The DreamCloud Sleep Mattress: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Buying a new mattress can be a harrowing task, especially if you aren’t sure what it is that you’re looking for. With so many great models of mattress out there, it may be hard to determine what kind of mattress is best for the type of sleeper you are. Between high-density memory foam options and versatile, two-sided mattresses, the many options can become overwhelming.

One of the best mattresses in today’s markets you’ll find in this DreamCloud Sleep mattress review. Touting fifteen inches of dreamy foam, extra supportive coils and a luxe quilted cover to top it all off, DreamCloud promises to be one of the best choices you could make for yourself when it comes time to choose a brand-new mattress.

About DreamCloud

DreamCloud believes that you should never have to comprise on your sleep. With that in mind, DreamCloud has customized every mattress with sleepers in mind. Promoting a deep sleep is the main goal of the company, and with all that plush foam, that concept is not too hard to imagine. The hybrid DreamCloud mattress is crafted with premium materials and is designed to last for a lifetime, it even comes with a lifetime warranty to sweeten that promise.

DreamCloud prides itself on providing elevated comfort through mattresses that offer perfect balance, contouring support, plush sleeping and plenty of bounce in each mattress. The materials DreamCloud sources are acquired from across the world in order to provide each customer with a truly luxurious and unique experience. Materials included are premium latex, pocketed coils and a cashmere blend for a distinct euro top cover that has been hand-stitched by actual artisans.

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Dreamcloud Mattress

Dreamcloud Mattress

DreamCloud mattress is good for all sleep positions: back, stomach and side.

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Shipping, Unboxing, and Off-Gassing

DreamCloud mattresses only ship to the United States, as of right now. This includes shipping to Hawaii and Alaska with additional fees. DreamCloud does provide a white-glove service, which is a team that will go in and helps you set up your new mattress and remove your old mattress, at an extra charge. Since DreamCloud mattresses are expensive due to the use of premium materials, these mattresses do run a bit on the heavier side, so keep that in mind if you are preparing to set up your new mattress on your own.

The unboxing of the DreamCloud mattress is pretty standard. If being shipped solo, the packaging consists of plastic protective sleeves and a sturdy cardboard box. If you are utilizing the white glove service, the mattress will come in a protective sleeve, ready to be set up by DreamCloud team members. Off-gassing may be an issue for a short period of time, as most fibrous materials do absorb foreign smells. A few hours being able to breathe should help the off-gassing process tremendously.

Initial Impressions

One of the first things you’ll notice about the DreamCloud mattress is how luxurious the cover is. It gives off that feeling of actually sleeping on a cloud with so much quilted material. It’s smooth and plush and definitely does the trick as far as creating the illusion of sleeping on a big, fluffy cloud. You’ll want to fall asleep on it immediately after unboxing. The cover brings softness and breathability into the mattress that surpasses your custom mattress topper cover.

With so much gel memory foam underneath the cover, it’d be hard not to feel as if your body was perfectly contoured with so much cradling and support. The gel helps cool the body down while sleeping, so there’s no need to worry about all that memory foam becoming too hot in the middle of the night.

Since there are super supportive coils built into the mattress, there’s even a level of bounce that is surprising, since the mattress is mostly comprised of high-density memory foam. The edge support was also surprising as it’s extremely durable and springs you out of bed with ease. The firmness of the mattress is topped with extremely soft, yet durable support, so you get the best of both worlds when it comes to the DreamCloud mattress.


The trademarked True Tufted cashmere polyester blend cover is the perfect starting layer to cover this entire mattress. It’s super soft, super durable and super breathable to promote airflow and keep that body heat out of the mattress.

The second layer of the DreamCloud mattress features gel-infused memory foam. We know what you’re thinking. Memory foam equals a super hot mattress. But this isn’t the case with DreamCloud. Because these memory foam layers are infused with cooling gel, it keeps any body heat from seeping into the mattress layers and provides a cool, comfortable sleep the whole night through.

The third layer is super soft quilted memory foam that is unique to the DreamCloud brand. This is the layer that provides a lot of that plush softness that touts the name DreamCloud, as it makes you feel as if you are actually sleeping on a big, fluffy cloud. Supreme natural latex falls under the quilted memory foam layer to provide bounce for extra give and contouring properties. This is a hypoallergenic super premium latex that is added for that luxurious cushioning support.

Underneath the cushioning layer lies a Dream Plush support layer of memory foam. This layer of memory foam provides a high-density foam for deep contouring support. This is the more medical-grade layer of memory foam as it cradles the body and removes and pressure from the joints and back. Underneath the supportive layer is, you guessed it, more memory foam. This layer of memory foam is super soft and dense and was constructed to provide a strong support system in the mattress for extra cradling properties. This is perfect for any kind of sleeper: back, stomach, side, as it contours from every angle.

Under the super dense memory foam is the “Best Rest” coils system that has five zones of foam encased coils that are pocketed. This compression system keeps the body in line and offers support from your head to down to your toes. Finally, the eight and final layer is comprised of that high density super soft memory foam base that is the foundation for the entire mattress. This layer sets the stage for all these wonderfully soft layers to work together to continue to give you the unsurpassed support that DreamCloud is known for.

Features and Benefits

With so many amazing layers of memory foam, it’s easy to see how beneficial this mattress is to anyone who suffers from joint or back pain. Even if you are one of the lucky ones and don’t deal with too much back pain, this mattress can help keep your entire body in line and make your body feel cool and cradled all throughout the night. This is especially beneficial if you’re a hot sleeper or if you suffer from any kind of body pain, as the layers of memory foam will easily dispel any pain in the body in no time.

The coils system is also really versatile as this is a micro pocketed system that is built within the mattress. Since the coils are smaller and individually encased, this means more cushioning support for your body and it’s built to last a very long time. These highly durable coils are wrapped individually to promote their working ability as a unit.

Aside from mattresses, DreamCloud sells bedding such as sheets, sheet sets, pillows, mattress protectors, weighted blankets, and even bedroom items such as bed bases, adjustable frames, metal frames, and headboards. If you need to revamp your entire bedroom space, DreamCloud is the perfect place to get all the items you need to go with your brand-new mattress.

$200 off

Dreamcloud Mattress

Dreamcloud Mattress

DreamCloud mattress is good for all sleep positions: back, stomach and side.

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Loft and Sizes

DreamCloud mattresses come in all the standard sizes from twin to California King. Crafted with all premium materials, the mattress sits at a luxurious comfort level of about a six on a scale of firmness from one to ten. The luxury firm mattress offers plenty of support to the body as there is a strong internal construction. The cradling softness outside the mattress is promoted by layers of plush memory foam that gently cradle the body.

All mattress lofts are about the same, but extra softness can be added if you choose to add a mattress cover or extra pillowtop mattress cover that will provide more pockets of comfort.

Heat Transfer

The heat transfer within the DreamCloud mattress is unsurpassed. With so much memory foam built within the mattress, it isn’t unusual to feel as if the mattress would trap too much heat. It’s quite the opposite, however. With DreamCloud, there is cooling gel manufactured within all those layers of memory foam, so the heat is actively being transferred out of the mattress as you sleep. This is especially great for hot sleepers, as they’ll feel cool even in the hottest of summer nights.


The micro pocketed coil system found throughout the mattress and the high-density foam base layer make this mattress highly durable. The extra latex layer located in the center of the mattress was constructed to bring in more bounce to the mattress with greater edge support. This is really great for anyone who’s tried to get out of memory foam only mattress, you’d know from experience that there simply isn’t enough edge support.

With DreamCloud, there’s plenty of durable construction properties that make this mattress tough and durable; perfect for sleepers of any weight and size.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

The DreamCloud mattress comes complete with a lifetime warranty. Getting a lifetime warranty on your mattress doesn’t happen all the time, so this just goes to show the level of care that DreamCloud is willing to go for its customers. DreamCloud boasts that their mattress will work to best of its ability all throughout its life, but if it doesn’t and there is something wrong with it, simply send it back for a replacement. The mattress, of course, must be used as a normal mattress should be used in order to keep that warranty intact.

Maintaining your mattress is super simple as you can throw the mattress cover in the wash and spot clean the other parts of the mattress that may get dirty. It’s always best to get a mattress cover to help prevent any staining or other accidents. For more specific warranty details, please refer to the website or customer service.


DreamCloud mattresses range in price suited to their size. Since these sizes range from twin to California king, the costs will range from about $700 to about $1,200. Considering all the premium materials DreamCloud uses, the costs are really quite the steal for such a high-grade mattress.

Size Dimensions Weight Price
Twin 39” x 75” x 15” 50 lbs $699
Twin XL 39” x 80” x 15” 74 lbs $699
Full 54” x 75” x 15” 74 lbs $899
Queen 60” x 80” x 15” 90 lbs $999
King 76” x 80” x 15” 100 lbs $1199
Cal King 72” x 84” x 15” 135 lbs $1199

Other items such as sheets and bed frames are pretty standardly priced, as sheets will run you at about $130 and bed bases will start at about $300. What’s great, though, is that DreamCloud offers financing, so you’d simply need to apply and get set up with financing. The process is explained in fuller detail on their website.

$200 off

Dreamcloud Mattress

Dreamcloud Mattress

DreamCloud mattress is good for all sleep positions: back, stomach and side.

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Reviews and Feedback

The reviews of the DreamCloud mattress have been overwhelmingly positive. Most customers who have left reviews state that their DreamCloud mattress has provided the “best sleep of their life” and promoted neck and back support. The DreamCloud website provides all reviews with an easy to understand star rating, so you can see how highly each product is rated before you buy it.

Who Should Use the DreamCloud Mattress?

DreamCloud mattresses are ideal for anyone who loves to sleep on memory foam, without the heat that memory foam causes. It’s a great mattress for someone who needs extra cradling contour but also needs some really great edge support. Back, side and stomach sleepers could all benefit from DreamCloud since the mattress supports all different kinds of sleep positions. The internal foam layers and coils work to keep pressure off the joints, no matter in what position they’re in.

Our Final Verdict

Overall, DreamCloud mattresses are, well, a dream come true. It’s not every day that you can find a highly durable mattress that provides so much high-density memory foam. Not only does this mattress provide that cradling, sleeping on a cloud effect, but it also cools out any trapped body heat from inside the mattress. With so much memory foam, you’d expect this mattress to naturally run hot, but the gel woven into the memory foam layers really does help do the trick.

While this mattress may be a bit too soft for some, especially those used to sleep on extra firm mattresses, this is a great mattress for anyone who loves that medium-firm feel. You just can’t go wrong with so much support and anyone suffering from any kind of joint or back pain will feel the healing effects of this mattress immediately. It may be a bit of a pricey investment, but the prices aren’t so bad considering how much this mattress brings to the table.

$200 off

Dreamcloud Mattress

Dreamcloud Mattress

DreamCloud mattress is good for all sleep positions: back, stomach and side.

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Is a mattress cover needed?

DreamCloud mattresses come with durable, tufted covers, but an extra mattress protector can be purchased to help reduce staining or accidents. Extra mattress covers can be purchased on the DreamCloud website.

How does the returns process work?

There is a 365 Night Trial Period with every DreamCloud mattress, so if you aren’t fully satisfied, you can return your mattress for a refund within that time period with no questions asked. Otherwise, there is a lifetime warranty behind every mattress.

Where can these mattresses be shipped?

Anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii for some extra shipping fees.

Is the loft adjustable?

The DreamCloud mattress loft is not adjustable, but luxe sheets and extra pillowed cover tops can be purchased on the website that can help with the loft factor.

What type of sleeper is this mattress best suited for?

DreamCloud mattress is good for all sleep positions: back, stomach and side. These mattresses are especially beneficial for anyone who prefers a cradled sleep or anyone who has joint pain.

DreamCloud Mattress

    Heat Retention




    Loft (inches)


    Edge Support




    Value (Price)


    365 Night Trial Period




    Lifetime warranty



Best for what sleep position?

DreamCloud mattress is good for all sleep positions: back, stomach and side.

Pillows: Pillows are available in multiple sizes.

Filling Material: Tufted super soft cover, layers of memory foam with cooling gel, layers of latex, strong foam base support, pocketed coil system within the mattress


Cover: Included, super soft and tufted for durability

Fill Cooling gel memory foam layers, mixed latex layers for durability, high-density foam base layer for strong construction platform.

Cover Material: Tufted and cooling cover


  • Gel is woven into memory foam for cooling effect
  • Comes with a super soft mattress cover
  • Strong base support
  • Ships to the United States, Alaska, Hawaii


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  • Still may run a bit too hot for some sleepers
  • Maybe a bit too soft due to memory foam layers {
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“author”: {
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“reviewBody”: “<strong>DreamCloud mattress is good for all sleep positions: back, stomach and side.</strong>rnrn<strong>Pillows:</strong> Pillows are available in multiple sizes.rnrn<strong>Filling Material</strong>: Tufted super soft cover, layers of memory foam with cooling gel, layers of latex, strong foam base support, pocketed coil system within the mattressrnrn<strong>Materials</strong>:rnrnCover: Included, super soft and tufted for durabilityrnrnFill Cooling gel memory foam layers, mixed latex layers for durability, high-density foam base layer for strong construction platform.rnrn<strong>Cover Material:</strong> Tufted and cooling coverrnrnPros:rn<ul>rn t<li>Gel is woven into memory foam for cooling effect</li>rn t<li>Comes with a super soft mattress cover</li>rn t<li>Strong base support</li>rn t<li>Ships to the United States, Alaska, Hawaii</li>rn</ul>rnCons:rn<ul>rn t<li>Maybe too pricey for some budgets</li>rn t<li>Still may run a bit too hot for some sleepers</li>rn t<li>Maybe a bit too soft due to memory foam layers</li>rn</ul>”

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