50 Brilliant Ways to Add Color and Brightness to Your Bedroom

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It is that time of the year when we are redoing every room of our home in an effort to get it ready for the festive season and the celebrations that lay ahead. It is often the living room and kitchen that we tend to deck out first before we take a look at the bedrooms. With a change of seasons, the neutral bedroom that looks pleasing in summer might feel a touch too dull in the colder months that await ahead. With darker nights and shorter days, the bedroom also demands a touch of color to enliven it; even if it does not really mean bringing in Christmas-themed additions. It is for those who are looking to usher in color and brightness into the bedroom, that we have these 50 awesome inspirations that will last well beyond the New Year.

Adding color to bedroom can be done in different ways and today we explore the best possible ideas along with a few eccentric and quirky ones as well! From accents walls to décor and bedding, wall art and beyond, this is a collection of 50 fabulous bedrooms that embrace color in their own unique way. Step in and get inspired!

Illuminated Nights!!

Popular through the early 1900s and reaching their peak in terms of commercial use in the 50s and the 60s, neon lighting undoubtedly is a fun way to brighten the bedroom. Neon lighting fixtures and signs are once again in trend thanks to a revival of retro and vintage decorating ideas in the last few years. These dazzling focal points look even more at home in shabby chic, eclectic and industrial modern bedrooms and you can spell out pretty much anything from your life philosophy to a message for your beloved. If you love retro decorating elements, then this is not an idea you would want to miss out on.

Wall Art that Captivates

Not a fan of bright neon lighting in all its colorful bliss? Then try out something much more contemporary like abstract and minimal wall art pieces that make an instant difference in the modern bedroom. Often taking a prime place above the headboard or on the accent wall in the bedroom, curated wall art additions usher in vivacious charm and a sense of sophistication to pretty much any bedroom they adorn. Whether you love going down the classic route or prefer a more modern approach, pick wall art pieces that showcase your own personality and interest while blending in with the style of the bedroom.

Timeless and Trendy

Not a fan of the arts either? Then we suggest you take the most preferred path that homeowners have been using for decades now to bring color into pretty much any room of their house – the accent wall! This one is much simpler, more straightforward and if you are not someone inclined to change his bedroom all too often in terms of style and design, this will last the test of time as well. One versatile color for this task is dark blue with a tinge of gray peeking in. Shades of blue are perennially popular and those thinking of going beyond just one wall in color might want to consider the pleasant presence of pastel hues!

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Decorate with Tropical Flair

Yes, we are taking about color here and we do understand that it is winter that is here, but one style that automatically adds exuberance and energy to the bedroom without seeming unnatural is tropical! With bright, green leafy patterns, a possibility of adding colorful flower motifs and a whole lot more, tropical bedrooms feel like little pockets of energizing havens that are here all year long. So explore this style in months beyond just summer and add in your own twist for a bedroom that is truly exceptional.

Décor, Drapes n’ More

Those with color commitment issues will always complain about the idea of adding bright color to the bedroom on a permanent basis. And as always we suggest that you turn to décor, drapes and bedding if you have similar issues. One idea that we absolutely love though is that of a brightly colored ceiling in a bedroom with neutral-colored walls. The ceiling is such an underutilized space that by painting it bright and bold, you fill a previously dark room with ample light and do so without altering anything in terms of décor and walls!

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