Fun And Spooky Halloween Office Decor Ideas

Halloween is most fun when you share the excitement with others so even if you have to work that day you can still make the most of this holiday by decorating your office, cubicle, desk and whatever else you want. We’re actually very excited about doing this ourselves so we did some research and compiled a list of some awesome decoration ideas. Check them out below.

Prep your desk and cubicle for Halloween and create a spooky but not too complicated decor where the monitor is a house frame ready to receive a roof. Add a table lamp for a spooky glow and some extra house silhouette ornaments. You can make them out of black felt. Line the cubicle walls with orange paper or fabric for a cool contrast. You can find more awesome ideas like this one on Pinterest.

Turn your cubicle into a tiny house of horrors. Put a roof over it (you can use some black fabric for this and maybe you can hang it with rope or cord from the ceiling. You can line the walls with some faux spider web and add some spooky red string lights. Check out Pinterest for more inspiration.

There’s no need to completely transform your cubicle to make it Halloween-ready. After all, you still need to be productive so keep your main workspace clean and hang some decorations in the background. You could use faux spider web and string lights to create a spooky vibe. You could put some candy on your desk too so others can have a reason to come by. The inspiration here comes from a post we found on Facebook.

Another cool idea can be to make your cubicle look like a crime scene. This would take a bit of prepping and you don’t really have to replicate this particular idea from Pinterest as there are many other suggestive methods you could use. Focus on blood but don’t make a mess because you’ll have to clean it up once Halloween is over.

Think of Halloween as the bring-a-skeleton-to-work-day. This can be your co-worker for a day and you can invite it in your cubicle. It will have to sit on the desk but that’s ok because comfort isn’t really a priority. This is yet another inspiring idea which you can find on Pinterest along with many others.

Even small and cute skeletons are a bit spooky but the inflatable ones tend to be a bit less intimidating. This one is quite adorable, so adorable than it completely distracted us from everything else going on here. This cubicle looks like an old and dusty library and you too can create that impression with the right fabric or with printed paper. Check out google+ for more inspiring pictures.

Vampires eventually die too and their skulls are rare and precious so if you can get your hands on one you should definitely put it on display. Maybe you could bring it to work and put it on your desk along with a few other Halloween-themed items like witch cauldron lanterns and such.

If you’re not really the type who likes to hang lots of tiny decorations and to go all out on Halloween, there might still be a way to customize your workspace in a cool way. You could tie your chair with heavy chains, suggesting that you’re a prisoner at the workplace. Hopefully your boss won’t be offended.

On the other hand, if you’re the type who takes Halloween cubicle decor very seriously, you could actually go all out. You can find some inspiration on reddit. That’s where we found this awesome setup. It actually looks spooky and you tell that it was a serious project.

Your cubicle decor doesn’t have to follow a particular theme and you can mix and match various types of ornaments just to create a spooky Halloween vibe. You won’t really break any rules if you put witches and vampires in the same room. Once again, Pinterest can offer you a lot of great ideas for this sort of project.

Halloween is not just about spooky costumes and decorations but about sweet, delicious treats too so it would be nice to set up a table in the office with candy and other things for everyone to enjoy. You can find some awesome decor ideas for this particular task on Pinterest. Maybe you could hang a sign and some themed balloons too.

Another nice suggestion from Pinterest is to make the office decor part spooky and part fun. A few well-placed decorations can make all the difference. Faux spider web is a classic but you can be creative and add a few other things to the mix as well. We really like this “proceed with candy” sign. It has a cheerful vibe but it’s also Halloween-ish which is a nice combo.

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