Smart Under-Stair Storage Ideas For The Modern Home

Staircases are a must in structures with multiple levels but at the same time they take up lots of space which could be used in lots of practical ways if not for the staircase’s absolute necessity. Still, that doesn’t mean hope is lost. In fact, if you’re looking to maximize your storage space you could have secret modules build into the staircase and you can even include other cool features in the design. Under-stairs storage is not just practical but also super cool and ingenious. We can’t wait to share all these awesome ideas with you.

When they redesigned the interior of this small but tall house, studio Minimal Design decided to take advantage of the staircase. What they manage to do is include built-in storage in the area underneath the stairs and even to create a small powder room cleverly hidden behind a door at the highest point of the stairs.

A similar strategy was used by interior designer Lisa Robazza when renovating this home located in Toronto. The staircase here is directly adjacent to the kitchen and underneath it there’s a series of storage compartments for food as well as for other items. There’s even a small coffee station in there. It’s a clever and ingenious way of extending the kitchen storage without making it obvious.

The area underneath the stairs can be used in lots of other cool ways, not just for storage. For example, studio CplusC Architectural Workshop created here a small play space for the kids, with nice ambient lighting and a modern and stylish design. It’s a lovely idea for a family home and a nice way to squeeze in a playroom when there’s no space for a full-size one.

One of the nicest parts about under-stair storage spaces is that you can make the shelves or drawer or whatever you decide to put there seamlessly blend in and thus remain hidden when you’re not using them. It’s a nice way to maintain a simple and uniform decor without too much clutter and furniture yet to still be able to have all the storage that you need. Check out this shoe storage drawer designed by Fraher Architects.

Storage comes in many different forms and can be designed to suit a variety of purposes. This staircases has something very special underneath it: a custom wine cellar. There’s a series of vertical, horizontal and diagonal shelves, all designed to serve as wine racks and the area is framed by glass windows and a matching door.

A big staircase can either be a waste of space or a blessing in disguise. It can even be possible to create a small office in the space under the stairs, tucked away and private, a place to get some work done at home without disturbing anyone. You can give it a sliding door to save space and you can add floating shelves for storage. Check out this design done by Hugh Jefferson Randolph for inspiration.

Each staircase and all the features that come with it have to be considered in the context of their homes. Here, for example, the staircase goes past a window and it would have covered up half of it blocking the light and the view if not for the cut-out that studio Anderson Architecture decided to include in their design.

If the layout is designed in such a way to allow you to play with the space underneath the stairs, you could expand your small kitchen to give it more storage and to make it more spacious and functional in general. This can be done without damaging the structural integrity of the staircase.

There are no secret storage compartments under these stairs but the staircase landing however tells a different story. There are 3 drawers cleverly integrated in this section which provide storage for shoes and all sorts of other things. A really cool idea for an entryway and a great way to maintain a simple and airy look. The design was done by studio Post Architecture.

Instead of floating stairs, Studio Bazi chose a different approach for this stylish flat in Moscow. The staircase is big but there’s good reason for that as there’s a ton of storage built into it. Several modules slide out revealing clothing racks, drawers and shelves which maximize the storage capacity of this small apartment.

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