How To Use Edging Stones To Make Your Garden Better

Often used to edge a path or a driveway where they’re very effective at stopping the base from spreading, edging stones can also serve a decorative purpose and are quite common in gardens. You can use edging stones to delineate a flower bed, to organize a garden and to set boundaries outside in general. Below you can find a few ideas showing all the different ways in which you might choose to use edging stones in your own garden or backyard.

Use edging stones to add curb appeal to your yard and by extension to your house. You can plant flowers or herbs along the exterior walls, just to add some color and offer something pretty to look at to anyone passing by or approaching the house. The role of the edging stones is to keep the soil from spreading. Find out more about this on loveoffamilyandhome.

A cute idea is to plant colorful flowers around the base of the trees in your garden and to place rocks all around them to create a border and also to hide the leaves and stems and only let the flower show through. The rocks will also hide the planters in case you want to use this strategy. The idea comes from outdoorareas.

River rocks can also be used to create a lovely border around the flower beds and outdoor planters. This strategy was exemplified on ellaclaireinspired. The fact that the rocks follow an organic, undulating line gives the garden a really nice look.

You can use concrete pavers as edging stones to create a border around the flower beds. They create a clean look and they give the area an organized appearance. The tutorial featured on gardeenworld explains the process. The supplies needed for this project include concrete pavers, sand, a shovel, a garden trowel, a rubber mallet and a few other optional elements.

Select the type of edging stones you want to use based on how you what you need for and how you want the end result to look like. For instance, you can combine the stones like puzzle pieces to create small border walls around the flower beds or perhaps even to build taller borders. This right here is a terraced garden with edging stones that transition into a planter and a bench. Find more outstanding ideas like this one on outdoorestablishments.

Edging stones aren’t just for flower beds. Here you can see them used to delineate a green area with a gravel patio stretching around it on all four sides and more green space beyond that. The stones create a practical border around the lawn section and allow it to look clean, simple and modern.

Edging stones can also give you that retro vibe which you might be a fan of if you’re living in a more traditional type of house. This, for example, is a great look for a Mediterranean-inspired house with a big yard. It’s a house designed by architecture studio Jauregui.

Edging stones are very important when you’re creating a terraced garden with layers. They’re not the only option of course but they do give an organic and pleasant vibe which is sometimes prefered. Here for example they serve both a decorative and a practical purpose.{found on bgordonbuilders}.

Placing edging stones around a garden pathway is not always required or necessary but can offer advantages, especially if you want to have flower beds alongside the path or to have an actual raised border to prevent anyone from stepping outside the designated pathway. You can either use the same type of stone for both the pathway and the edge or you can play with different colors, textures and materials for a more diverse look.

As mentioned in the very beginning, edging stones are very often used along driveways and pathways. Their role is very important as they stop the base from spreading when pressure is applied to the edges and that’s crucial for gravel surfaces. At the same time, edging stones add a touch of style and spruce up the place.{found on lipsettphotographygroup}.

Edging stones are also very useful if you have trees on your property. You can’t have the lawn extend all the way around up to the edge of the tree trunk and that would probably not be a great idea anyway so create a little space around it, like a raised flower bed with edging stones all around. The lawn can seamlessly extend around this area.{found on heimsath}.

Vegetable or herb gardens can look nice and pretty too and edging stones can help you achieve that. Use them to delineate certain areas and to separate the garden into sections. While you’re at it, perhaps you might like to make some pathways in your garden too. There are various methods to consider here.{found on stonegate-gardens}.

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