Kitchen Simple and Efficient Ways To Store Fruits And Vegetables

Here’s a rather odd question for you today: how do you store your vegetables? It’s not a subject that comes up very often and it’s a pretty tricky one as well. We often overlook this storage dilemma when we’re designing and furnishing our kitchens and pantries but that doesn’t make it go away. That being said, we thought it would be helpful and interesting to tackle this subject today so we gathered some vegetable storage ideas that will hopefully inspire you.

Wooden bins like this one are good for storing potatoes, onions and various other vegetables. This one is pretty big but still a good fit for most kitchens and pantries. It has slatted sides which ensures good air flow and keeps the vegetables fresh for longer. The bottom is angled which makes it very easy to take out the vegetables as you need them and also means that the one which were added first are also being used first. If you think something like this could be useful to you, check out gardeners for more details.

Another idea is to store all your vegetables inside the kitchen island. This way you save some space by not needing any freestanding storage bins for this purpose and you also get to have everything accessible to you when you’re cooking without having to open any cabinet doors. This particular island which is featured on mylove2create also has built-in storage for things like pasta, canned goods and various other supplies.

Of course, if you’re not the type who buys lots of vegetables in bulk and doesn’t need a big storage area for them, something smaller would do just fine. We really like this wooden storage bin from anikasdiylife. It has two compartments which means you can use it to store both veggies and fruits or that you can put different produce in each section. It also has handles so you can easily grab it and place it somewhere else and it’s easy to customize its design with labels, paint and other things.

These crates are also great because they allow you to have a modular and expandable storage system for veggies and fruits. The crates are stackable and you can add more as you see the need to do so. You can make these wooden storage crates yourself and choose the exact dimensions for them. Add labels if you want to have a more organized system or stain and paint the crates to customize their look. Check out jenwoodhouse for details.

This little produce stand is absolutely perfect if you happen to have an empty little space in your kitchen or in your pantry. As you can see, the storage boxes are angled so you can easily reach inside and take out the veggies. They’re also quite small but as with every other DIY project you can change that when you’re building your own version of this storage stand. The tutorial for it can be found on overthebigmoon.

Another cute idea for how to store and organize your veggies, fruits and other things is offered on family fresh meals. This right here is a custom design which incorporates a chalkboard and a bunch of hanging baskets. For starters, you can go ahead and paint one of the walls in your kitchen with chalkboard paint. That’s a cool idea on its own. After that, you can add the baskets and even a few other accessories as well such as some hanging hooks or magnetic racks. The possibilities are endless.

You can also store your veggies in a cupboard. Of course, it would have to be a special kind of cupboard with good air flow and easy access inside. This design featured on ana-white seems like a great option. The cupboard is pretty small and has three storage compartments with fold-down doors and mesh that lets the air circulate. You can have this design customized based on your own style and preferences.

A good spot for the vegetable storage boxes is also the space underneath the wall-mounted kitchen cabinets. This area is rarely used for anything and there’s plenty of room for some hanging storage boxes on the backsplash. If you make them small enough and angled like these ones then they won’t be in the way when you’re using the countertop. Check out the tutorial for this little project on liverenewed.

Hanging fruit baskets are even better if you want to save space in the kitchen. They take up zero floor or counter space and you can place them anywhere you want as long as they’re still easily accessible. Also, they’re great for both veggies and fruits and they add character and color to the kitchen. All you need if a wire basket, some string and a hook.

If you like the look of those veggie stands often found in stores, go ahead and build something similar for yourself. You can make something really cool out of wood and you have the freedom of making the boxes as big as you need them to be. It’s not a difficult project and there are plenty of tutorials that you can follow, including this awesome video from youtube.

Another possibility is to build a veggie and fruit stand that you can keep on your kitchen counter. This design is perfect because it’s not very bulky and the containers are nice and wide, with plenty of space between them so you can easily refill them. Check out this youtube tutorial if you’re interested in building something similar.

To save space on the counter, you can have the storage rack for all your vegetables and fruits placed on the floor. This gives you more freedom when deciding the dimensions and in particular the height of the rack. A three-tier system is usually perfect. If you want a design that’s simple and modern, we suggest checking out this great video tutorial on youtube which explains exactly how you can build this stylish vegetable rack.

A corner storage system for fruits and veggies is also a very clever idea. That’s especially useful if you have a small kitchen and you want to utilize every bit of space as efficiently as possible. This DIY corner storage bin featured on youtube has a lovely design. It’s nice and simple, customizable and easy to build as well. Check out the tutorial to see how it was made and maybe this will inspire you to make something similar for yourself.

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