Stunning Sleek Modern Interior Design

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If you like sleek, stylish modern interior design, this apartment by crystal sinclair designs for you. Black and white elements are rounded out with warmer, lighter touches here and there, such as a warm caramel-colored seating area with chairs of the same palate.


A sleek flat screen television sits above a stunning onyx fireplace and matching small table while a comfy-cozy gray sofa offers seating. A quirky three-pronged lamp overhead provides a touch of modern drama to the area while also somehow managing to still seem futuristic. The white shade of paint on the walls keeps the darker tones from dominating the room. Throw in a plant in a black vase for good measure and you’ve got an appearance of color in a stunning modern living and dining space.

In another part of the home, the kitchen is dominated with flawless white marble with gray veins running through it. For the seating area table and then further in with the backsplash behind the stove and the counter, you’ve definitely got something that’s the main feature. It has a massive effect and the lightness of the white, almost gray walls and the black walls on the left only serve to let the marble reign. The charcoal window screens on the interior can also close to allow separation from the cooking area from the three stools at the seated area as well. Warm lamps add a nice touch to the room with white and caramel appearing metallic.

The bathroom of this apartment is where the onyx theme gets to really shine. There are also different textures and finishes at work, giving each featured section its own characteristics. Lacquered tiles extend beyond the shower to form the wall over a matte black sink area and a sleek black toilet seat. The rest of the room balances the onyx theme out, with a white toilet base, white sink basin, and white floor tiles with gray accents. Gold accents also work well here, with a gold-brushed shower head, shower knobs, and sink faucet providing the perfect finished touch.

The light and airy feeling really expands with a gorgeous modern bedroom. Here light and bright create a warmer, more restful feeling. A bed in all-white bedding, white painted walls and curtains, and a white side table are supported by a brown bed frame and backing, golden-framed paintings, and warms up slightly with a wooden floor and a patterned rug in oatmeal tones.

Then you have the foyer of this apartment. Here the nearly all-black theme almost takes over, with jet black walls allowing hung artwork and framed photos to really stand out. Then you glance up and notice that the ceiling has a patterned section from which hangs a decadent multi-tiered chandelier. The sleekness allows for dramatic fashion as guests or residents enter and leave, with chevron-patterned wooden flooring keeping the monochrome in check and from being too overwhelming.

Did you love what you saw when it came to this apartment? Modern and stylish can be difficult to pull off, but this apartment sure succeeded. A grand golden-framed mirror above a wooden parlor table never looked so good! This apartment may have you considering your own black and white living space and giving it the green light.

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