Elements that Make Ranch Style Homes Look as Well as they Work

The design of ranch style homes can be traced back to Spanish colonial architecture, featuring single-story homes that initially aimed to combat the southwestern heat. To that end, rooflines were low and wide. By the 1920s, the appeal of ranch-style homes was largely economy – they were relatively easy and cost-effective to build and customize. The 1950s brought the apex of the ranch style home, with pieces that have over time become recognizable as functionally beautiful. This article discusses several design points of ranch style homes.

Ranch style homes integrate a range of color, material, and style.

A ranch style home actually begins as rather a blank slate. Style was dictated initially by necessity and functionality, and that trend continues through today. White tongue and groove painted walls, for example, look luxurious in this beautiful ranch style master bedroom but are in fact reminiscent of those found in farmhouses or cottages built solely with available materials.{images from maraya and pkarch}.

Ranch style homes reflect mid century modern style.

In the 1950s, most of new builds were ranches, and these two things (ranch style homes and mid-century modern style) are similar in their simplicity, aesthetic appeal, and purposeful or functional design.{found on cornerstonearchitectsllp}.

Ranch style homes use functional yet artistic pieces.

Furnishings on a true ranch had to serve a purpose and be functional in everyday life, and that expectation is present today in a ranch style homes. Lots of natural materials (such as leather, wood, linen, and teak) mix with man-made details (such as fiberglass, wrought iron, and chrome) in today’s ranch designs.

Ranch style homes embrace single-story living. Departing from multi-level house styles such as Cape Cod, Victorian, and Tudor, ranch style homes thrive upon simplicity and complete functionality. Common sense and a straightforward approach allow a single main floor to meet all the needs of the home’s inhabitants.

Ranch style homes can be customized and modernized.

The traditionally U-shaped ranch home can be updated and customized to get the best of both worlds – functional spacing on a single level with modern amenities that still stay true to the design of the period. Subway tile backsplash, uncovered windows, and a large rug over hardwood are classic elements of these homes then…and now.{found on domino}.

Ranch style homes trend toward an open concept floor plan.

Building upon the concept of single-story living, ranch style homes often utilize an open concept floor plan that combines the living area, dining room, and kitchen. This layout inherently builds upon the foundation of togetherness and interaction within the space.{founbd on tetonheritagebuilders}.

Ranch style homes blend the outdoors with indoors.

This is done in a variety of ways. Some ranch style homes are L- or U-shaped with a courtyard in the middle. Others incorporate large or many windows to visually bring the outdoors in. Still others utilize natural materials in the architecture itself, such as wood beams or rock, to merge exterior with interior.{found on architecturaldesigns}.

Ranch style homes accessorize simply and tastefully.

With their history steeped in functionality, ranch style homes thrive on the simplicity of tasteful accents. Beautiful lines on an iron bed frame, for example, are the subtle standout accessory in this bedroom and are shown off by bedding that is monochromatic and simple itself.{found on cornerstonearchitectsllp}.

Ranch style homes incorporate purposeful architecture.

The low-slung style of ranch homes beginning in the 1920s brought with it an appreciation for architecture that made functional sense (while still looking nice) and being structurally sound. Exposed ceiling beams, for example, serve the dual purpose of visual interest and architectural necessity.

Ranch style homes may incorporate split levels.

Although traditional ranch style homes were single-story, this wasn’t a hard and fast requirement. In fact, some ranch style homes incorporated split-level aspects within a technically single story, such as this attractive split-level living room. The result is an architectural detail that beautifully balances form and function.

Ranch style homes have an open and casual layout.

These homes aren’t designed to be pristine and formal; they’re designed to accommodate real life. Chunky wood details, utilitarian furnishings such as iron bar stool frames, and even floating shelves with exposed accessories all lend themselves to create an environment that works as well as it looks.

So, while the building of ranch style homes seems to have peaked in the middle of last century, the appeal of simplicity, functionality, and beauty in a home persists, which are all integral to creating a true ranch style home.

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