Contemporary Furniture With Unique And Eye-Catching Designs

We all need a bit of inspiration every once in a while, especially for things like interior decorating, picking out new furniture and coming up with ways to make a space feel like home. There are always new ideas that you can check out and be inspired by and today we thought it would be nice to share some of our own findings with you. Below you can see some of our latest favorite designs in the field of furniture. Each one is special and has the ability to become a great accent piece but is also versatile enough to look amazing in all sorts of different spaces and decors.

The Mama Chair is so wonderfully casual. It’s a piece that invites you to sit down, relax and enjoy the moment. What’s especially beautiful and interesting in its case is the fact that it looks and feels very comfortable and casual without becoming to laid-back. In other words, it’s elegant and refined and would look right at home in the living room, in the corner of a bedroom, an office and many other spaces. There are many variations of leathers and fabrics to choose from to make sure it matches your style.

Bookcases and shelves in general have the wonderful ability to be both practical and to make great decorative elements and accent pieces. The Sand bookcase designed by Andrea Lucatello is especially intriguing thanks to its eye-catching form. This is a free-standing bookcase with four shelves to display items on. It’s tall and narrow and can fit in small spaces and corners without being in the way and while it is quite simple it definitely stands out.

The Drops sideboard is an elegant piece of furniture for the living room. It can be paired with a variety of other pieces such as shelving units and it can also potentially make a great addition to some other spaces such as a glamorous office or a beautiful and spacious entryway. In any case, what makes this design stand out is the combination of solid wood rods applied over the mirrored doors which create this cool-looking pattern and extends over the entire front and the sides of the unit.

The beautiful chair that we mentioned at the beginning has a sister, a gorgeous sofa which shares the same smooth lines and soft curves that we saw earlier. The Mama Sofa is every bit as casual and as refined as the other pieces from this wonderful collection designed by Angelo Tamaiuolo. The combination of leather and fabric looks really great and also allows this sofa to look perfect at the center of the room since it even looks beautiful from the back.

Versatility is taken to a new level through the design of the Boè sofa created by Jai Jalan. It’s not your typical living room sofa but the unconventional design offers a great opportunity to play around with the layout of the space. This piece can be incorporated into numerous different design configurations and can be used in a variety of different ways. It’s an interesting hybrid piece that borrows elements from lounge chairs and loveseats and uses them in a unique way.

Finding a dining armchair that suits your home and style is surprisingly difficult considering how many different products are out there, that plus it’s usually more common to have chairs rather than armchairs around the dining table. With that in mind, we thought we’d show you this lovely piece, the 32/NR armchair which looks casual, comfortable as well as chic and stylish. It has a light and breezy look, with a upholstered seat a curved back and armrests with woven rope detailing.

The Campus de Luxe is a rather odd and unusual piece of furniture. It can pass as a sofa in which case it has an airy and sleek look but it can also be used as a lounge chair type of seat just by making a few adjustments and moving around a few pieces. The footrest and the headrest feature a pneumatic spring system and can be adjusted into different positions. The frame is made of round steel tubes with a chromed finish and gives the piece a contemporary look softened by the leather accents.

Named simply Loft, this stylish sofa combines a strong and durable frame with a very lightweight look and a super comfortable seating experience. It has soft organic lines which give it a casual and sophisticated look and the overall design is heavily inspired by origami. The combination of fabric and leather which is quite common in modern and contemporary furniture adds character to the design and highlights its versatility.

The Lily coffee table is a unique piece with a stunning design inspired by nature. It’s actually a collection of four smaller tables which intersect and complement each other. They look like fig tree branches with brass bases and solid wooden tops. As a result, the table has a layered design and looks amazing from every angle. This table would make a great focal point for a stylish living room.

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