Indigo Colour: Where, and How Much, to Use the Colour Trend

Indigo colour is one of the hottest colour trends today. This vibrant shade of deep bluish-purple is often used in designs to create a clean, fresh aesthetic…but in a punchier way than other softer, shyer hues. Indigo colour can be used in any design style with success, because it works well in large doses, small doses, and any amount in between. Here are some ways you can adopt the indigo colour trend into your space.

Indigo Walls.

When indigo colour is used as the primary colour in a space (namely, on the walls), caramel-colored leather furniture creates a grounding yet neutral contrast. An emerald green velvet sofa completes the stylishly luxurious look, because both colours are equal in tone and richness.

Indigo Pillows.

Indigo colour makes a fantastic accent in a neutral or even otherwise monochromatic space – you don’t have to turn your house into dark denim in order to appreciate the nuances of indigo in your interior design.{found on ibdltd}.

Indigo Neutrality.

Indigo colour is a gender-neutral hue and works well both in spaces for grownups, spaces for kids, and spaces where both interact comfortably. Notice indigo in this space doesn’t dominate, but it works well to ground the space and connect the assortment of other colours into a cohesive scheme.{found on indigochre}.

Indigo Rug. Few colours look as historically sound and simultaneously on-trend as indigo, which makes it a prime colour choice for rugs and other accessories. Paired with neutral hues and plenty of texture, indigo infuses the subdued space with some color without actually causing a jarring “pop” of colour.

Indigo Sofa.

Indigo colour being as rich and saturated as it is, one doesn’t need a lot of it to make an impact. In fact, a single piece, such as an indigo sofa, in an otherwise colour-neutral space will draw the eye immediately while still maintaining harmony and balance within a subdued colour scheme.

Indigo Pattern.

In a space with plenty of natural light, indigo colour is given the surroundings to make it appear fresh, clean, and mature – in both large doses on a sofa and smaller amounts on a repeating pattern in the curtains. Indigo helps this living room successfully merge a relaxed beachy vibe with a comfortable cottage feel.{found on tomstringer}.

Mid Century Modern Indigo.

Effectively bridging the gap between vintage and modern design, indigo colour appears to be an effortless style liaison. Its depth requires one to take the colour (and surroundings) seriously, while its vibrancy keeps an unnecessary somber vibe at bay. The combination of these two aesthetics in one space is an integral part of many mid century modern designs.

Indigo Macramé.

When you consider the ancient art of dyeing with indigo, its appearance in the vintage-inspired macramé trend for wall hangings makes perfect sense. Peppering some other indigo coloured objects throughout the room is important in a cohesive style in this transitional bedroom. {found on madmodhome}.

Indigo Bedding.

In a bedroom with white walls, light floors, and organic textiles and textures, indigo colour brings its best traits to complete the space and give it depth, a colour scheme, and a friendly welcoming appeal.

Indigo Tiles.

When you are implementing a colour trend, it can often feel like you’re following the crowd. With indigo coloured subway tiles in the kitchen, however, you’re making a unique statement that’s all your own. Notice the blend of natural and manmade in this kitchen and the balance of heavy (ceiling beams, chunky island) with light (windows, light cabinetry). Indigo colour makes a perfect focal point, front-and-center, above the range of this Mediterranean style kitchen.{found on marcelleguilbeau}.

As you consider incorporating indigo colour into your space, no matter what its current style or size, you will no doubt be able to enhance the décor and visual appeal with this beautiful colour.

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