Cool 4th of July Wreath Ideas That Would Look Perfect On Your Front Door

Once again the 4th of July is upon which means it’s time to get busy making all the patriotic decorations that you want to display. Wreaths are usually a popular choice and there are plenty of cool and interesting designs to choose from so check out below some of our favorite 4th of July wreath ideas for this year and let us know if you like them as much as we do.

This festive wreath is made with Skittles America Mix and looks fun while also being very quirky. The skittles are attached to a form wreath using hot glue so forget about eating them the next day. In addition to all this you’re also going to need some gold faux leather trim or ribbon and some faux flowers and succulents to hang and decorate the wreath with. You can find additional details about this project on akailochiclife.

Patriotic wreaths come in all shapes and sizes and can be made of all sorts of different materials. This one was featured on inspirationsbyd and involves the following supplies: a metal wreath ring, burlap ribbons, pipe cleaners, glow in the dark stars and a hot glue gun. Make sure you get ribbons in red, blue and white or the natural burlap color.


Burlap wreaths are very charming and for that reason they’re very popular and very versatile. It’s no surprise that there are so many interesting 4th of July wreath ideas involving burlap, including the one featured on pleasenotepaper. As usual, if you want to make something similar you’re going to need a metal wreath frame. The burlap can be plain and you can use red, white and blue flowers or other ornaments to give the wreath a themed look.



Less conventional materials such as clothespins can be used to make interesting-looking wreaths and it just so happens that there’s a really great tutorial on homecrafsbyali which shows you exactly how it’s done. For this project you need the following things: a wire wreath frame, wood cutout starts, acrylic paint (red, white and blue), a glue gun and clothespins (enough to cover the whole frame.


If you want a 4th of July wreath that really pops, perhaps the idea from designimprovised can inspire you. Although it’s made around a circular foam wreath form, it looks irregular and that gives it lots of character. The design revolves around a series of paper pinwheels of different sizes and with different patterns, together forming a nice mix of red, white and blue.

A straw wreath can also work and you can make some really cool things with it. For example, this is a 4th of July wreath featured on craftsaholicsanonymous which was decorated with red and white striped twill ribbon and blue stars burlap ribbon. There’s also a chalkboard pennant banner and that completes the design in a cool way.

Pom-pom wreaths can also be really fun to make and you can play with all sorts of patterns and color combinations. If you’re looking to make this a patriotic 4th of July design then check out the wreath featured on flamingotoes. It’s made with red and white pom poms and little blue stars.

Since a 4th of July wreath uses predetermined colors that already gives you a good starting point for the design. You can play with these three colors in lots of interesting ways and achieve the combination in various different ways. A nice example is this ruffled wreath from busycreatingmemories. It’s made using a foam wreath, ribbon, felt sheets, cardstock stars, silver wire and glitter paint.

We also find this rope wreath very cool. It’s basically just a foam wreath wrapped in rope (red and white), with three blue stars attached on one side. You can make the stars yourself out of cardboard or use wooden stars. Either way, this is a fairly simple project. You can find out all about it on justcraftyenough.

Here’s another cool-looking 4th of July wreath, this time coming from thescrapshoppeblog. It has lots of ruffles and buttons instead of stars. If you want to craft something similar you’re going to need plenty of burlap and some denim. Don’t forget the buttons, yarn, glue and paint to color the burlap pieces.

Instead of putting little stars on your 4th of July wreath, what if your entire wreath was shaped like a star? That’s exactly what this project featured on consumercrafts teaches you. Before you get started, made sure you have a grapevine wreath, a US flag star ornament for the center, spray paint, a hot glue gun and wire cutters.

You don’t need to spend much in order to make a beautiful wreath and if you like working with paper you’re really going to enjoy this project. It’s something that we found on bloominghomestead. This wreath is made using red, white and blue cardstock, a piece of cardboard, twine, white scrapbook paper, a paper mache star, silver spray paint, a paper towel tube and a glue gun.

What if your 4th of July wreath didn’t really look anything like a typical wreath? That could look really cool. Perhaps you’d like your wreath to be a little woven basket filled with little flags. You could hang it on your front door and everyone could grab a flag as they come in. This wonderful idea comes from dreyne.

Speaking of unusual designs, check out this cool bandana wreath from isavea22. Obviously you’re going to need a lot of bandanas if you’re going to make a 4th of July wreath just like this one, 6 red ones, 6 blue ones and 6 white ones to be more exact. You’ll also need a metal mesh wreath, stars and a hook for hanging.

This beautiful wreath featured on tellloveandparty doesn’t necessarily have a 4th of July-inspired design but it can definitely look festive if used in this regard. You can also use it as a decoration all year round or with other occasions. The supplies needed to make such a wreath include a 12” embroidery hoop, fabric in nine color shades and scissors. You can obviously customize the design by choosing whatever colors you prefer.

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