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Top 10 Best Hairpin Leg Kits For Custom Furniture Projects

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We love the look of hairpin legs on tables. They look super slender and chic and they’re ideal for all sorts of DIY projects. Just quickly attach them to a piece of wood and you can make a quirky piece of furniture that you can actually use in your home. Hairpin table legs are definitely very versatile and very convenient. They offer a perfect blend of looks and functionality.

Wondering what are some projects that you could do with hairpin legs? Well, a wood slab table would be a great start. The top is a big slice of wood from a large log or tree stump and the base is just three hairpin legs evenly spread apart. You can spray paint the legs if you want to give them that deep black finish.

Another thing you can use hairpin legs on is a contemporary desk similar to this one. As it turns out, a lot of the stylish desks that are popular these days have very simple designs and actually use hairpin legs. That means it’s now easier than ever to build one yourself from scratch.

Hairpin legs also look stylish on coffee tables. If you want to build one yourself we suggest using reclaimed wood in your project. A pallet would actually make things a lot easier. You can repurpose it into a top for the table with little modifications required. The result will be a pallet table with hairpin legs and lots of character.

Top 10 Best Hair Pin Legs Available on The Market

These are just three of the multitude of ideas you can choose from for your next DIY project. Hairpin legs are, as you see, very versatile and look great on pretty much everything including coffee tables, desks or consoles. You can surely find a design that you want to try for yourself so your next concern will probably be what kind of hairpin legs to actually buy.  While they’re all basically pretty much the same, there are still some identifying features to consider. Check out our top ten choices below.

This is a set of four hairpin legs made of high quality steel. They’re resistant to corrosion and have a smooth satin finish. The black color makes gives them a very versatile appeal and a timeless look. They’re very sturdy with a weight capacity of 350 lb which is a bit over 150 kg.

5 years warranty

ZEKOO 4 PCS Hairpin

ZEKOO 4 PCS Hairpin

These hairpin legs are 0.5” thick and have a flat support surface for a precise installation.

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Here’s another set of four hairpin legs perfect for that coffee table you’re thinking of building. You can also use them to give an old table a quick makeover. Installation is quick and easy thanks to the pre-drilled holes in the mounting plate. You can also use these hairpin legs on console tables, nightstands, benches or even desks. They’re made of 3/8” solid raw steel with a black satin finish.

Pre-drilled holes

AECOJOY 16" Black Hairpin Legs

AECOJOY 16″ Black Hairpin Legs

The set also includes four rubber feet to protect your floor from scratches and scuffs.

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The Smartstandard hairpin legs also comes with bonus floor protectors made of rubber. They protect the floor from damage plus they also add stability. You can attach them to tabletops to make stylish tables, stools, benches and much more. They add an industrial touch to the design with a hint of mid=century modern flair. The mounting bracket has pre-drilled holes for easy installation. The legs themselves are made of cold rolled sturdy steel with a satin black powder-coated finish.

mid-century modern look

SMARTSTANDARD 14" Heavy Duty Hairpin

SMARTSTANDARD 14″ Heavy Duty Hairpin

They can support up to 300 lb which is around 135 kg.

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This particular includes four hairpin legs that measure 3/8” in diameter, M6 screws (3.4”) and four floor protectors. Keep in mind that if you want to install a tabletop that’s thinner than 3/4” you should buy shorter screws. The hairpin legs have industrial strength quality and have pre-drilled holes in the mounting plate for quick and easy installation on tables, night stands and more.

satin finish

Satin Black Hairpin Coffee Table Leg

Satin Black Hairpin Coffee Table Leg

Manufactured with industrial strength quality

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The Elicit set includes four hairpin legs and 20 screws (1 1/4”) which are suitable for tabletops that are thicker than 1 3/8”. You can install the legs on both indoor and outdoor furniture pieces as they’re able to withstand the usual condition in either case. They’re made of 3/8” steel and have heavy-duty strength while also providing a sleek mid-century modern look.

industrial table legs

Elicit 16" Heavy Duty Hairpin Coffee Table Legs

Elicit 16″ Heavy Duty Hairpin Coffee Table Legs

They have a satin black powder-coated finish and can support up to 300 lb (135 kg).

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You can use the hairpin legs from Interesting Home on all sorts of different furniture pieces including chairs, accent tables and even cabinets. these particular ones have a simple mid-century modern vibe and come with extra rubber feet for added floor protection in case you need it.

Rubber Floor Protectors

12 Inch Hairpin Legs – 4 Easy to Install Metal Legs for Furniture

12 Inch Hairpin Legs – 4 Easy to Install Metal Legs for Furniture

They’re strong, durable and stable as well as resistant to rust which means you’ll be able to enjoy your unique furniture for years to come.

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This is the 16” hairpin leg set from Smartstandard. They come as a set of four with included rubber feet for added protection for your floors and added stability. Each mounting bracket have five pre-drilled holes for fast and easy assembly. The legs are made of heavy-duty solid steel with a satin black powder-coated finish. They can support up to 300 lb (135 kg) and they’re designed for versatility.

Heavy Duty Steel

SMARTSTANDARD 16" Hairpin Legs, for Coffee Table

SMARTSTANDARD 16″ Hairpin Legs, for Coffee Table

Add them to tables or benches for a subtle industrial twist and enjoy their timeless look.

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The 12” hairpin legs by Design are perfect for coffee tables, nightstands and other low furniture pieces. They’re made of cold rolled steel and can support up to 350 lb (almost 160 kg). Installation is quick and easy thanks to the flat mounting plates with pre-drilled holes.

Perfect for coffee tables

Industrial by Design 12" Metal Hairpin Legs

Industrial by Design 12″ Metal Hairpin Legs

Add them to your custom-made accent pieces for a modern-industrial look or use them to refresh an old piece of furniture.

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These 7” hairpin legs are quite special, both because of their size but most importantly because of the finish. You can use them on cabinets, armchairs and even sofas for a lightweight and sleek look and added character. These gold hairpin legs have a bit of industrial flair but not as prominent as the black versions.

gold finish

7"Inch Gold Hairpin Legs- Leg Protectors

7″Inch Gold Hairpin Legs- Leg Protectors

They’re made of cold rolled steel and they’re strong, durable and resistant to rust.

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Speaking of different finishes and colors, you should definitely check out these quicky hairpin legs. They come in a multitude of different colors such as this beautiful duck egg nuance, pastel green, copper, white, yellow, red, brass, black or with a clear coat or chrome finish. This gives you the freedom to add style and character to your furniture and to make it pop in a stylish yet subtle way.

different colors

Colorful Hairpin Table Legs

Colorful Hairpin Table Legs

These hairpin legs stay true to the original hairpins designed by Henry Glass in the 1940s.

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