20 Beautiful Examples Of How A Master Bedroom Should Look Like

A good night’s sleep is important for staying healthy and having a good disposition in the morning and there are many factors which can ensure that. One of the most notable ones is of course the actual environment and all related elements including the interior design and decor. In that sense, the master bedroom stands at the very core of every home so today we’re going to explore some design ideas that are inspiring in more ways than one.

A fusion of styles and influences gives this bedroom a comforting vibe. The oversized headboard is the main focal point of its decor, setting the tone for a color palette based on neutrals. A few hints of gold and yellow add a chic and modern hint to the space. This is an apartment designed by Anna Maria Sokołowska.

Bay windows form a very cozy sitting area while also allowing natural light to enter this master bedroom. It’s as if this space has its own tiny balcony but inside. This is part of a home renovated by studio Poteet Architecture.

This bedroom looks so welcoming and so comfortable and that has a lot to do with the colors used as well as the presence of the wooden ceiling beams and the shape of the roof. This is a design created by Studio Seiders.

The suites in this hotel from Thailand can sure give us lots of inspiration when it comes to contemporary interior design that’s simple but also inviting and friendly. The black accents ground the space nicely while the light nuances create a bright and airy ambiance.

There’s something very charming about old, historic buildings. Take this house for example. It was originally built in 1853 and it still retains some of its original charm. You can instantly notice that in the master bedroom which has a fireplace surrounded by time-worn bricks. The renovation was conducted by Workstead.

The little trims on the ceiling give this master bedroom an old-school, traditional vibe while everything else about it suggests a contemporary design. That’s because this is a historic building which has been redesigned. It was a wonderful project done by Luigi Rosselli Architects in collaboration with Alwill.

Isn’t this bedroom exquisite? It has a boho-chic vibe and it’s simple and pure but also fresh and exciting. It definitely suits the whole breezy holiday home concept and it looks like the perfect place to escape the everyday routine while still getting the same cozy and familiar vibe of a typical home.

We’ve often found that it’s the timeless and classic interior designs that suit bedrooms the best because they allow us to distance ourselves from the present and to forget about currents trends and issues, to relax and to feel comfortable. That’s how we could describe this master bedroom designed by Studio Gorman.

A beautiful view definitely puts everything in perspective. In the case of this apartment, the city of Taipei can be admired in all its splendor through the panorama windows and have become the focal point of the master bedroom. This was a project completed by Peny Hsieh Interiors.

An appreciation for both traditional and contemporary architecture inspired the owners of this house in Seattle to include elements from both styles in the design created by Stuart Silk Architects. This unique combination is noticeable throughout the residence including in the master bedroom which is wonderfully calming and serene.

The architects from mancastudio worked on a rather unique project which consists of four suites and a bistro cafe in Matera, Italy. The project is very special in the sense that this place is half built and half excavated, as you can see right here. 

Palacete de Santa Catarina is a historic building, a townhouse with a unique story and lots of character which is comprised of 19 rooms and suites, two restaurants, a bar, a lounge, a breakfast room with a winter garden and a swimming pool area. The updated interior design has a clean and rigorous aesthetic, as depicted in this elegant suite. The design is created by tnp arquitectura.

This master bedroom is quite unusual. It has a long and narrow layout and has only only on one side. On the other side of the room, a set of glass panels with black iron frames reveal the en-suite bathroom which brings more light into the room. It’s a bit unconventional but that’s what makes the design special. This was a project by Peny Hsieh Interiors.

Brass accents spread throughout this master bedroom and the rest of this glamorous apartment giving it an edgy look without being opulent. The accent wall is a wonderful focal point for this room and is complemented by delicate neutrals and dark wooden floors. The apartment was designed by Anderman Architects.

Hotels are not always a good source of inspiration when it comes to interior design and the suites often fail to create a sense of well-being. However that’s not the case here. Hotel Schgaguler from Italy is very welcoming and its suits stand out throughout open and designs and the wonderful use of local materials. This was a project by PPA – Peter Pichler Architecture.

Spacious, elegant, modern and glamorous – this master bedroom has it all. We love the layering of textures and the combination of styles, shapes, materials and patterns. The dark walls create a very cozy and intimate ambiance but also highlight the rest of the decor by contrast.

A fireplace can make any master bedroom look and feel super warm and cozy, even if it’s actually non-functional. At the same time, a fireplace is a strong design feature an almost always the focal point of the room. You can see it in this beautiful space designed by studio LSA Architects & Interior Design.

As with every other room, the lighting plays a very important role in how a bedroom is perceived and the ambiance inside it. Cornerstone Architects chose subtle accent lighting for this master suite and didn’t give it a ceiling fixture.

Symmetry can also help create a sense of comfort, of belonging and familiarity. This master bedroom is part of a Manhattan townhouse designed by architect Robert A.M. Stern. It has two symmetrically-placed windows with a fireplace and a chandelier placed right in between them.

The panoramic views are a big part of the design and the aesthetic of this master bedroom and the entire house by extension. We love the fact that the corner of the room is not interrupting the view and we also love the low furniture unit which acts as a perfect sitting area for admiring this magnificent scenery. This amazing project was done by studio Dan Gayfer Design.

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