10 Wall Lights With Exceptional Designs And Lots Of Style

Of all the different types of lighting fixtures, the kind that attaches to walls is perhaps the least common. It’s not very often that we need wall lights in our homes, considering that most rooms either have chandeliers, pendants, lamps or a combination of these options. Of course, wall-mounted light fixtures such as sconces have their own ways of being useful, practical and also of looking amazing. Here are some of our favorite designs.

Featuring a design which combines galvanized metal and glass, the 7679 Well wall light has an industrial-style appearance and can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can choose between clear and frosted glass and you can take advantage of the antique appearance to create a decor that’s simple and at the same time special and interesting.

Geometric shapes are very popular currently so you can expect to see a lot of light fixtures including wall lights which take advantage of this trend in all sorts of interesting and eye-catching ways. One example is the Cubic Sconces series. In this case three cubes with polished brass finishes are attached to a central rod and have light sources embedded between them.

This cool arrangement of wall lights is exactly that: an arrangement of several individual light fixtures, each able to function independently. The Tétra modules allow you to create your own unique installation by combining as many lights as you want. They can be interconnected with a cable and the entire installation would only require one electrical outlet. The system is definitely unusual and special.

Speaking of interconnected wall lights, check out the Constellation, a system of small, round lights all connected to a core module.  They offer diffuse lighting and they can be installed on walls and ceilings to create interesting focal points. They also easily double as decorations.

Flexibility and modularity, as it seems, are at the core of many modern wall lights and light fixtures in general. Another example is the Gioielli wall light which features a set of colored glass covers which look like precious gems. They’re combined with metal disks and several different variations and combinations are available. Find the one that best suits your decor.

Savana is a wall light designed to look refined and sophisticated but at the same time to have a casual allure. It’s inspired by nature’s patterns and created using sheets of metal hammered by hand. These reflect the light and at the same time direct it towards only the top and the bottom. The irregular and asymmetrical disposition of the hammered metal strips give the lamp a somewhat chaotic appearance but the look as a whole remains harmonious.

We continue the list of exquisite wall lights with the Eclipse lamp. Its design combines marble and metal, two contrasting and very different materials. Together they allow the lamp to suggestively reference the moon, more exactly the lunar eclipse. You can find this wall lamp in several variants, with five different types of marble and even more options for the metal rim.

In case you’d rather prefer a design that’s more classic and iconic, you should check out the Deviel wall lamp which has a very simple look. It features opaque globe shades with a beautiful satin finish attached to a metal frame at a 90 degree angle. The version with two symmetrical arms is quite elegant but the same can also be said about the simplified model.

The Scivolo wall light seems to defy gravity. It features a spherical glass lamp attached to a two-part, angled base, softly illuminating the wall behind it and the area around. It’s designed by Marchetti Lab and available with a white, black or satin gold finish.

Last but not least, the Palma collection is a lighting system which brings together two elements often found in the same context although not specifically so close together. This is a hybrid between a planter and a wall-mounted light fixture. It’s a stylish attempts to bring the outdoors in and to englobe nature into our lives in a seamless manner.

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