kellysmoonlight if you’re interested in finding out more about it and how it was made.

Of course, your box doesn’t have to be long and rectangular, just like all the other ones. There are plenty of ways in which you can make it look special. For example, you could give your box a handle and turn it into a lovely tote. The plans for the project can be found on jaimecostiglio. As always, you can stain or paint the wood and customize the design even further by adding more ornaments. Also, the actual flowers that you put inside have a big impact on the overall look of this centerpiece as well.

Speaking of beautiful flower boxes, isn’t this one gorgeous? We love its nature-inspired design and all the little details added to it such as the acorn caps and the tiny pinecones. Turning this box into a planter would be fairly easy in case that’s something you’d enjoy doing. You can find more details about this project on elsarblog.

Another beautiful flower box was featured on funkyjunkinteriors. As you can see, this one has a very strong rustic vibe and that was achieved by using reclaimed materials. The box is made of scrap wood and rustic hooks and hinges which give it an authentic look. It’s also decorated with rope and three sides are decorated with vertical boards with various different finishes.

This large flower box has a simple and more modern look, featuring a clean design and lacking any unnecessary details. It’s quite big so it’s not really a good fit for a coffee table or a dining area but it would look lovely on a dresser or a console. Inside you can put big glass jars or containers filled with flowers, either real or faux depending on your preferences. You can find the details and instructions for this project on angelamariemade.

A great thing about most of these wooden boxes is that you can fill them with more than just flowers. You can have a flower box during spring and summer when there’s plenty of vegetation and vibrant colors that you can bring inside and during autumn and winter you can fill the box with tiny pumpkins, pinecones and various other seasonal items. Also, there’s more than one way to display your beautiful DIY flower box around the house. Check out homemadelovely for inspiration.

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