Amazing Use of Yellow for Office Interior: Meeting Space in Madrid

If there is one color that adds cheerful charm to the modern interior, then it is yellow at its sunny best. Of course, using yellow in a judicious manner is much harder than it sounds. But this innovative office space designed for a renowned Madrid-based Publishing Company showcases how yellow can be the ‘hero’ of your interior with its awesome use of the color. Set in a busy neighborhood of Madrid, the 200 square meter office was revamped extensively as the same space was used as a restaurant previously. FRPO Rodriguez & Oriol made extensive use of the seven balconies that connect the interior with the street and you have a setting that feels both contemporary and dashing.

Amazing use of white and bright yellow for a stunning Madrid Office

The office is nestled inside a 100-year old heritage building of Madrid and on a mezzanine level that sits above the street. This not only gives those inside a sense of calm, but also combines traditional design with contemporary ease in a seamless fashion. White is the color of choice for half the interior while bookshelves and other half of the office are engulfed in yellow. There is a balance between the understated and ‘over-the-top’ here with both finding equal room.

Meeting Space in Madrid combines bright color with ample natural light
Shelf space inside the office combines color with creativity
Gorgeous use of yellow inside the office steals the spotlight
Finding the right balance between neutral backdrop and bright color for your home
Multiple desk and shelf combinations create a dynamic book display

The focus of the design was to bring frugality, a sense of exclusivity and plenty of flexibility to the design with moving away from the roots of the neighborhood. This is a office that is bound to shine brightly even on a dreary winter day! [Photography: Imagen Subliminal]

White and bright light are combined with dashing yellow inside the office
View of the Meeting Space from the street showcases its yellow tinge
Seven balconies on the lower mezzanine level welcome you at this office
Series of seven balconies and windows connect the interior with the world outside
A look at the Meeting Space as viewed from the street

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