DIY Halloween Candle Projects With Spooky Designs

As you probably already know, a lot of the Halloween decorations make use of candles. It’s just the classic jack-o’-lanterns that use them but also all those spooky luminaries that you may or may not be familiar with, the creepy candle holders that are nothing without the candles and lots of other things. That’s why today we decided to take a closer look at some DIY Halloween candle projects and see what they’re all about.

Making creepy candles for Halloween is actually pretty easy and there’s a bunch of ideas you can try. For example, you can poke some nails into a pillar candle in random spots and then add some red paint to make it seem like there’s blood dripping down. So simple yet so effective…

A bird cage with a candle inside doesn’t really seem that spooky but wait till you see this one. This is actually a Halloween chandelier made of a black-painted bird cage and decorated with green twigs. For the full effect, display this in a dark area.

In case you need some Halloween candle holders in black and you don’t want to have to spray paint your existing one, you can make something custom from scratch. The list of supplies required for the project is quite unusual but it all makes sense in the end.


You can also make these plaster skull candlesticks from scratch if you want to. You need plaster, water, a bowl, a plastic spoon, a skull mold, a candlestick and some string. Optionally you can also choose to paint the skulls or the candlestick as a whole.

Another cool is to turn some simple glass candle holders into spooky cauldrons and jack-o’-lanterns. All you need is round candle holders, paint, stickers, some black string and a hot glue gun. You can actually get pretty creative with this project if you want to.

Speaking of spooky Halloween lanterns, check out how cool these ones are. There’s a bunch of ideas you can try but our favorite is the one made with clear printable labels and vellum paper. It actually looks spooky and not in a cheesy, cliche way.

Another cute idea is to turn pumpkins into candle holders. Use real pumpkins for that beautiful fall aroma. You’ll also need soy candle wax flakes, cinnamon stick candle scent (or your own favorite scent), natural candle wicks, bamboo skewers and glue. You’ll be able to make lovely pumpkin candles in no time.

Similarly, you can also make pumpkin votives which also look adorable. These ones are made out of mini pumpkins and can be spray painted in your favorite color. These blue ones for example are quite stylish and would look great on the mantel or the Thanksgiving table.

In case you have some empty mason jars lying around now would be a perfect time to put them to good use. You can turn them into spooky lanterns for your Halloween decor. If you decide to follow the tutorial provided on thebestideasforkids, you’re going to need the following: acrylic paint, black felt, a hot glue gun, fairy lights and googly eyes.

The frosted Halloween candles featured on refashionablylate are a perfect blend of stylish and spooky. This project is actually very inspiring as you can use this technique to create custom candles for all sorts of occasions, not just Halloween.

Want to torture some candles this Halloween. That’s easy to do. All you need is some nails and a lighter. Apply heat to the nails and insert them into the candles ones by one. You can also do it with a hammer if you prefer this method. This is basically the first idea we mentioned today but without the blood. Check out mottesblog for more details.

Did you know you can turn wine glasses into candle holders? All you have to do is place them upside down. For Halloween, you can dress the glasses and turn them into spooky characters. You can make them look like mummies, pumpkins, Frankenstein’s monster and all sorts of other symbols. You can find more ideas on thedecoratedcookie.

The bloody candles featured on birdsparty are super easy to make. You only need white pillar candles, a red taper candle and a lighter. The idea is to melt the red candle and let it drip over the edges of the white candles so the wax looks like blood.

The opposite is also possible. By that we mean you can use a white candle to drip some wax over a different-colored candle and make it stand out a bit. All sorts of different color combinations are possible this way. Include the dripping candles into your Halloween centerpiece. For more details you can check out countryhillcottage.

These hand-shaped candle holders sure look creepy and that’s the whole point of this project shared on bobvila. You can actually make something very similar yourself from scratch. You need reusable rubber gloves, concrete mix and a few basic tools such as a utility knife, tweezers, scissors and a safety pin.

Sometimes it’s not the candles themselves that stand out but the way in which they’re displayed. An interesting idea is to turn bottles into candle holders. You can choose to use simple wine bottles or you can look for some bottles with cool and quirky shapes. Check out elsarblog for more details

If you like the idea of making your own concrete candle holders but you don’t want them to look like creepy hands, you can make them look like tiny pumpkins instead. The project is described in detail on oleanderandpalm.

Of course, there’s also the option to decorate some existing candle holders or votives. As shown on thesweetestoccasion, a little bit of black lace is all you need. Use clear glass candle holders or vases for a clean and simple look. If you’re not doing this for Halloween, then other colors might be better-suited for your project. You can also choose to add a few more ornaments if you want to.

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