10 Ways to Create A Scandinavian Kitchen

black and white Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchens embody the phrase; less is more. The subtleties in their design are what makes them so inviting as a kitchen design option. They take the minimalistic approach and twist it to add warmth to an otherwise functional design. The choices make for a light, bright open spaces that emanate hygiene, cleanliness, and sterility.

So how can you recreate the Scandinavian kitchen design in your home? Here are our top 10 Scandinavian kitchen ideas to help you!


White Scandinavian kitchen with black and white flooring

1. White White White

Brilliant White. The desire to deviate even slightly in shade will take away the starkness of a Scandinavian kitchen. The white is there to create light; to direct focus to your other design choices and most importantly give the illusion of space. Without startling white walls, your kitchen will not have the sleek, polished edge of a Scandinavian kitchen.
Industrial Scandinavian black kitchen with open shelves

2. Wood Is Your New Best Friend

Wooden floors, especially light like beech, pine or even teak wood will add warmth and texture to your kitchen. A simple wooden table, breakfast bar or island will provide you with a hub in your kitchen whilst steaking to the Scandinavian kitchen style.
Scandinavian kitchen with green wallpaper

3. Bold Patterns

Now you can start to show a little of your personality… but not too much. Think about wallpapers and kitchen textiles: tea towels, coasters, table cloths, oven gloves. Then choose a style you like, really with the wood and white the bolder the better. Go crazy with zigzags, loopy with dots or startle with stripes. Each small detail will really stand out.
Scandinavian gray kitchen lighting idea

4. Lighting Is Everything

You have two options when it comes to lighting: spotlights or hanging. Both work in a Scandinavian kitchen, and it depends on your space and your style which you opt for. Spotlights are less personal but really add to the minimalistic vibe. Hanging lights have more character but create a softer ambiance.
Image: Stadshem
white white Scandinavian kitchen design with no handles

5. Hands-Free

First thinking about cupboards and drawers, handles are a no go in a Scandinavian kitchen. The idea is that your kitchen is a continuous, uninterrupted line so opting for push open mechanism is the way to create this effect. It can be a little expensive but it will look sleek. You can also think about incorporating technology into your Scandinavian kitchen, having an electronic control center for things like lighting, temperature and even music can be a wow factor.
modern Scandinavian kitchen

6. Nothing Is Too Modern

Tying in with the Hands-Free theme, a Scandinavian kitchen by design is there to assist you in cooking. therefore modern appliances, the latest technology, and utensils are not only a helpful addition, they also look stylish and fit with your theme.
kitchen open shelves pastel decor

7. A Pastel Pop

In addition to the bold patterns, you can soften your kitchen a little with some pastel. Some artwork on the walls, curtains or blinds, seat covers and even a rug in pastel shades can add the warmth you might be lacking. And if you have a family it can be important to make your Scandinavian kitchen not only functional but inviting – the hub of your home.
Image: Jess Ann Kirby
small black and white Scandinavian kitchen design

8. Less Is More

Minimalistic. If you are designing your kitchen from scratch, go into your kitchen now and make a list of all the items you currently have sitting on the side, on top of the fridge in the gap between the oven. Now decide, so you need those things… Then sit down with your designer and think of ways you can store those items in cupboards out of sight.
white Scandinavian kitchen gold pendant

9. Metallics

Chrome, copper, gold, steel. All metallics works into your Scandinavian kitchen. You can use them as splashbacks, exposed beams, countertops and so much more.
Scandinavian Galley kitchen

10. Art

Now your white walls may be craving a little color at this point, so why not add a piece of artwork. Something you love, modern, contemporary, even more, traditional will work if you frame and place it right. After all, Scandinavians love art and the kitchen is the best place to display your favorite artist.
white Scandinavian kitchen design
And there you have it, our top 10 Ways to Create A Scandinavian Kitchen. Of course, starting at the beginning is the easiest way to create a Scandinavian Kitchen, but it is not the only option. A few design tweaks and you can really transform your current kitchen into a Scandinavian style!

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