DIY Fall Crafts – Fun And Easy Ideas For Everyone

Fall is once again making its presence noticed and soon the trees will start shedding their colorful leaves and the whole landscape will change. With it the ambiance in our homes changes too. Suddenly the space feels cozier and we find ourselves thinking of all sorts of charming little projects that embrace the bountiful autumn beauty and all things related. You can find below our top favorite fall crafts for this year.

Welcome the new season with a rustic sign which you can display out on the porch or inside your lovely home. The entryway seems like a perfect place for it. You can make it out of a piece of reclaimed wood and you can try freehand letters to give it more character.

Aren’t autumnal leaves just wonderful? They’re like pieces of art made by nature. Put some on display in your home so you can enjoy them every day. These glass beaker vases would fit anywhere and don’t really need to be customized in any way to look beautiful.

You can also add other little hints of autumnal charm throughout your home with things such as these leaf and pumpkin wall hooks. Add these to the entryway as a way to spice up the decor a bit and to add some color to the decor. You can also make something cute and similar for the kitchen or the bathroom.

Fall brings us among other things a bunch of unmistakable and iconic scents which we’ve learned to associate with the season itself. Bring those scents into your home and get enveloped by autumn’s warm embrace. One of the things you can make is this cute cinnamon pumpkin candle which you can keep for yourself or offer as a gift.

Speaking of fall’s beautiful scents, you might enjoy making some stovetop potpourri using things like cinnamon sticks, orange slices and rosemary. You can put it in glass jars which you can place on shelves or mantles.

These foiled pillows with a fall-themed design would be a nice addition to the living room, bedroom or the outdoor patio where they can change the decor and the ambiance while also being useful. You can make the leaves using deco foil in various colors.

Fall centerpieces are some of the most popular projects during this period and there are a lot of different ideas and designs you can try. One option includes metallic pumpkins and a large candleholder which kind of looks like a small pillar. Some decorative leaves placed around it complete the design.

Another cute idea is to make some acorn eggs which you can place in a bowl and turn that into a centerpiece for the dining table or the living room. The project is simple and the supplies needed for it include plastic eggs, jute twine, spray paint and glue. They really do look like giant acorn, don’t they?

Wreaths are very versatile and also very popular decorations. For fall, an interesting option is this brass and copper tack wreath. It stands out in a way that isn’t overwhelming even if it is very eye-catching indeed. The secret is the simplicity of the design so avoid adding ornaments or a big bow because they’d only be distractions from the actual centerpiece.

Pumpkins are also incredibly versatile and this faux metal leaf centerpiece shows one way in which you can use them in your projects. To get this look you’re going to need an unframed mirror, some metal crafting sheets, leaf shaped die cuts and adhesive and that’s just to make this tray which you can then fill with little pumpkins and candles.

This fall wreath with wood rounds is one of our all-time favorite projects. It’s so simple and so charming you can’t possibly resist the temptation of wanting something similar for your own front door. For the wreath form itself you need a bunch of wood rounds with bark edges and some glue. The burlap bow at the bottom is a very touch and look great in combination with the wood.

Another cool project that we really like is this fall pumpkin terrarium. There are a lot of ways to customize this but we really like the little pumpkins of different shapes and colors and the way they look on the green moss. You can also add more items such as a few leaves and maybe some little ornaments too but try not to make it look too busy.

One candle and a glass bowl can mark the start of a really great fall project. You can place the candle inside the bowl at the center and then fill the space around it with things like cinnamon sticks, pinecones, rope or beans to create a lovely effect. You can even play with different colors to create layers.

Another original way of embracing fall and its bounty is by making a garland out of root vegetables. This can actually be a perfect little project for Thanksgiving. The most important thing is to have a food dehydrator so you can get all the moisture out of these vegetable slices. Check out the project on compostandcava.

Want something that you can display on a wall? This lovely seasonal project from

A vase filled with seasonal flowers can also be a nice option. After all, these things never really go out of style but you can give yours more character by using a pitcher instead of a regular vase. Some terracotta spray paint can really change its look. Check out blissmakes to find out more about this project.

Now that you have some ideas for what you can do to bring autumn’s charm into your home, you can combine some to create a unique Thanksgiving tablescape that everyone will love. Try to work with different textures, colors and materials to get a wholesome look. You can find more inspiration on blissmakes.

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