12 Extraordinary Houses With Glass Front Doors

Glass front doors are controversial with many people being concerned about privacy and security and yet we see them everywhere. They’re very popular on contemporary houses and that mostly has to do with the looks. Glass front doors definitely have a lot of style and add curb appeal to houses. They look very clean and simple which is perfect for a lot of modern and contemporary homes. Glass doors also let in natural light so that’s an important advantage to consider. However, they don’t offer much privacy and they’re not very secure so it takes a very specific set of circumstances for this to truly work.

The first house with a glass front door on our list was designed by studio Feldman Architecture and is located in Palo Alto, California. It actually has more than just a glass front door. Its entire entrance area is framed in glass, allowing a clear view through and towards the back garden. The door itself has this beautiful ombre effect, being clear at the bottom and frosted at the top.

A large and pivoting glass front door allows tons of natural sunlight to enter this house from Venice, California. The house was designed by FINNE Architects and sits on a long and narrow piece of land. Given these limitations, the architects decided that large windows and glass doors were necessary in order to bring as much natural light into the interior spaces as possible.

The glass front door setup of this house from Austin, Texas gives the building lots of curb appeal. At the same time, it makes the entryway look very bright and inviting plus it makes the transition between and outdoor much more seamless than a solid wood door would do for example. This was a project by studio James D LaRue Architecture Design.

The pivoting glass door highlights the entrance to this family home in Austin, Texas in a unique and very effective way. The door is made of glass but the walls which frame it are clad in dark-stained wood. This creates a sense of privacy and intimacy. The house was a project developed by studio Matt Fajkus Architecture.

One of the main goals for the architects at Specht Harpman in this case was to make this house feel like a floating pavilion up in the tree canopy. The glass front doors and the full-height windows contribute to this while also establishing a strong relationship between the indoor and the outdoor areas.

This house has the world’s largest pivoting doors. They weigh 2 tons each, the glass alone covering three quarters of the total weigh. They’re 2 meters wide and 6 meters high and they stretch across two floors. This amazing project was completed by architects Pieter Peerlings and Silvia Mertens of studio Sculp [IT].

This entire beachfront house is almost exclusive framed by glass so it’s no surprise that the front door is made of glass as well. This is the 360 House located on the Oregon Coast and as the name already suggests, the views play an extremely important role in its design. This unique vacation home is a project completed by studio Boora Architects.

Located in Dallas, United States, this house was designed by studio Bodron+Fruit for a couple who wanted to bring in their art collection. Naturally, that means plenty of natural light was needed, hence the large windows and this massive glass front door which acts as a frame for the modern sculpture displayed in the background, behind it.

You can barely distinguish the actual front door within this whole glass entryway area designed by Luis Longhi of Longhi Architects. This is a house composed of three separate volumes with open spaces in between them. The glass entryway is one of the transition areas. It brings in lots of natural light and makes circulation between the volumes nice and smooth.

This house also has a glass front door but that doesn’t really compromise its privacy. There’s a privacy wall framing the entryway which solves the issue in a very beautiful and very practical manner. The house was designed by Three14 Architects and is located in Cape Town, South Africa.

The entryway of this residence looks magical. it has a beautiful curved wall which seamlessly continues outside, light gray tiled flooring and a glass front door with glass panels on either side. The residence was designed by studio Matt Gibson Architecture and is located in Melbourne.

The lack of privacy is not an issue for this workshop created by LCGA Design in Taipei. In fact, the studio was counting on it when they have the space a glass door and glass walls. At night, the workshop lights up in contrast with the dark spaces surrounding it, like a performance stage. It really is a very special space.

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