Stylish Kitchens With Timeless Subway Tile Accents

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Subway tiles give a simple and classic look to spaces like the kitchen or the bathroom where they’re often used on backsplashes. Their signature elegant and timeless look makes them incredibly versatile and a very stylish choice for a variety of different environments and decors. Today we’re checking out more kitchen subway tile designs and ideas that we hope can inspire you in your future renovation projects.

Before anything else, it’s important to mention that installing subway tile is not necessarily a job that requires the help of a professional. You can turn this into a DIY project and learn to lay subway tile yourself by following an online tutorial. The project requires a few general supplies such as tile adhesive, spacers, a trowel, a putty knife, a tile saw, grout, sealer and colored sanded caulk.

Interior design studio Godrich gave this home a colorful and very fun and cheerful remodel and for the kitchen backsplash they chose grey subway tiles, allowing the artwork and the multitude of hanging light fixtures to become the focal points of the space. This ensures a well-balanced composition.

Dark grey subway tiles with a matte finish give this open space kitchen a low-profile and at the same time elegant appearance. The tiled wall extends all the way up to the ceiling, blurring the line between the traditional backsplash line and the space above and creating a nice-looking backdrop for the shelf and wall-mounted accent cabinet. This is a design created by Dah Architecture.

White subway tiles are very popular in kitchens as well as other spaces, being appreciated for their simplicity and versatility. Here you can see an eclectic kitchen setup with subway tiles on walls and contrasting black shelves, a combination that works regardless of style and goes beyond trends. This was a project completed by Design Platform.

Interior designer Anthony Michael also chose white subway tiles, giving this kitchen an urban vibe without diminishing its industrial vibe too much. The tiles cover this entire wall section, between the lower cabinetry and the ceiling. The wooden cabinet fronts with their distinctive finish balance out the design, giving it a warm and cozy look.

Colored subway tiles are a great option for the kitchen backsplash, especially if you’re pairing them with white or neutral-colored cabinetry and a very simple overall decor. This newly remodeled kitchen by LLI Design is a very good example in this sense, featuring a soothing combination of dark blue, light greys and white.

This kitchen designed by studio Espacio en Blanco has a colorful accent wall covered in subway tiles. The mustard yellow tone goes lovely with the grey cabinets and stainless steel surfaces and contrasts with the rest of the kitchen without overpowering the space.

For this kitchen interior designer Jessica Buckley chose a different strategy. The subway tiles which extend the backsplash all the way to the ceiling are white while the cabinetry and the appliances are light blue. The contrast is strong without being too striking and without giving the space an unbalanced look.

This eclectic kitchen has an entire wall covered with white subway tiles and that looks really good, not to mention timeless. It gives the kitchen an airy and spacious look which is also emphasized by the white, minimalist cabinetry. The focal point is the kitchen island and it too has a white top.

A lot of times white subway tiles are paired with colored grout which highlights the tile pattern. However, white tiles with white grout look amazing too and this charming kitchen designed by Janet Gridley is a perfect example which showcases this look. This kitchen backsplash not super clean, bright and very stylish.

As you can see, subway tiles are very popular in kitchens and their versatility often works in their favor, giving them a timeless and elegant appearance. At the same time, this means subway kitchen tiles rarely look boring so you can’t really go wrong with this choice.

Check out this other classic-looking kitchen which takes advantage of its white subway tiled backsplashes to look sleek and elegant without being splashy. The light grey traditional-style cabinetry frames the tiled surfaces quite nicely, creating a harmonious look.

White subway tiles also look beautiful in this cozy-looking kitchen designed by Shannon Tate. The kitchen is small and features a wooden ceiling with exposed beams and turquoise-colored cabinetry with a matching island. The white tiles keep the balance between these eye-catching design elements and give the space an open feel.

These green subway kitchen tiles are a rather peculiar choice. They suit this home’s color palette and overall interior design and they definitely stand out. The matte black cabinetry and white marble island prevent the design from becoming too busy with color and pattern and allow the focus to stay on the tiled wall.

Interior design studio Star Pilots chose a rather different strategy for this kitchen. Instead of going with crazy colors they chose to keep the walls and ceiling white and to add minimalist-looking wooden furniture which matches the floor as well as countertop tiles which seamlessly blend into the decor.

Instead of extending the tiled area toward the ceiling, studio Knob Modern Design preserved the classic backsplash height and left the rest of the wall exposed. A lack of wall-mounted cabinets which would usually go just above the tile line definitely gives this kitchen a peculiar look but not really in a bad way.

A bright orange subway-tiled backsplash gives this kitchen a very cheerful and modern appearance. This is a space designed by studio Ghislaine Viñas. We love the fact that all the furniture is white and minimalist, with no exposed hardware or unnecessary decorations. The exposed brick wall is an interesting design feature as well, being an element which grounds the space in a very nice way.

Interior design studio HAO Design chose to give this kitchen a backsplash in a muted shade of green which adds a pop of color to the space, contrasts with the furniture but doesn’t stand out that much. The subway tile pattern with its classic vibe give the space a balanced and eclectic look.

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