15 Folding Chairs Perfect For Any Outdoor Setup

Foldable chairs have the amazing advantage of being super practical and storage-efficient. They’re especially practical in the case of outdoor spaces. For example, you can easily bring them outside and set them around a table or around the fire pit and then take them back inside the house when you’re done with them. Having a few extra folding chairs is always useful and there quite a few different styles and designs to choose from, each with its own special character. Check out some of our favorites below.

This is the Maxim folding chair designed by Carlo Colombo and Luciana Monticelli. It has a simple look and an elegance allure, featuring a distinctive X frame. The overall design of the chair is inspired from nautical themes without being too obvious about it. It’s breezy, chic and highly practical.

In order for a foldable chair to truly be practical, it usually has to be lightweight and easy to maneuver but also comfortable. That’s exactly the combo that the Con.Fort chair offers. It was designed by Maurizio Galante and Tel Lancman and it has a simple design with an adjustable back and a lightweight frame. It’s a nice blend of contemporary and industrial.

Perfect for gardens, decks and covered outdoor spaces in general, the Dolcevita folding chair has a very simplistic design and a classic look. The frame is made of beech wood and is available both with and without armrests. The fabric seat and backrest adds a nice texture to the design as well as a hint of color.

The original idea for this chair was designed by Gio Ponti in 1970 and now, more than 4 decades later Molteni&C has offered 2 updated versions, the D.270.1 and D.270.2 chairs. Both are foldable, with backrests and seats available in fabric, leather or wicker and with frames made of wood. The chairs are very versatile and can adapt to a variety of different setups and requirements.

Designed in 1978 by Marco Zanuso, the Celestina chair has a very simple and familiar look. In fact, that’s exactly what the goal was: to redesign a familiar outdoor folding chair and to reinterpret it in an original way. The chair is remarkably comfortable thanks to the fact that the seat and back strips are covered in cowhide.

The Mirto outdoor folding chair is designed to look good, to be durable, lightweight and practical. Its frame frame is made of aluminum and the seat and back are made of hemp fibre, adding a nice texture and a rustic vibe to the design. It has a timeless appearance and an elegant silhouette.

The Flower folding chair is just what a casual outdoor setting needs. It’s very slender, being made of metal and this gives it an advantage over other more bulky designs which are also less space-efficient. You can choose from 12 different colors so have fun mixing and matching or create your own unique collection of Flower chairs.

A lot of folding outdoor chairs are reinterpretations of the same classic designs, bringing their own unique improvements and new features meant to appeal to the contemporary market. One example is the Folding Air-Chair designed by Jasper Morrison which comes in two versions, with or without armrests. It’s made of polypropylene mixed with glass fiber.

The Arc en ciel chairs are also highly versatile thanks to their simple and familiar design. You can find them in a variety of different colors and either with or without arms or footrests. They look casual and quite chic and they’re ideal for gardens, decks, as well as for balconies and terraces.

If you’d rather stay away from all the usual outdoor folding chairs and opt for something a bit more modern and friendly-looking we suggest checking out the wonderful collection offered by Paola Lenti. It includes an entire range of stylish chairs available in many different materials, colors and textures so you can create the ideal outdoor setup.

Designs such that of this Folding Eucalyptus Chair have a very familiar and classic look which can be appealing in a lot of ways. You can find these chairs on amazon and they’re great for any sort of outdoor setting, whether it’s a patio, a garden or a sitting area around the fire pit. They’re made of eucalyptus and they can be customized with cushions. They look solid and durable, being reminiscent of certain traditional and rustic designs but at the same time maintaining its unique identity.


Slender and versatile, the Mobel Designhaus French Café Bistro chairs feature metal frames and simple wooden seats and backs, with plastic glides covering the end of the legs to protect the flooring. The wooden slats are hand-finished giving the chairs a nice look. The focus is on the practical and functional side of the design so comfort may not be the greatest in the case of such occasional outdoor chairs. 


The Adirondack Chair is a classic, perfect for all sorts of decks, patios, gardens, terrace and pretty much any other outdoor area. They’re durable and strong, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and easy to customize with extra cushions. It has a classy yet casual look. Check out the built-in pull-out ottoman at the bottom of this chair. It’s just what you need when you want to relax on a sunny afternoon. That also makes this chair ideal for poolside decks in general.

This folding chair is made of teak wood and has stainless steel hardware, being water-resistant and durable but also comfortable and versatile thanks to its stylish design. You can add a seat cushion for increased comfort and thanks to the folding mechanism storing the chair is easy and space-efficient. Find out more about this piece of Amazon and check out the matching accent table which goes great with these stylish folding chairs.

Another outdoor folding chair worth mentioning here is this one. The Jiwu patio chair has a frame made of iron and the seat and backrest in rattan which creates an interesting contrast and is also practical. The chair is a cool option for gardens, patios, balconies, poolside decks but also for indoor spaces. It features a perfect combination of looks and functionality, nice balanced and designed to last. Use the chair in combination with a matching table to bring out its unique beauty even more.

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