Garage Storage Ideas That Will Help You Keep The Clutter At Bay

When it comes to storage and organization things can get pretty complex and quite frustrating especially when you don’t have a proper well-thought system in place or if there’s a lack of customization overall. There are two main areas that usually create problems: the wardrobe and the garage. This time we’re focusing on the latter and below you can find some example of DIY garage cabinets and other projects that you can customize to suit your own needs.

If you’re using your garage to store..well…your car and there’s not much extra space around it, you can turn your attention to the ceiling, as suggested on instructables. You can build simple shelves which are attached to the ceiling and let you store items up there and out of sight, leaving the floor nice and clean.

Ceiling-mounted storage features can serve a lot of different functions and can take many different forms. For example, check out this custom storage system designed specifically to hold fishing poles. It’s something that you can easily make for yourself and put up in your own garage. Check out instructables if you’re interested.

It’s usually a good idea to use the ceiling-mounted garage shelves to store items that you don’t use very often. This way you get to free up space on the floor and the walls and you won’t have to access these shelves too often since they’re not exactly very user-friendly. They are however super practical and that’s their defining characteristic. Check out this instructables tutorial to find out details about this particular project.

Since the garage is not exactly big on style and aesthetics, DIY projects like this one are fairly easy, with the focus being mainly on making the storage systems practical and sturdy. Of course, you can adapt the proportions based on how much space you have available in your own garage. The ceiling height is particularly important. Check out instructables for more details.

Here’s a cool and ingenious way to store all your gardening tools. It involves repurposing a set of bi-fold doors. You could also use shutters in a similar manner. Add some nice-looking knobs and hooks so you can hang stuff from them and attach the doors to one of the walls in your garage or garden shed for easy storage. Check out the details of this project on hometalk.

You can also turn a wooden pallet into an organizer/ storage module for your tools, if you have any. You can put this in your garage so you don’t waste space inside your house and that makes even more sense if you’re also using your garage as a workshop whenever you take on DIY projects. This idea comes from theshabbycreekcottage.

Here’s another pallet project, this time from hometalk. This is a garage storage unit for big tools like shovels, rakes, brooms and things with long handles in general. It’s easy to build and it helps you keep all these things organized and easy to grab whenever you need them. Place them close to the garage entrance if you’re using them often.

This is another garden tool storage option and it appears to be super easy to put together as well as very practical. The idea is to attach some boards horizontally to your garage wall and to then cut pieces of PVC pipe at an angle and screw them into the boards, spacing them out so leave room for each tool to properly fit between all the others. Check out the details on newlywoodwards.

These garage wall shelves come in super handy no matter what you decide to store on them. they’re great for things like tools, cans of paint, boxes filled with all sorts of knick knacks, sports equipments and all sorts of other types of items. You can build them out of solid wood to make them extra sturdy as well as out of plywood. Make them as big and spaced-apart as you want to.

Since usually everything that you don’t want in the house goes in the garage, planning a storage system specifically designed to hold certain types of items is not very practical. It’s better to build a versatile set of shelves on which you can store pretty much anything inside bins and boxes. You can label these to make it easier to find things when you need them. You can find the details of this project on ana-white.

Obviously, only adding a shelf or two won’t really change your garage that much and if you really want to make this a storage-efficiency space a complete remodel is required. It doesn’t have to be a very difficult or complex project but it’s important to first have a clear picture of what exactly needs to be stored so you can design and build everything accordingly. For example, you can add wall-mounted racks for your bikes, large deep shelves for all the crates and boxes and hooks for the smaller things. Check out this project from justagirlandherblog for inspiration.

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