Nature-Inspired Wallpaper Designs That Bring Color And Beauty Into Our Homes

Wallpaper offers a really nice option in terms of customization of the walls inside our homes. It’s ideal in cases when painting the walls is not a viable option or when you want to introduce a particular pattern or a themed design which wouldn’t be possible with simple paint. There are many different styles, designs and patterns to choose from and today we’re focusing on nature-inspired wallpaper, revealing some of the options available right now.

This botanical-themed wallpaper has a very bold design with lots of ferns and greenery. Different shades of green add diversity and depth and the black backdrop allows the design stand out even more. It’s super easy to install and also easy to remove in case you want to change your decor in the future. It’s also PVC-free and 100% recyclable.

The pine green wallpaper has a really soothing design. It depicts pine branches on a light grey background and has an organic feel to it because the pattern is not symmetrical and doesn’t look repetitive. It’s a design which can look beautiful in a variety of different spaces, adding a casual and welcoming touch to the space around it.

There are also wallpaper designs which look like murals and are excellent if you want to turn an entire wall into a focal point for the room that it’s a part of. This one depicts a beautiful range of foggy mountains covered in trees, with clouds above and a lake at the base. It’s a wonderful scene which deserves to be the center of attention.

In comparison, this design is not meant to look realistic. It’s a vintage-style wallpaper design with a garden-inspired pattern that’s repeated over and over. The navy background contrasts with all the brighter colors and the white contours of the trees, leaves and everything else. This wallpaper is easy to install, doesn’t leave any residue on the wall and it sticks to any smooth and flat surface.

Simpler designs can also look lovely and this is a nice example. Little green branches with eight leaves each are arranged in a flowing pattern and they have a light gray background which looks beautiful in combination with this particular shade of green which is a bit faded. We can easily imagine this wallpaper in a bedroom, an entryway or even in a soothing home office.

The watercolor-inspired design on this particular wallpaper definitely makes it look special. The pattern features a bunch of eucalyptus branches that intersect and cover up the area evenly. The light background allows the focus to be on the branches and also provides a clean and fresh look to the walls. This could look nice in a bedroom, a bathroom or as an accent pattern for only a section of a wall.

If you’re looking for a nature-inspired wallpaper design that makes use of darker colors, this one might be just right. It has a wild garden sort of vibe to it and you can use it to create accent walls or to add various details to your home decor and various projects. Each roll is 24” wide and there’s an overlap area on the right side that makes it easy to match up the pattern when you’re installing multiple rolls side by side.

If you want to feel like you’re in a lush, tropical garden but inside your own home, you can create that impression or at least the suggestion of it using wallpaper. This tropical forest pattern is bold and colorful and depicts a bunch of lovely things such as magnolia flowers, orchids and also some cacti. It’s quite diverse and it has plenty of character.

This is definitely a design that stands out. It’s a gorgeous way of decorating a wall without making it permanent. It’s peel and stick, self-adhesive wallpaper which is easy to install without any extra supplies. The design depicts a huge, old oak tree which lots of branches going in all directions, undulating and covering up the entire wall.

Here’s another amazing design, this time depicting a forest rather than a single tree. It creates a wonderful feeling of immersion, showing  a bunch of tall tree trunks, some greenery and also the sun rays filtering through from the top. It’s a colorful mural which would definitely become the focal point of any room, adding color and character to its decor.

Bring nature into your home with this magnificent forest mural. It’s pre-pasted and measures 100′ L x 144” W which makes it suitable for a variety of different rooms and types of spaces. It comes as a set of eight panels and it’s made of plastic and resistant to water and stains which makes it extra versatile and practical. It would be best to install this on an empty wall, without any wall-mounted furniture or anything else obstructing the design.

In some cases you get to choose the type of material that you prefer for your wallpaper. This pattern for example offers two options: paper and vinyl. You can get to choose the preferred size for each panel. The design is colorful and quite special because it’s not focused only on greenery and plants but also showcases little hummingbirds in various different positions. Installation is easy and required overlapping the panels slightly in order to match up the patterns.

Murals are basically wall art, especially if they look like this. This is a type of textile wallpaper with a nature-inspired design that depicts a misty forest. It’s not only easy to install but also easy to remove if so needed and it doesn’t leave any residue on the wall which is great if you’re renting the place and you want to customize it only temporarily. It can even be install on textured or rough and uneven surfaces.

In case you’d prefer something a bit more abstract but still bold and dreamy, check out this gorgeous wallpaper. It has a mountain-inspired design with misty clouds floating above the trees, with sinuous hills in the distance. As many others it’s easy to install and repositionable, doesn’t leave residue on the wall when removed and it can also be applied in textured surfaces. You can use it to add an eye-catching focal point to the living room or to create a soothing ambiance in the bedroom.

This nature-inspired wallpaper has more of a painting vibe than a mural since it’s not meant to look super realistic. It depicts a forest landscape and makes use of neutral colors and subdued accent tones which allows the design to be extra versatile and to suit a variety of different decors and styles. You can apply the wallpaper with glue and wash it if needed. You can choose between two materials: peel and stick vinyl and non-woven embossed wallpaper and there are also several different sizes to pick from.

This is a wonderful mural idea for a bedroom. It’s not very colorful or very bold and detailed and it showcases a soothing image of a misty forest with a lovely pale pink sky. It would look beautiful on the wall behind the bed but also fit beautifully in other spaces such as the dining room, a hallway or even the living room. It’s self-adhesive and very easy to install.

Oversized roses are not for everyone but they definitely look gorgeous here. This beautiful design is printed on vinyl coated paper and comes as a set of four panels which are easy to install. It’s a fresh and convenient alternative to regular wallpaper, wall art and murals or decals and it definitely stands out. The black background brings out the subtle pink hues and the whites, adding a modern vibe to the entire design.

On top of having a lovely design, this wallpaper is very resilient and long-lasting. It’s waterproof and it doesn’t tear easily and it’s also easy to install on the walls. The design is meant to bring out the natural beauty in wooden logs and is something that can look lovely on the walls of a cozy cabin, in a bedroom or a hallway. You can also use this wallpaper in various DIY projects and crafts since it’s quite versatile.

Abstract designs are usually more versatile than those seeking to look realistic and that’s because they can be interpreted in more than one way. In this particular case we also love the overall simplicity of the design and the lack of details. The wallpaper featured here depicts a beautiful mountain landscape and uses contrasting colors that complement each other in a gorgeous way. The wallpaper is self-adhesive, easy to apply and fully removable and repositionable.

If it’s color that you seek, this botanical wallpaper should do the trick. It’s very bold and very colorful, with oversized flowers and plants that look as if they’ve been hand-painted, adding more character to the design and making this look more like a mural. It’s moisture-resistant, washable and resilient in general so you can install it in any room of the house. Just peel and stick and don’t worry about the adhesive because no marks will be visible on the wall after you remove the wallpaper.

In case you’re set on turning one of the walls in your home into a giant vintage painting, this wallpaper makes it super easy. You get to choose between two different materials: paper and vinyl, each with its own set of unique characteristics. The paper wallpaper has water-activated backing and the vinyl type is the peel and stick kind. They both have a smooth texture and can be removed with water.

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