Platform Beds: Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

A new bedroom interior design trend is the use of platform beds. These beds make rooms look bigger, are often cheaper, and give a simplistic look to any bedroom. The beds originated in Japan and are still used in most Japanese homes today.

Platform beds are flat beds that are designed to support just a mattress, rather than a box spring and a mattress. Because they don’t require extra support, they are usually cheaper than a standard bed.

If this sounds like your cup of matcha tea, then you’re in for a real treat. Ready to be inspired? Check out these platform bed ideas if you’re looking for inspiration.

Bamboo Wallpaper

Because platform beds are so popular in Asia, particularly Japan, using bamboo wallpaper creates an appropriate aesthetic. Bamboo decor isn’t difficult to find but it adds zen aesthetics and a more natural look.

Notice here that this bed has legs. It’s a common misconception that platform beds can’t have legs. But a platform bed isn’t just a bed without legs. Adding them frees up that much-needed space under the bed.

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Remember that sometimes “bamboo” means that the furniture or decor is made of bamboo. Othertimes, it means that it is inspired by bamboo or bamboo patterned. These are important notes to remember when shopping.

Box Nightstands

Low beds are usually square and box-like. So adding a nightstand with the same geometrical properties is a wonderful idea. In general, you want to focus on one type of shape in a room, whether it be round, square, or asymmetrical.

This room goes with a square shape which works very well. The sharpness is toned down slightly with rounded corners on the bed’s headboard. This gives the room a better flow and a more relaxed look.

Asymmetrical Headboards

Because low beds tend to be box-like, adding asymmetrical headboards can break things up and remove the cumbersome look platform beds can add. The addition of a runner across the middle of the bed only helps this fact.

The added decor in this room is phenomenal. Ombre glass vases balance out the color scheme and carpeted walls make this room as cozy as can be. These are a few of the things that keep a cool idea like platform beds, warm.

Raised Platform Bed

There’s nothing wrong with having a platform bed that is as high as a standard bed. Some people want the look of a platform bed, but cannot or do not want to have a low bed. A perfect solution is a platform bed with a thick base.

This platform bed still doesn’t need a box spring as the base works as a box spring, using wooden slats to support the bed. If you go with this look, you can use bedroom interior designs and decor you’d normally use.

Swings For Beds With Legs


If you want to optimize space then adding legs to your bed can free space up. However, it’s not the only way to do so. This great bedroom interior design uses swings as seating. It works with the whole whimsical aesthetic.

Although you can buy wooden swings, you can also get strong rope and two-by-sixes to create your own swing. All you need to do is drill holes in the bottom where the ropes go through and tie securely where needed.

Glass Closets


Because people who like platform beds tend to want to keep things simple and clean, glass closets are becoming a great partner with said beds. The sleek design and lack of hardware work well together.

If you’re naturally messy or stress easily, then a glass closet may not be ideal. When this is the case, consider clouded glass so you can get the same type of closet without being able to see inside the closet at all times.

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After shopping, if you can’t find clouded glass, then you can always use clouded contact paper and stick it to the glass from the inside. If you do this, there are a variety of patterns to choose from as well.

Don’t Forget Color Pops


Again, minimalism is usually the inspiration for new platform bed owners. Because of this, oftentimes, they leave out any sort of bright colors. Avoid this by getting a single shelf or throw blanket to throw in with the neutral colors.

If bright colors don’t entice you, then you can throw in a few pieces of pastel decor. Pale green, baby blue, and soft peach are all great options for timid colors. They have the same effect as bright colors too.

Platform Beds For Kids


Platform beds are becoming increasingly popular with kids because they are low to the ground. If your platform bed is still too high for a child that rolls off of the bed, there are still solutions.

First of all, adding a rug can help reduce the impact. You can also get a platform bed with a bigger frame than the mattress you use. This will add another step when rolling so that the distance is always small.

Flashy Headboards


Flashy headboards can help offset an otherwise plain platform bed. Getting shiny headboards or those with bright patterns can bring life to a platform bed. You can even get a standard one and upholster your own.

If you’re looking for the lightest, softest blankets you can get, then consider a muslin blanket. They are natural, which fits the theme that is often tied to platform beds. Not to mention, they look amazing!

The best muslin blankets are bamboo, so be on the lookout as you shop!

Privacy Corners


There’s a reason canopy beds are so popular and it’s not for mosquitoes. It’s because people value privacy. A wonderful bedroom interior design idea involves creating half walls around the head of your bed.

This breaks up space and offers a bit of privacy. It’s perfect for studio apartments where the bedroom is shared with the living room and kitchen. You can even wrap the wall around the bed like a cubicle.

This idea works wonders in a room that is shared by siblings too. Everyone wants their own space and that’s okay!

Another Type Of Sofa Bed


When you think about it, sofas are similar to platform beds as they are lacking the frame that most beds have. Because of this, getting a platform bed with a sofa-like backing works wonders to dress up a room.

This particular bed is faux leather and decorated with perfect colors as well as a faux fur throw. The room is any Victorian girl’s dream, complete with soft pink accents and gold trimmings. Not to mention the pristine flooring.

Going Green With Live Plants

A lot of platform bed owners are into the whole eco-friendly green movement. That’s why the combination of natural colors, plants, and organic fibers work so well with a platform bed. Remember the muslin blankets?

This bedroom interior design combines all three and does such a wonderful job. If you yearn to breathe in the fresh air and spend time in nature, this bedroom will surely inspire you. Everything here is inspired by nature.

Hanging Reading Lights

Because platform beds tend to below as well, it’s hard to get the lighting right. So, adding hanging lights to your bedroom can solve more than one problem. You can reach the on and off switch from the bed while lighting the room.

Hanging lights aren’t difficult to find. You can even get lights that plug in rather than wire into the ceiling. That way, you can unplug them of a day time to get them out of the way. No one wants to hit their head on a light!

Oval Headboards

Since platform beds are often one-dimensional, adding a unique headboard like this can do wonders for your bedroom interior design. If you do choose a shape like this, it’s best to find other decor that is the same shape.

This oval-cluttered bedroom comes together nicely. The satin sheets and glittery wall art give it a refined look. But the real star is the oval headboard that brings the eye to the center of the bed in such a relaxing way.

Colorful Curved Headboards

The idea of boxing in your bed is one we discussed earlier, but this type of headboard is completely different. While creating a private area is great, this idea gives less privacy and is more about artistic taste.

The way the headboard curves in controls the focus, sectioning off the bed from the rest of the room. This type of headboard will only work with a platform bed. When used on a standard bed frame, things will look mismatched.

So there you have it. If you’re not feeling inspired yet, then don’t worry. Everyone is different. Get out there and start shopping, open yourself up and the right platform bed will speak to you. All it takes is taking that first step.

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