Quirky Interior Design Accents That Can Reinvent A Space

If a space lacks character that’s usually something you can correct by adding a few interior design accents, something that can spice up the space and bring the existing decor to life. There are actually a lot of different ways to do that. You could hang something on a wall, add some accent lighting, a potted plant or some new furniture. Check out some of these ideas and more below.

Cutting boards on the wall

Turning cutting boards into decorations sounds like a pretty crazy and also pretty cool and interesting idea. Of course, not just any cutting board would do. If you’re a DIY enthusiast you’ll probably love to paint and decorate simple boards and turn them into beautiful hanging decorations so why not give it a try?

A low space divider

Reorganizing a space can be very healthy and very practical. Let’s say you want to create a clear distinction between two areas that are part of the same floor plan but you don’t want them to become isolated. A low divider could solve all the problems and get rid of any concerns.

A tall space divider

Tall room dividers can be unobtrusive too. This one for example has six wooden shelves that allow you to see through and which are connected by these rather stylish circular ornaments. Of course, this is only one example. numerous other designs could be just as great.


Accent lighting plays a very important role in interior design. It often dictates how a space looks and feels just by highlighting certain areas or creating a soothing and intimate atmosphere when the ceiling lights are turned off. What’s great is that you can add some backlighting even after all the furniture is in place.

Tiny open shelves

As we already said numerous times, open shelves are incredibly versatile and make great interior design accents if you know how to take advantage of them. Whether you plan them right from the start or you add them later on, they can help make a room look whole and amazing.

A hexagonal coffee table

The coffee table is a must in every living room so why not take advantage of that? By simply choosing a coffee table with an interesting and unusual shape or design you can turn it into a beautiful interior design accent for this space. Hexagonal coffee tables are particularly cool-looking.

Indoor plants

Fill a dead space with beautiful indoor plants. For example, have a big potted plant placed in a corner or next to the sofa. It adds color to the decor and it becomes a focal point plus it will also help filtrate the air which is a great little detail.

Hanging nightstands

Hanging nightstands are a really great idea if you want to spice up the decor in your bedroom. They add a stylish and quirky twist to the interior design and they’re also wonderful at making a small room seem bigger and more airy and spacious.

Leaning ladders

Running out of ideas for how to fill out gaps in your interior design. Consider ladders. They actually make great accent pieces and you can use them in all sorts of interesting ways. For example, you can use a ladder as a towel holder, as a casual shelving unit or as a support for hanging accent lights.

Geometric wall paint

Painting a wall can also do wonders. It’s a great way to reinvent a space and to add color to a simple decor. If you’re serious about turning the wall into a focal point, then you might enjoy creating a geometric design and mixing in several different colors for an eye-catching effect.

Round wall shelves

There’s something very appealing about round shelves. They’re wonderful at making a room look welcoming and comfortable and they stand out without being too eye-catching.

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