How To Make The Most Of A Large Living Space

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When you were a cash-strapped student stuck in a cramped studio flat, it seemed crazy to think that there were people out there moaning about having too much space.

But now that you’ve spread your wings and secured yourself a dream house, you’re starting to get where they were coming from – living in a palatial mansion really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Besides needing an entire store’s worth of furniture to fill it, creating an atmosphere with stylish interior decorating is seemingly impossible. No matter what you try, it remains cold, cavernous and lifeless.

It’s a frustrating issue we’ve hand plenty of experience dealing with – and we know exactly how you can get around it.

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Here are a few of our tried-and-tested top tips for making a large living space look and feel homey.


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1.Rearrange your furniture

When you’re used to living in confined quarters, the temptation is to push furniture up against the walls to keep the room as open and accessible as possible. In a large home, you need to resist that urge and ‘float’ furniture instead.

No, we’re not talking about hammocks, but positioning sofas, tables and chairs away from the walls and using them to define spaces. It’s the perfect way of dividing a room, creating a focal point and increasing the feeling of intimacy.


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2. Take advantage of high ceilings

Nothing is harder to heat up or stay cosy in than a central living space which boasts super high ceilings. If it’s a problem you’re facing, we suggest carving it up loft-style with mezzanine flooring to add a split-level.

With glass balustrades and a statement spiral staircase, it’ll give any room some much-needed drama and purpose, making it feel busier and warmer.



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3.  Choose your colours wisely

The easiest way to give some personality and warmth to a large room is with colour – and with such a huge canvas to work with, you can go as bold and wild as you dare when it comes to painting it.

You can also use colour more tactically as well, by creating two-tone walls or wallpaper panels to visually divide the space and designate separate functions for each area.

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4. Get the lighting right

In a big room, dark corners and shadows will make it feel cold and uninviting. Take your time coming up with a few clever lighting solutions that’ll brighten up the entire space.

Use a mix of table, floor and ceiling lights to create a warm glow throughout, and draw more attention to specific areas with fairy lights or a collection of candles.

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5. Add some interest

To get rid of that empty, cavernous feeling, use your belongings to add some interest and character.

If you’ve not got a big budget to work with, a gallery wall is an inexpensive and effective talking point. Buy some cheap frames in a range of sizes and fill them with photos, quotes and postcards.

Have you got any other top tips for making the most of a spacious home? Leave a comment and let us know.

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