Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create Your Own Stylish Oasis

You spend a lot of time in the bedroom, and while much of that should be spent sleeping, the space should still be comfortable and stylish. It’s such a personal area that your preferences and the elements that make it most convenient and relaxing are what should be included. Stumped about how to change things up?  Have a look at these ideas bedroom decorating ideas for switching things up in your own home.

Add a Bench

Adding a bench at the end of the bed is more than just a style improvement, it’s a really functional element. More than just a place to lay out your clothes while getting dressed, a bench is very convenient for sitting down to don socks or shoes. If you’re wondering why you need a bench when you can just sit on the bed, it’s bad for the mattress to repeatedly sit on the edge.

Opt for Pendant Lights

Pendant lights above the bed are a great option, especially when space is at a premium. Use singles or multiples and have them installed where it is most convenient for reading and where they won’t get in the way. For installation over a bed, slimmer, more streamlined styles are recommended for convenience.

Luxurious Combos

We already talked about the advantages of adding a bench to the bedroom, and this type of bed combines the two into one luxurious piece. The plush upholstered and tufted headboard extends around the sides and foot of the bed. The wider base at the bottom forms a comfortable and convenient bench that not only adds function but also an amazing style element.

Built-In Bookcase Headboard

Narrow bedrooms can be a challenge when trying to add nightstands or bedside storage. Opting for an inset, built-in bookcase headboard is a bedroom decorating idea that saves a ton of space. The inset portion takes the place of nightstands and includes adjustable lighting fixtures that are made for reading in bed. The area at the top of the headboard also provides some display space, which may not be plentiful in a small or minimalist bedroom.

Go Faux With Windows

Placing the bed right up against windows is not the greatest idea because it can be drafty or chilly in cold weather. If you like the look, try installing a wall of faux windows behind the headboard. Paper blocks the view through the glass, making them seem like closed shutters or curtains. This is also a great idea for a bedroom that has minimal windows, adding the illusion that an interior wall is actually a full expanse of windows.

Floating Nightstands

For a coordinated look and a clear floor area, nothing beats floating nightstands.  Here, they are part and parcel of the headboard and bed frame, which includes lighting. If you already have a headboard you love, it’s possible to incorporate this bedroom decorating idea by installing floating nightstands that are individually attached to the wall. Or, try adding some accent shelf boxes that include lighting as this bedroom does.

Mix and Match Bedside Lighting

People who strongly prefer symmetry might cringe at the thought of having different styles of lighting on each side of the bed, but this mixed-up look is very modern. One side features a wall sconce fixture while the other has a set of sleek pendant lights. The differing finishes are tied in with the mismatched nightstands on the opposite side.

Eclectic Bedside Tables

Don’t limit yourself to traditional notions of nightstands when looking for pieces to place next to the bed. Current designs favor all sorts of small tables, stools and even stumps being used at the bedside to hold lighting and other necessities. If there’s one place where the rules have totally been broken, it’s where bedside tables are concerned, so use your imagination!

All in One Headboard

Whether the room is small or large, one of the easiest bedroom decorating ideas is an all-in-one headboard. Great for people who aren’t big fans of shopping for decor, the streamlined look includes small bedside tables that are attached as well as standing lamps incorporated into the design.

Unconventional Canopy

A far cry from the traditional idea of a canopy bed, this style is modern in that it adds casual draping to a minimalist fourposter bed. With an open top instead of the more expected cover, the style is airy yet provides a feeling of privacy on the inside. Casual tie-top curtains are especially versatile because they are easily removed or changed out for a different look.

Dramatic Wall Bed Unit

This amazing design combines a floating platform bed with nightstands, a lighted headboard and a wall shelving unit. It’s the ultimate one-and-done concept for a bedroom where you want plenty of drama. The bold colors, size of the wall unit and moody underlighting create a focal point that leaves nothing to be desired.

Built-In Bunks

When siblings need to share a bedroom, styling the space can be a real challenge, especially in tighter quarters. Make the most of a kids bedroom by using built-in elements that incorporate storage under the bottom bunk, alongside the bed structure, and floating on the wall atop the dual desk. This is super functional, easy to keep tidy and will last through the teen years.

Luxuriously Pink

For a child who loves pink and lots of delicate details, an over-the-top styled bedroom is a dream come true. This bedroom decorating idea uses soft pinks everywhere — from the walls to the bedside tables and the bedding. By keeping the print on the upholstery a simple gingham and incorporating lots of small details, it’s a luxury design suitable for a child without being juvenile.

Upgrade Bedside Lamps

One of the simplest bedroom decorating ideas is to change your bedside lamps for something more modern and unexpected. Ditch the jar-shaped, shade-topped style for an architectural model like this one. The rest of the pieces in this bedroom are fairly standard, from the traditional nightstands to the slightly arched headboard, but the lamps add a good dose of contemporary interest to the room.

Visually Panel the Walls

Like the look of trimmed and paneled walls but don’t have the budget? Try installing simple frames across one wall or all of them. This projects the look without the expense and can be as simple or as fancy as you desire. A darker neutral wall looks great with white frames but for fans of gold or silver, metallics would also work. More adventurous types might want to try bolder hued or even black frames.

A Statement Headboard

For a big dose of personality, pick a statement headboard. It sets the tone for the room and will drive the rest of the decor. Here, the whimsical nature of the headboard and the rococo curve of the legs make the use of candelabra lights at the bedside a natural. This goes really well with the wall framing too, and no other wall decor is necessary above the bed.

Add Plants

Maybe you haven’t thought about making plants an element in your bedroom decor, but they can even be part of the scheme above the bed. Start with a clean-lined headboard and then create an asymmetrical gallery wall above, incorporating plants that frame the art from the sides. Greenery adds interest as well as a healthy element.

Bring in Some Backlighting

One of the best bedroom decorating ideas for transforming the space is to add backlighting because it adds so much atmosphere. In the bedroom, the ideal place is behind the headboard and sleek styles are the most conducive to backlighting. In this staggered headboard design, the lighting is incorporated in the sections to the side of the actual bed, but it could also go in the middle.

Eliminate Table Lamps

For a contemporary look and a less cluttered bedside table, move the lighting off the tabletop and onto the ceiling. Simple round pendants look very dramatic when hung over the nightstands. This frees up space on the table and adds a modern element without being in the way of the bed.

Boldly Upholstered

If you love prints, then this is the bedroom decorating idea for you. Instead of the usual basic headboard and printed bedding, this bedroom flips the concept on its head and goes for an upholstered headboard in a bold variegated diamond print. Yes, it is boldly orange, but the hue is muted by the blacks and grays which keep it from looking garish. Keep the rest of the room neutral and you’ll have no trouble matching the bedding to the headboard.

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