How To Make Your Own DIY Industrial Light Fixtures Right Now

Industrial lighting is in vogue right now and not just in restaurants, hotels and bars but also in private homes where they add character to any room they’re in and make spaces feel warm and cozy with their rugged appearance. A really cool thing about industrial light fixtures is that they’re quite DIY-friendly which means you could definitely try your hand at some interesting projects such as the ones below.

First on our list is an industrial light fixture that would look absolutely charming in a bathroom, just above the mirror. It’s a three-bulb wall-mounted piece similar to a sconce, made of wood and metal pipe pieces and fittings. This industrial bathroom light fixture works perfectly with Edison-style light bulbs.

This cute fixture has a wire cage shade which frames it beautifully without concealing the bulb inside, a lovely look with a strong industrial vibe. The design is completed by a wooden L-shaped frame which allows the fixture to be attached to a wall and the lampshade to hang a few inches away from it. You can adjust the length of the cord as needed. Check out the instructions on createandfind.

Here’s another example of DIY bathroom lights that take advantage of the industrial aesthetic. If you like this particular design, you can create your very own version of it using the following materials: 3 pendant lights, 2 wall anchors, matte clear spray paint and a collection of metal fittings such as U channels, elbows and flat washers. You can find more details on simplydesigning.

This particular project is quite special and that’s only because of the main ingredient in the recipe: an antique copper desk lamp. It might not be easy to find one but if you’re lucky you’ll be able to turn it into a one-of-a-king DIY industrial lamp that can easily become the focal point of any room you put it in. Have a look at the tutorial featured on simplicityinthesouth for more info.

We also find this hanging light fixture from grillo-designs very interesting. It’s easy to put together using only a few things and it can potentially look very charming in spaces like the living room, hallway, home office or even the bedroom. You could also make something similar for a covered patio. The supplies needed include PVC pipes, a 90 degree elbow, nail clips, black primer, silver spray paint, a black wire cage light, washers and screws.

Need a table lamp for your entryway console or perhaps one for your desk? Why not make one yourself instead of being limited to only the designs you can find in stores? It could be a very simple lamp with a chic industrial design and you could give it a wooden base and a metal pipe body. You’re also going to need a lamp kit, a pipe cutter and a few other things. You can find the list on ajoyfulriot.

When building an industrial light fixture out of pipes and fittings you can give it any shape you want. In many ways it’s like putting together puzzle pieces only this time you get to decide what the final image looks like. This design which we found on weekdaycarnival definitely captures the idea perfectly.

Using simple items such as pieces of pipe and connectors you can even make a hanging light fixture which you can display in your dining room or the kitchen, above the island or the table. Use spray paint to give your fixture a finished look and perhaps also to add some color to the design. You can find more details about such a project on simplydesigning.

There are plenty of decors where this light fixture would look amazing, such as an open kitchen with an island or an inviting dining room. If you like the look of driftwood or reclaimed wood you can include that in your own version of this project. You can also adjust the details and change the number of lights and lampshades involved. Find out the instructions on twofeetfirst.

In addition to being defined by a strong industrial character, the light fixture featured on brandisawyer also has another special attribute: it’s made using lots of repurposed Mason jars. This gives it a distinctive appearance and also makes the project very accessible to anyone.

Part of what makes industrial lighting so special is the rugged and unfinished nature of the designs which gives them a distinctive worn look and makes it fairly easy to turn everything into a DIY project. In this particular case, the light fixture was built using galvanized pieces. You can look for them in antique stores or yard sales. Find more details on mycreativedays.porch.

Table lamps make beautiful decorations and wonderful accent pieces in the decors of spaces like the living room, the bedroom as well as in work environments. Check out how easy it is to make a lamp like the one featured on decorandthedog. You give it a solid wooden base complemented by black-painted metal fittings and finally a fabric lampshade which is entirely optional.

Last on our list is a DIY industrial sconce with a rather chic and dashing design. It’s something that we found on lovecreatecelebrate. You can make two matching sconces to frame a door, a mirror or simply to create a symmetrical room decor. Of course, you can include some variables just to make each piece unique.

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