Felt Crafts – DIY Geometric Coasters

It’s satisfying to have objects that are both useful and beautiful, and these felt coasters fit the description. Create a few to keep around the house for serving up drinks in style, or make a collection in order to give away as a sweet, handmade housewarming gift.

DIY Geometric Felt Craft Coasters

DIY Geometric Felt Coasters Materials

Materials you’ll need for felt craft:

  • 3mm thick felt, in the colors of your choice. I went for neutrals – light gray, dark gray and natural.
  • Cork tiles (these ones are 6mm thick)
  • Plain cardstock
  • Craft glue, the really tacky kind
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Straight-edge ruler
  • Ballpoint pen

Step by step process to craft the felt coasters:

DIY Geometric Felt Coasters Step

In order to make the diamond shapes out of felt, you need to create a template first. I had to do some basic geometry to work out the numbers, but if you mark the cardstock like so, you can save yourself the math.

(NB: These figures are in metric, because this cutting mat is. Sorry, imperial-using readers!)

  1. Cut a 3.5cm-wide strip off the cardstock. Length doesn’t matter.
  2. Mark 4cm intervals on each side of the strip, BUT – mark a 2cm interval on one side only before marking the 4s. Draw connecting lines to the base of each mark, as shown above, and the diamonds will become apparent.
  3. Using the knife and straight-edge, cut the diamonds apart.
  4. Measure and cut a 3.5cm-wide strip of felt, using a pen and scissors. (Tip: Once you cut one strip, you can use it to measure more of them.)
  5. Place one of the cardstock diamonds on top of the felt, upper and lower edges aligned, firmly pinched between your thumb and forefinger. Carefully cut along the other two edges with scissors.
  6. Repeat until you have enough diamonds in each color. 24 diamonds total = 4 coasters.

DIY Geometric Felt Coasters Prepare for Glue

Cork is much easier to cut than felt, so I’m less exacting when cutting the initial shapes. Lay and arrange the felt pieces, on top of the cork, in the pattern that you’d like. Trace the arrangement with a pen and then cut the shape out with your knife.

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Glue the diamonds into place with tacky craft glue, let dry, and then carefully use the knife to trim off any rough/overhanging cork edges.

DIY Geometric Felt Coasters Project

All done! These felt coasters are ready to rock. The final trim of the cork base left them looking very tidy, and the felt and cork both are thick enough to feel substantial.

DIY Geometric Felt Coasters Design

Now all you need is a hot drink, somewhere comfortable to sit, and perhaps some company.

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