DIY Firewood Rack Ideas With Ingenious Designs

Firewood racks are very rarely the subject of discussion these days but that doesn’t mean they’re not still needed. In fact, it’s very important to have a proper and practical way of storing all the firewood if you have a wood-burning fireplace, a stove or a fire pit out in the yard. There are many different ways to go around this. See some of our favorite ideas below.

This is a really nice and simple idea for a firewood storage rack. You can make something similar out of pallet wood to save some money or if you like the reclaimed wood look. Put casters on the base so you can easily move the rack around without much effort. You can find more details about this project on thewoodgraincottage.

Similarly, this firewood rack has a very simple and basic design and is easy to build. Plan the dimensions based on how big the logs are. You can use some simple 2 x 4 wood boards and a few rigid connectors to build the frame. This one is raised off the ground a bit which helps keep the wood dry and more easily accessible. Check out ana-white for more details.

For this DIY firewood rack featured on instructables you don’t even need any tools. Just take some concrete blocks and place them on a stable surface with the holes up, then put timbers across so they go through the blocks on each side. Add some boards in the holes and you’ll get a very simple and surprisingly sturdy firewood rack.

If you like the industrial look, consider building a firewood rack out of pipes and fittings. This one featured on instructables is pretty special. It’s made using 2 leg bases from a trampoline plus 8 straight leg sections in addition to some pipes and timber. It shows that you can find ways to repurpose pretty much anything.

Here’s another metal rack idea, this time made only with pipes, joints and foot caps. Putting together this firewood rack is a lot like doing a puzzle. as you can see, it’s fairly small and that means it would fit pretty much anywhere. Check out imgur and find out all the details of this project along with some useful tips.

Another cool idea is to make a firewood rack out of concrete. In order to successfully build something like this you need a mold to pour the concrete mix into. We love the concrete and wood combination featured on diypete and also the compact form of the rack. It could double as a side table if you choose to put it near the fireplace.

This firewood storage rack was made using three cinder blocks, six 2×4 boards and three cedar fence pickets. The frame is held together with screws and nails. It’s a low-cost project which focuses mostly on functionality but even so it doesn’t look half bad. You can find more details about it on bbq-brethren.

What if you’d build a firewood rack using firewood? That would be pretty cool. Obviously, the wood needs to be cut and sanded but that should be quite fun to do. We really like this design from instructables because it has two curved edges that give it a very elegant look.

The firewood storage area for this fire pit is right under the bench. It’s a wonderful idea and a great way to save space and be practical at the same time. Also, the firewood looks kind of nice in there. It adds some texture and pattern to this whole setup. Find out more about this whole project on instructables.

If you plan on storing a lot of firewood, maybe enough to last you the whole winter, then a small rack will definitely not be enough. Instead you could build a larger structure out of wood and maybe give it a roof so the wood stays dry. It would be a fairly complex project so be sure to check out littlehouseonthecorner to find out all the details.

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This concrete firewood rack looks wonderful. It’s a very simple project and the design is not exactly complex but it has a pure and natural simplicity which really makes it stand out. Consider something like this for your outdoor fireplace or the fire pit if you have one. The idea comes from welke.

Since you can basically give your firewood rack any shape you want, consider something a bit more quirky. Let’s say you build a small but tall rack and you give it a little roof, like a miniature house. That would look lovely. We got this idea after checking out a project on domestically-speaking.

If you don’t want your firewood rack to take up space on the floor maybe you could find a way to have it wall-mounted. Also, you could opt for a compact design which doesn’t stick out too much, allowing the actual fireplace to be the center of attention. You might find this project from thisminimalhouse to be just right.

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