10 Lawn Edging Techniques Great For DIY Landscaping

The biggest advantage of houses compared to apartments is the fact that they’re open to the outdoors and they have lawns, gardens, patios, pergolas and all sorts of cool features. All of this however comes with a whole new set of challenges and project ideas to explore. For example, lawn edging can gives you a crisp and clean look in the yard or the garden and there are lots of nice ways to define the flower beds and to make all transitions smooth and beautiful. We’ll check out some of the ideas right now.

Lawn shaping is not difficult but does require plenty of time and dedication. If you want to get a clean line and a modern look, consider using decorative gravel or fine slate chippings. To get that perfect curve and the sleek appearance you’ll also need some other things including bamboo cane and string, sand (or white line marker spray paint), a half moon turf cutter, a sharp border spade and lawn edging strip. You can find more details on farmfoodfamily.

A little bit of landscaping around the house goes a long way and makes a big difference, especially if you’re trying to increase curb appeal. Define an area along the exterior wall of the house and delineate it from the lawn using stone edgers. This way you can have flower beds and a manicured lawn side by side, both looking clean and beautiful. Check out loveoffamilyandhome to find the details of the project.

A very lovely idea if you have trees in your yard or your garden is to have flowering plants placed around them, sort of like a garden bed that surrounds the tree and conceals its base and roots. You can use a bunch of rocks or stones to create a border around the flowers. This idea comes from outdoorareas.

River rocks are wonderful for creating a border between a planter and the lawn. We love the organic design featured on ellaclaireinspired and the undulating line which actually looks very clean. This is a nice way to add some diversity to the garden without making any big changes to the landscape and a great way of preventing the soil from overlapping the manicured lawn.

Bricks can also be a good option when it comes to lawn edging. They’re actually perfect for the flower beds and they can be used to create a clean border around them which also impacts the adjacent lawn. This border right here was created using concrete pavers. Check out gardeenworld for details.

If you want a lawn edging solution that’s super simple and easy to put in place, check out this great idea featured on gardeners. With these interlocking pieces you can create a clean edge between the lawn and flower beds within minutes simply by pounding each piece into the ground with a rubber mallet. There’s no need to tear up soil or anything.

Lawn edging bricks can give you a nice rustic look which could go well with a brick patio for example. To pull this off you’re going to need building sand, cement, a trowel, a rubber mallet and a rake, in addition to the bricks of course. Follow the line of the lawn until it’s all edged. You can find more tips on gardenersworld.

Weathered steel is another cool option. It can give your lawn and garden a contemporary look with an industrial vibe and it’s also easy to work with. Install steel edging around the flower beds or to create more structure in your backyard if for example you want to define different sections. The rusty, weathered look looks great out here because of the visual connection it establishes with the earth.

Concrete is great if you want to create a solid border that has a unique shape. You can pour the concrete into whatever shape you want to create fluid, undulating lawn edging and you can make it flush with the ground if you want to. Check out this cool lawn edging tool from etsy that you could use.

This lawn edging technique is based on what seems to be a miniature version of a gabion wall. It’s an idea that we found on greenlandscapestoenvy and we absolutely love it. It’s such an organic look, timeless and with lots of charm and there are actually lots of different ways to use this technique if you want to create borders around your lawn or garden.

Wood lawn edging is also an option. You can cut a bunch of wood boards and insert them into the ground around the lawn or around the flower beds to create a sort or miniature fence. The boards can overlap slightly to prevent the soil from sipping through. Another idea can be to use wooden posts which look more solid.

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