Cool Furniture And Design Ideas For Teenage Rooms

When designing and decorating a teenager’s room it’s important to focus a lot of customization and all the ways in which the space can be personalized. This doesn’t mean that the design can’t still be very simple. In fact, simple is what we love most so we looked for a few ideas that can make a design look cool without loading it with too many little details while still allowing it to be very customizable and to have lots of character. At the end of the day, this is what a teen room is all about.

It’s important in the case of shared bedrooms to create a sense of personal space for each person involved. This design does that by featuring separate spaces for sleeping and studying as well as separate storage spaces. With everything involved, the bedroom looks super cozy and fun. Check out nidi for more details about it.

There are a lot of cool furniture collections for teen rooms which also focus on space-efficiency. Studio Ferrimobili has quite the impressive portfolio in this sense. Take this cozy-looking bedroom for example. It has a bed with built-in storage drawers underneath, a small desk and generous storage for things like books and other things.

Another inspiring series of teen room designs is offered by Moretti Compact, a studio which puts emphasis on comfort and desirability. Their typical set includes either one or two beds, a spacious wardrobe and a desk, all featuring attractive forms and vibrant colors.

Both the Altea Sofa and Altea Book from Clei are excellent for teenage bedrooms because they feature the perfect combination of looks and function. Flexibility is also important in this case, especially in the case of the sofa which can easily turn into an extra bed for sleepovers.

the Z476 series from Zalf is another cool option. A small bed, a wardrobe, a wall unit, a desk and a stylish chair are all a teenage bedroom needs in order to be both practical and comfortable. This series offers all that in an attractive and very cute package. Consider all the ways in which you could customize such a setup and truly make it your own.

The Teddy bedroom set is as adorable as its name suggests. Flexibility and versatility are the two most important characteristics of this set which includes a pull-out bed and a very generous amount of storage in the form of both open and closed modules. Everything comes in a modern package with a hint of vintage charm.

This is just one of the many beautiful configurations which the Tiramolla series offers. It’s designed to be simple and modern and to capture in its design the curiosity, creativity and freedom  all teeagers have in common. Choose your own favorite combination of wardrobes, pull-out beds, quirky bookcases and accent furniture which best describe your style.

Furniture manufacturer Lago transforms children’s dreams into reality by offering a wide range of quirky and attractive products such as floating wardrobes, comfy beds and shelves that look like drawings. The collection can adapt to your own needs and preferences thanks to its modular character. We absolutely love the playfulness of this entire series.

The Trio bed is able to slide out underneath the desk to save space, leaving more room for day activities. It’s a perfect match for this compact set that also includes plenty of storage as well as other cool features. The set is made of particleboard in either white or light grey and can be paired with a variety of other products such as this bright yellow bookcase for example.

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