Cool Black And White Decor Ideas for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, we prepared a bunch of black & white decor ideas that will surely spark your imagination. There are a lot of cool crafts you can do, some of which you might already be familiar with. Today we’re showing you the achromatic versions of those projects which look stunning by the way. Without further ado, let’s check out these funky black and white Halloween decor ideas.

This is a beautiful pumpkin gallery wall that was shared on thecraftedsparrow. It’s a beautiful mix of framed messages and 3D pumpkins. It’s all done in black and white and with nine identical frames which creates a clean and minimalist grid design.

For this next project it would really help if your fireplace mantel was already white. All the black decorations stand out beautifully against it and create a spooky vibe that’s exactly as intended. Check out eighteen25 for more inspiration with your design and try to be creative.

Of course you can simplify the mantel decor and get rid of everything but the bats. You can have a bunch of paper bats arranged all over the fireplace wall, as if a wave of them has swooped in from outside. Of course, you can display the bats on walls, furniture and pretty much everything else, not just the fireplace. You can find more details and a few other cool ideas such as this one on ellaclaireinspired.

You can still go with a black and white mantel decor even if your fireplace surround/ wall has a different color. It’s actually pretty easy to create black and white Halloween decors since you can use symbols like the bats, spiderwebs, or skeletons. Find out how this whole setup was created on cleanlivingcleaneating.

Throw a little bit of red into your black and white Halloween decor just to give it an extra spooky vibe. You could play with red paint or fake blood to customize a bit the white parts of your design. The blood dripping candles and beware banner featured on thetomkatstudio look really cool.

A black and white decor can also be the theme for your Halloween dinner party. Focus on these two colors to make the dinner table look absolutely amazing. Your guests will feel like actors in an old movie. Finding all the desired pieces in these two colors alone might be challenging but you can always customize some things yourself if needed. Check out pizzazzerie for inspiration.

A cute idea can be to decorate a few pumpkins and give them the old black and white treatment. It might be nice to also throw in a little bit of gray and to play with different types of finishes and textures to avoid creating a design that seems too flat and boring. This project from thebeautydojo is a perfect starting point.

There’s no need to go all out when decorating your home for Halloween. You can make it look spooktacular on a budget and the secret here is creativity. Take these simple trick or treat banners featured on simplyciani for example. They’re super easy and cheap to make and they look amazing.

Your Halloween decor is not complete without luminaries. Since the theme today is black and white we’d like to show you this cool project from polkadotchair. It explains how you can make witch hat luminaries. They look plain and simple during the day and they light up the porch at night.

Welcome your guests in style this Halloween by decorating the entryway. You might enjoy a black and white decor which you can create with things like paper bats, painted pumpkins, wall signs and pretty much anything else that fits the theme. Check out arhaus on instagram for more inspiring ideas.

Of course, you don’t have to remodel your whole house just to create a black and white Halloween decor. You can still go with this theme if there’s a third or fourth color into the mix. Take this table decor shared on tarynwhiteaker for example. It has these subtle wooden accents and metallic details that add a nice touch to the whole design.

Chalkboards are pretty cool decorations and they definitely fit the whole black and white Halloween theme going on right now. Check out ellaclaireinspired to learn how you can make it look amazing and what you can pair it with in order to create a spooky yet stylish Halloween decor. The spider webs really bring things together here.

We also like this Halloween mantle decor featured on polkadotchair. It has a subtle vintage vibe and we enjoy the little hints of orange added to the black and white setup. There’s a little bit of everything here. This can be a great source of inspiration for your own Halloween project in case you want to go with a simple color theme that not totally achromatic.

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