Oversized Armchair Designs Reveal The Best Seat In The House

Small and slender chairs have their charm and are really great if you want to save some space but sometimes what a space really needs is an oversized armchair that you can feel cozy and safe in, that wraps around you like a warm blanket and is perfect for those moments when you want to curl up with a book or just relax and watch something on your TV. Would you say any of these chairs would look nice in your home? We think they’re pretty great.

Few chairs look and feel as cozy and comfortable as this one. The Artik was designed by Paola Navone and appeals to everyone, that’s how adorable it is. Also, this is an incredibly versatile piece that would look amazing in the living room, bedroom or even the office. We have a feeling it will stay at the top of the list for a very long time.

This oversized armchair is better-suited for more formal and elegant interiors that still focus on comfort but in a different, more distinctive way. Pair this armchair with its matching ottoman to create the perfect combo and also to benefit from the built-in storage compartment cleverly disguised by the elegant mid-century modern design. Check it out on Amazon.

The Alfred armchair is one of those furniture pieces that you immediate fall in love with even if you’re not necessarily crazy about the style. That’s because everything about it screams comfort. Who even needs a sofa when you can pair this with an ottoman and enjoy every inch of it?

Here’s the other Alfred chair, this time with a more sleek and simple design. It’s created by James Harrison and it the type of low-profile accent piece that’s oddly satisfying both to look at and to sit on. It has a distinctive metal frame which contrasts with the soft, upholstered frame and curved lines.

The Josephine armchair is a bit odd in the sense that it looks both slender and massive. It’s a rather small piece although you can still think of it as an oversized armchair in some ways. The swivel base is an unexpected yet very welcomed feature.

A club armchair may very well be the ideal choice for a lot of spaces, especially that empty room corner that you just don’t know what to do it because it’s too small for a sofa and too big for a regular chair. A comfortable oversized armchair and a little side table would fit perfectly in there. Check out this stylish piece on Amazon.

If you like the idea of an oversized armchair but you want it to look minimalist and modern, we suggest checking out Dado, a piece designed by Alfredo Häberli. It’s the perfect lounge chair for casual sitting areas or contemporary living rooms and it comes in bright and exciting colors.

Similarly, if what you’re looking for is timeless elegance with a little hint of modern flair, the Da Vinci Club may very well be the answer to everything. It’s big, soft and comfortable and it also has an eye-catching design that makes it a great accent piece for living rooms or bedrooms.

Want something a little bit more old-school, a bit formal yet also sophisticated and super comfortable? Well, how about a timeless club chair with a diamond tufted back, brown leather upholstery and dark-stained wooden legs that blend into the frame? You can find this particular piece on Amazon.

This piece fits perfectly into the whole oversized armchair category and is actually very versatile despite its proportions. That’s because the classic design is meant to not only look cool and stylish but also to be very comfortable and convenient. Check this out on Amazon for more details.

The Avalanche armchair can do something not many other similar pieces can: fold down. We’re talking about the backrest specifically which can be used in two ways, depending on what you need it for or the type of ambiance you want to create.

The Lovy armchair is like a miniature, one-person sofa. It looks chic and sophisticated, with soft curves and a slender yet eye-catching metal base. Pair it with a side table and set it in one of the corners or place it next to the sofa to complete the sitting area.

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